On The Billfold Book Club: Rich Dad Poor Dad

@Allison Pretty sure my parents have a copy around too! I'll have to take a look because I'd really like to join the book club without actually purchasing the book...

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions

I love this a lot! Meghan's dad is such a dad <3

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On Overheard At The Coffeeshop: A Play In One Act

@EA_Mann i want to know this rest of this conversation!

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On It's Time to Do 1 Thing

@la_di_da Congrats!

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On Citywide Blight Due to Shady Donation Boxes

Ughhh I just dropped some old clothes in one of those bins a few days ago! Now I know...

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On Sailing Around the World And Getting By Without Cash

So interesting! Emily, I'll definitely be following your blog and I hope we'll hear more from you on here.

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On 'Working Your Way Through College' Now Basically a Myth

@polka dots vs stripes yeah, i know someone who got her BA in 8 years at a state university this way - she was my boss, even though we graduated in the same year. i was totally impressed by her ability to build a career and go to school at the same time, but she said it was basically a nightmare and she had no social life.

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On The Internet as Bargain Bin

That video is weirdly fascinating.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I got a call for a job interview today and the guy wanted to know how old I am and if I was married. When I told him that those weren't legal questions, he pretty quickly got off the phone with a "Okthanksforyourtimebye." Feeling like I dodged a bullet....

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