On Chatting About Amusement Parks

@andnowlights I'm completely fascinated by Iggy, and I think that Ludacris is just kinda sexy. So yeah, I would totally go, especially if there were discounts involved. Have no shame! Or, maybe we should form a support group.

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On Chatting About Amusement Parks

Just last weekend I visited the water park where I held my very first job 19 summers ago! They've expanded quite a bit and have some new rides, but it was overall a pretty lackluster experience. I attribute most of this to the fact that I am 35 years old and have no kids and probably shouldn’t be at a water park anyway (oh god I’m probably on a watchlist now) and also the water was tepid and it was all just kind of squicky. So yeah, Team Amusement Park. Fun fact though! My manager from when I was 16 STILL WORKS THERE! I think he’s basically the GM now, so it’s not like he’s out there slinging Dr. Peppers at the beverage cart, but I just thought it was funny. Career water park manager! That’s like every 6 year old’s dream!

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On Can Feminism and Breastfeeding Coexist, Take 2

How in the BLEEP do you get black eyes from labor???? Oh god maybe I don't want to know. This might be the final nail in the coffin of my uterus.

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On "Secrets" to Buying a House Without Getting Hosed

Our experience was a little bit different (we got a VA loan due to my husband’s military service, and it’s a whole different animal where you’re pretty much required to use various third parties), but we definitely put our foot down more than once. The mortgage broker was absolutely trying to push us into a larger loan than we felt comfortable with, and even after that we ended up walking away from the first offer we put in because we decided it was too close to our maximum monthly payment comfort level. It annoyed the broker AND the realtor, but, oh well. They’re not the ones who would lose sleep at night if one of us got sick, lost our job, etc. Being able to give a big fat NO is a must when you’re dealing with these people.

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On Who Benefits When Mike Dang Dies? Chatting About Life Insurance

Every employer I've ever had has provided a life insurance policy for free with a payout equal to one year's salary, with the option to purchase additional coverage. I never have because I don't have kids, and I told my husband that I'm not funding a lavish lifestyle for the 20-year-old trophy wife he marries if I kick the bucket first. Which is mostly a joke. I think.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $400K

My half-sister grew up in Las Cruces! Nice place- there really are some million dollar homes east of town, in the foothills of the Organ Mountains. Almost makes your forget that you're only an hour away from Juarez.

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

@bgprincipessa I think that's kind of in line with a lot of Dave Ramsey's teachings. He goes overboard and advocates not even having a mortgage (yeah right), but he does say that if you have "true" debt like credit cards, that you should save a $1000 emergency fund and not a penny more, and put all other surplus funds towards your debt. My thoughts are, if it "only" costs $1000, is it really an emergency?? That's not a number that I would really be comfortable with.

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

My mom created a faux checking account for me when I was 10 or so, complete with homemade checks that she typed up so that I would learn how to balance an account and get a basic knowledge of how banking works (this was 25 years ago, obviously a lot of it doesn't apply today!) I would write checks to her for various frivolous expenditures, out of money put in from my allowance and/or extra chores. She also insisted that I give some to charity, and much to her dismay I picked the Humane Society, because even then I was more altruistic towards animals than towards people. Anyway, it's still one of the best "lessons" I think I ever learned, especially now that I've worked in banking and have seen how many people have NO CLUE about basic concepts like "don't spend more than you have"!

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On Printing & Crying

Is Kinkos still Kinkos on the East Coast? Here they’re all The FedEx Store now, but I refuse to call it that. It will always be Kinkos. Also, intensely upset with myself for not coming up with the bar-that-has-a-printer idea first. Genius!

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On The Fraud Alert Specialist Who Calmed My Nerves

Chase has contacted my husband and I before about *questionable* purchases and withdrawals that were not even in an excessive amount, and were within our city of residence. Fortunately(?), they were legit charges. (Looking at you, Stilettos Cabaret.)

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