On Here Is Your Open Thread

@RiffRandell But what if it DID come from a time machine? You could stand to make slightly more $$ writing a sci-fi book about that! (Which reminds me that I need to get on my Gossip Girl fanfic I have been intending to write, at least one person says they'd be willing to buy it, so I could potentially make $2!)

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I'd LOVE free seltzer all day, though I do get free Diet Coke, which saves me $$$ because I have a problem, I know, I know. My work has free snacks and seriously it's been AWFUL. I either have to stay away from the break room entirely or watch my pants get tighter and tighter.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

Oh, how many crazy interviews have I had? There were the countless retail interviews where I found out (multiple times! I think I'll never learn) that it doesn't matter HOW you dress, and I showed up in business casual just to see someone in torn jeans with their bra straps showing get the job because they had more experience. I interviewed at every temp agency in the greater Erie County, NY area, the worst of which was probably the factory that wouldn't tell me what they made, where everything was coated in carbon dust (like, they told me not to touch any surfaces because I would have to wash my hands), where the HR department was a mess and they asked me if my mom (who had been an HR director in her day) could help them. And they warned me I'd be "the only lady" in a place where "the guys could get a little rough". I got that job but for the sake of my sanity and my future children (see: carbon dust), even though it was $2.50 more an hour than I was making, oddly enough, I declined. Then there was the one I mentioned yesterday about the position that had been vacated because the person who had the job previously had died suddenly, and her grieving boss was REALLY WEIRD. At this point I wonder if it's them or me, because something like a third of the interviews I've had in my life have basically followed a script written by an absurdist playwright. At least none of them REALLY cost me any money.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic Don't encourage me! And thank you @kentuckienne!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights I heard it takes FOREVER to get your money and that after a few weeks they mark them down so you don't make as much (but don't take my word for it). I'd try Clothes Mentor if you have one nearby!

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On Friday Estimate

I hope Josh brings his Sousaphone! This weekend should be low-spend because it's the last one before we leave for Europe (!). Today, I need a bang trim from the salon in my office basement, because the sheepdog look is going to creep up on me at some point in the next two weeks, $6. It's raining now and if it keeps up we're probably just going to drink all the open wine in our fridge and catch up on True Detective tonight. If it's nice we might go for a walk and get ice cream or a beer ($20, if we get beer). Saturday, I'm not sure. We have a $25 gift certificate for a restaurant (okay, I'll be honest, it's PF Chang's) that we thought we might use for a date. If so, that'll be $25 in addition to the card, probably. I'll budget another $25 for any additional travel needs that come up (like, oh, the Clinique Black Honey lipstick that would be SO MOISTURIZING on the plane...), and say $76.

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On Do 1 Thing Before 1 Thing Does You

@DalelyDale You're doin' it!

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On The Things We Did to Fund Our Honeymoon

@DalelyDale Heehee, thanks! You heard all about it... I'll have to bring you back something awesome. Like Benedict Cumberbatch.

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On The Things We Did to Fund Our Honeymoon

@tw0lle It's a tough call. Honestly, it seemed to me like it was easier physically/emotionally than blood donation. I'm a fainter, though.

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

@JNC Musings Factory Haha, glad to know my parents weren't the only ones. I felt so shorted back then! When is your baby due?

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