On Susie Cagle on Eight Years of Freelancing

@OllyOlly Admittedly I'm a freelance designer and not a freelance journalist, but I started freelancing because when I graduated from college I couldn't find a full-time job and I needed to supplement my income somehow. I'm still looking for a full-time job with benefits 3 years later.

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On Our After-work Routines

These comments are making me feel SO much better than that article did! Glad to know I'm not the only one who spends most of the night hanging out! 5pm: workout at gym down the street. 6pm-6:30pm: evening commute. Answer emails, read, enjoy the dulcet tones of the DC metro system. 6:30pm: get home, eat a quick snack and shower (I hate showering at the gym.) 6:30-7pm: decompress for a bit. 7pm-8:30: cook and eat dinner with my partner while watching some tv. 8:30pm-11:30pm: depends what's going on. Usually clean up after dinner, putter around the house a bit, hang out with my partner, and watch tv or read -- UNLESS I have a freelance assignment (I'm hoping to quit my job to be a full-time freelancer pretty soon), and then all bets are off. Instead of cooking dinner, watching tv, etc, I just work until the assignment's done/I collapse into a heap. This happens maybe twice a week.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

$150 every two weeks for two adults. We cook for nearly every meal, and try to have one recipe a week be a 'bulk' meal like stew or soup or something that we can use to pad things out. This doesn't include eating out, since I count that as part of my entertainment budget. Otherwise it'd be more like $200/2 weeks. We buy most of our groceries from Whole Foods since it's closest to our house and cheapest -- I know everyone says it's expensive, but I'm a crazy person and did a price check between it and the Safeway down the street and Whole Foods won by about $20/grocery run which is not chump change!

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On A Thread That Is Open

@Pumpkin I feel your pain... I quit a regular office job to work at a Whole Foods as a chalkboard artist, and my parents did this AWESOME thing where they told people I worked for Whole Foods corporate instead of just my little store. It was shitty and it was awkward to explain. I have no advice except to just keep telling yourself it's the right decision for you at this moment. On the other hand, when I eventually left it made that 'why are you leaving your current job' conversation so much easier. I just said "well, I don't want to work at a grocery store for my whole life," and my interviewers totally got it!

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On You Are Forgiven

@frenz.lo you're so right about everything you just said. I recently had a (totally self-inflicted) financial crisis and the thought of another part-time job didn't cross my mind for one second until my boyfriend suggested it. But I got a second temp job, had a very stressful few weeks and am now in the black again and feeling much more confident about my financial future. It's a great option, if you can find one.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: Grocery shopping for the next week - $100. It would normally be lower for just one week, but we have a set grocery budget and for various reasons didn't end up spending it at all last week, so we're going to use the extra money to buy cool, exciting things, like a new bottle of olive oil. Tomorrow: $20 - No plans, but I'll probably end up going out with some friends or something. Sunday: $15 - lunch and an expensive metro ride - I'm working though, so a net gain of like $145! Total: $135

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On WWYD: A Raise, But Not For Your Coworker

Another idea is to start making a point of complimenting your co-worker's performance to your boss. It doesn't have to be really obvious, it can be as simple as emailing the co-worker to say 'wow, great job on project x!' and cc-ing your boss on the email. That could really help him during his next review/salary negotiation.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend I don't really have plans, but I'll probably go to the movies with some friends and then get some dinner ($40), and then on Sunday I'll go to yoga ($17) and then do the weekly shopping for me and my boyfriend ($75 total, but only $37.50 is mine) so.... $94.50!

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On Is Whole Foods Really That Much More Expensive?

@Lucille2 To be clear: I didn't make that much because of my college degree, but because of my specialized position (I was the person who drew all the chalkboards and did the store specific graphic design). I also live in an expensive city and came from a non-retail job, so I believe I started at a higher wage than other people in my position usually do. I definitely didn't mean to imply that all whole foods employees with college degrees are raking in the dough!

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On Is Whole Foods Really That Much More Expensive?

@John Ryan This post is relevant to my interests! I just quit my job at Whole Foods and know all about their employee benefits and worker's rights there AND I'm not afraid to talk about it, since I'm DONE! Anyway, although Whole Foods isn't unionized, they pay pretty well -- as an entry-level employee with a college degree in a specialized position, I made about $45k a year, the entry-level guy stocking the produce shelves makes about $11/hr in my area. They also promote from within. Nearly every department manager and many of the store managers had been with my store for over 10 years, and had started in entry-level positions. The healthcare they offer isn't great - it has a high deductible and doesn't cover some basics like mental health, but it's cheap ($10 out of each paycheck), and they give you $1000 in a credit card to buy whatever you want that's health related - this does NOT come out of your paycheck at all. Generally, I found that they treated their workers well compared to other retail places I've worked for (Home Depot, another grocery store in high school that was unionized). I'd say they treat their part-timers better than other available part-time jobs, including office jobs, they treat their full-timers better than full-time jobs in other retail positions, but worse than a full-time job in an office/non-retail environment. Hope that helps!

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