On The Delicate Nature of Asking Your Parents for Financial Help

Pieces like this are so interesting to me because I was raised to believe that getting help from your parents is no big deal--it's just what parents do, if they're able to. Of course, I also totally get the dominant narrative in the US where it's frowned upon and people make "must be nice" comments and where if your parents help you out with your phone bill or buying a computer or a lease deposit, you automatically have to flash your independent bona fides. Can't we just acknowledge how privileged and grateful we are, and leave it at that?

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On Friday Estimate

We're going camping this weekend! Tonight, we need to buy firewood, and water ($15); tomorrow, we'll get dinner out ($25); and Sunday, we'll have an end-of-camping brunch ($30). We'll probably have to fill up the tank at some point as well ($40). If I can stay away from any antique malls on the way back down, we should be good at $110 for the weekend.

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On My Last $100: Turning 24 Like a Boss

When mankind finally becomes a space-exploring species and leaves the Earth for multigenerational missions to the beyond, they will have Dippin' Dots on-board, and they will STILL seem futuristic and awesome.

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On Parent Penalty FOR MOMS ONLY Blah Blah Blah Let's Talk About Something More Cheerful

New Orleans is doing well, but the gains are really unevenly spread out--i.e., black households earn about 50% what white households earn. :/

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On Friday Estimate

So, instead of being rainy this past weekend, it was GORGEOUS, so we were out and about instead of staying in. I estimated $165, and we actually spent $246.

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On The Value of College, in Chart Form

An anecdote: a woman recently left my organization, and we're paying her male replacement 20% more because... reasons? I've seen both their resumes--they have very similar educations and work experience. Honestly, outside of straight-up bias (which is a possibility), I wonder if he negotiated harder. (Which is not to say that's okay, since women are punished for negotiating salary more than men.)

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

@happy_misanthrope That would have been a really interesting piece--how entitled are we to the work we want. Logic says we have zero entitlement, but human beings are funny and complicated and can convince ourselves of pretty much anything. I would have loved to have read about that particular thought process.

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On The Year We Saved $10K: Paying the Imaginary Mortgage

@j a y Yowza. Super super impressive. Are you planning to retire early, or is it more about feeling secure?

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G Annnnnnd now I'm browsing the Loft website.

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On Friday Estimate

Looks like it's going to be a rainy weekend, which should keep spending down. Tonight: birthday drinks for friend, let's say $25. Saturday: groceries ($80) and laundry ($20). Sunday: no plans, yet I'm somehow positive we'll manage to fritter away some dough ($40). Total = $165.

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