On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

My dude and I squabble about this all. The. Time. He's thinks that I'm playing with life and death every single time I buy Walgreens ibuprofen instead of Advil and that our clothing will burst into flames if we use Costco dryer sheets instead of Bounce.

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On What Aren't We Spending Money On?

I'm a Millennial in a relationship with a Gen X-er and geez that sounds like a synopsis of a crummy sitcom. Anyway! We don't have pay TV or children, but otherwise, I actually do buy everything on this list. Guh. I'm clearly a generational fraud.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

So many 1 things! I've been putting off invoicing two places because I'm a wuss, getting paperwork together for our apartment purchase, writing out a meal plan so that we stop wasting food, aaaaaaand, what else? Probably 1 million things. :(

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On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congratulations!! Pro-tip for when the hospital bill comes: even if you have insurance and even if you think you have too much money, APPLY FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. My friend--who, again, has decent insurance and makes decent money--got his insurance bill knocked down from $2,000 to, I dunno, $300 something, all for the price of a stamp to mail the form in? This is in Brooklyn, so seriously, why the hell not try.

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

We're going camping for the long weekend, yay! Tonight: $100 for camping supplies (aka buying ALL THE S'MORES INGREDIENTS). Tomorrow: $30 for lunch on the way down, maybe another $30 for firewood when we get to the site? I have no idea how much firewood is. Saturday: Hopefully nada. Our plan is to park ourselves on a beach and not leave until they make us. Sunday: Another $30 for lunch on the way back up. Better throw in $40 for gas just in case. So, $230.

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

@halloliebchen Huzzah for being done with spiteful bullshit! (And for rooftop parties!)

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

@sharongracepjs Oh gosh. That sounds stressful. I'm in NYC--let me know if I can help! Are you looking for a sublet or a regular lease? What neighborhoods and price ranges? I'm sure you're already looking in all the usual places (craigslist, mostly), but if you're not subscribed to The Listings Project, DO IT NOW: http://www.listingsproject.com/

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On How Americans Think About Fairness and the Economy

"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." -- John Steinbeck

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On Is "The Ice Cream Rule" Helpful?

@Mike Dang I bought a pint of ice cream on Saturday to bring to a picnic on Sunday, but my partner and I ate all of it on Saturday night. It started with "well, just one spoonful each..." and ended with "WHAT HAVE WE DONE." But we do save half of our pay, so there's that! In Billfold-speak, we are Cookie Monster-Bert hybrids.

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On Are You My Landlord?

@Madeline Shoes Whaaaaaat. That is crazy! Also, I hope you rewarded your cat with, like, premium tuna and unlimited catnip that night.

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