On A Chat With a Woman Fielding Four Job Offers (Our Hero)

Hi. I am in a similar field. I do Data Science for a tech company and I have a science background. One thing that I would point out is that part of the reason that you are getting so many offers is that you in high demand and not asking as much money as many people in your position. That may be appropriate for you at your seniority level. A lot of your competition is much more experienced, which is part of why they are so expensive. But companies are jumping at the chance to get your skill set at that price point. My advice: don't make the decision based on money. Make sure you get something that is fair, and then focus on which opportunity will give you best experience. Which one will afford the most opportunity for skill development and the chance to try technologies and techniques that will make you even more marketable the next time you hit the job market. At this stage in your career, your long term economic outlook is much more driven by your skills development than it is by your exact salary today. Also, the quality of the people is always important. Go with the ones that you just like. It matters.

Posted on February 21, 2014 at 5:52 pm 1