On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

Wow. Just... wow.

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On Witchy Feelings About My Index Fund

@ccq If I had any extra cash, I'd be shoving it into my IRA right now.

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On 2013 Median Household Income is 8 Percent Lower Than 2007 Income

Like a lot of other people here, I've been on a pretty strong upward trajectory, but I imagine it's more timing. The 1999 - 2013 period covers my transition from freeloading teenager to entry-level doofus to experienced doofus. We'll see what the next 14 years bring. 1999 - HS. I worked at a fancy food store and made $9/hour, which, in retrospect, was incredibly good money for what I did. 2007 - I worked at a small arts nonprofit and delighted in my $35K salary. 2013 - I worked at a larger arts nonprofit and freelance hustled elsewhere. I think I ended the year just shy of $70K.

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On 2013 Median Household Income is 8 Percent Lower Than 2007 Income

@beet hummus @HelloTheFuture For a household, even!

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On Buying Power

Heather, your pieces are the greatest.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $280 and actually spent $290.71. D'oh. But I wasn't as terribly over as I usually am, so, there's that.

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On Friday Estimate

You know what isn't going into my weekend estimate for the first time in weeks? LAUNDRY. BECAUSE WE DID EIGHT LOADS LAST WEEKEND. Everything feels so fresh and clean and free now. Today: $30 (lunch with coworkers, bottle of wine for dinner) Saturday: $250 (groceries, vet appointment for the kitty) Sunday: $0 (hopefully!) Total = $280

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Tripleoxer That's really tough. I definitely wouldn't take the new job as offered... at a minimum, they need to offer you benefits or pay the costs of your COBRA coverage for six months. What is it about the other company that makes it so attractive to you? Have you talked to any former employees or current contractors off-the-record?

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

@nell I agree. I'm someone who mostly loves to cook, so I understand the allure of cooking-as-performance, but seriously, making a meal doesn't have to always be an exercise in Pinterest fulfillment. I know the writer in the Cafe piece was being partially facetious when she said "the galette of the century is the only type of galette I am interested in making," but... she was also being partially serious, I'm sure. We shouldn't need to be entertained by our food all the time--most of the time, it's enough to just make food to eat.

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On The Delicate Nature of Asking Your Parents for Financial Help

Pieces like this are so interesting to me because I was raised to believe that getting help from your parents is no big deal--it's just what parents do, if they're able to. Of course, I also totally get the dominant narrative in the US where it's frowned upon and people make "must be nice" comments and where if your parents help you out with your phone bill or buying a computer or a lease deposit, you automatically have to flash your independent bona fides. Can't we just acknowledge how privileged and grateful we are, and leave it at that?

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