On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

I live by myself in a small apartment in Nashville (it’s 95º out today) with a wall unit like you see in hotel rooms. True, I tend to be cold natured and keep my thermostat on 77 in the summer, but still, heat costs me WAAAAAY more than air conditioning. My electricity bill in the winter months is around $120. In the summer, it’s $45. A/C: 1000% worth it. Also, Josh, your curmudgeonliness reminds me of Dr. Castellano's comment on the Mindy Project about heating ("What do you need that for, to keep your drawer full of sweaters warm? You want to get warm, do some pushups!")

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On Get Rich Slowly "If You Can"

@andnowlights I have the same deal--I save 5% in my 403(b) each month and my employer matches it. So I guess I need to be putting an additional 5% in an IRA each month, but where does that money come from?? And is this 5% before or after taxes? I'm definitely going to be reading this pamphlet, but I am afraid it is going to make me pretty sad.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@LDW Yeah, to put it less kindly, this guy kind of sounds like he has his head up his ass. Also, the word "Sisyphusianly" is awful.

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