On Two Weddings, One Summer

@burdock That story is hilarious. I can't even be mad. A pile of carrots. A pile of. Carrots. CARROTS. Do you think they forgot and at the very last moment sent someone out for a bag of carrots?

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

Oof. I have four weddings this year. I still can't add up the costs for the first one without wincing, but suffice it say that included a bridal shower; chipping in for the bachelorette party for me and the bachelor party for my dude; plane tickets for both of us; car rental; hotel and misc. meals; and the wedding gift. But whatever! Weddings are great, I love going to weddings, no regrets.

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On 1 Thing: Endless Summer Edition

@kellyography @writeywriterton I DID IT I JUST SENT THE EMAIL THIS COMPANY HAS TOTALLY BEEN INVOICED NOW. Good luck on your invoicing travels, friends.

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On 1 Thing: Endless Summer Edition

My 1 thing is to tally up and submit an invoice for freelance stuff. I hate hate hate invoicing people because I'm an idiot who gets anxiety about asking people to pay me for services I rendered unto them at previously agreed-upon rates.

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

According to Mint, I spent $35/grocery trip from August 2008 - July 2009 and $54/trip on the same from August 2013 - July 2014, so, uh, yeah, damn, my food costs have reaalllllly gone up. OTOH, those numbers are a bit skewed in a few ways. We have a Costco membership now that we didn't have in 2008-2009, and all of those costs (which include things like toilet paper, a new TV, shampoo/conditioner, etc.) get lumped together into "groceries" because I'm too lazy to break it out. We also made a conscious decision to spend more money on certain kinds of food, including sustainably and humanely raised meat, which ain't cheap. I understand that I'm only able to say this from a position of privilege and plenty, but I really strongly believe that meat should be more expensive than it is. 99 cent/lb. chicken has enormous ecological and ethical costs. Of course, the recent increases in the price of meat have nothing to do with improved foodways, so it's lose/lose all the way around.

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

@KittyConner How could they be threatening to send those to collections, then? Or... uh, was that an editorial flourish that went over my head? (I'm embarrassingly literal sometimes.)

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

Please please please please please call your hospital and ask for financial aid on those unresolved bills. Please! Even if they say no, they'll freeze your account (i.e., no getting sent to collections) while they decide.

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On How It Feels to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

Jessie, from one Internet stranger to another: I am terribly proud of you and the choices you made in order to conquer your debt. Well done, A+, excellent work all around. I think it's totally normal to feel a bit apprehensive about your life post-debt (I went through some very similar feelings), but you'll find the right balance between boredom/impatience and needless lifestyle inflation. It's fine if you stumble a few times, too; I certainly did. But you'll be okay! You'll be more than okay. Girl, you saved SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS IN THREE AND A HALF YEARS. You know what you're capable of. Buy yourself a pair of boots. And buy yourself both those bikes. And start investing. (Again, well done! Brava!)

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On Saving Money Vs. Earning Money

No, they're just not analogues. When you want to save money, you're working on a concrete, discrete thing that you have a lot of control over (e.g., packing your lunch instead of eating out; calling your credit card company to get your interest rate lowered; using the fan instead of the A/C). When you want to earn more money, you're entering the wide world of the marketplace, where so much depends on factors entirely out of your control. There are things that you can do that will increase the likelihood of you earning more money, but no guarantees.

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On The Perils of NOT Working 9-5

Really excellent piece. I think the writer hits the nail on the head when she talks about how this kind of schedule is just "redistributing some of the uncertainty of doing business from corporations to families," and honestly, that doesn't seem fair. I'm really glad it worked out for the woman in the article, but I'm sure that ultimately had something to do with the fact that the Times was doing a piece on her...

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