On Friday Estimate

Friday-- groceries/beer $40; its my friends birthday but I'm not sure what the plan is so maybe $20-30 on top of that Saturday-- we are supposed to get a lot of snow so hopefully $0 Sunday-- no idea! maybe a $20 lunch Total--rounding up to $100

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

I need to call Time Warner about an error on my bill. I have been putting it off for weeks. It is amazing how stressful a simple phone call can be.

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On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell Wow that is cool, thank you for sharing. I might be the type that needs the class setting to really push myself but I'm going to try this out too.

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On Monday Check-in

@Tripleoxer I just moved a few weeks ago, barely got the Uhaul unloaded before the snowstorm got bad. Are you a renter or owner? I just realized that I basically have set myself to ALWAYS move in the winter because my lease is usually 1 year.

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On Monday Check-in

@BillfoldMonkey Thank you! I am also in a medium sized, Midwestern city. I was doing a little research and that seems low for the area (I moved here a few weeks ago and decided to splurge for the hip end of town). I think I am going to go for it since I like the classes and they were one of the few ones offering inexpensive trials. Most place are like $20 drop in rate, no new student discount to do a test run!

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On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell Question-- do you pay for an unlimited pass for yoga at a studio? I just moved from the middle of nowhere to a city and there are so many options, I'm not sure what is reasonable. The place I like is $95/month for unlimited. Is that a good deal? Is that a terrible deal? Help!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday-- $25 on dinner/drinks at a new taco place in town Saturday-- $37 on groceries for cooking dinner (including $10 of weird drinks the bf found at the international grocery store) Sunday-- $1122 on VIP tickets to a music festival !!!! I estimated $100 and spent $1184. I would have done so well if it weren't for the festival but the lineup is amazing and it is in Canada so the exchange rate worked in my favor! That was my big splurge from my sign-on bonus for my new job :)

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On Friday Estimate

@ThatJenn Ahh I hope you get your doggie! One of our local shelters lost heat and are discounting all adoption fees today to $5. I am so tempted to go get a dog. Technically, I am not allowed to have a pet but I think I could do some convincing to my landlord. Your post may have just pushed me to do it!

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On Friday Estimate

So I have been skipping this for MONTHS! Life got super spendy (long-ish distance relationship-- dating is expensive!) and I just couldn't face the shame of my spending levels. Then Christmas happened and then I got a new job and moved to a fun new city!!! Now that I am finished buying furniture and misc household items I am ready to confront my spending again. Here we go: Friday-- No specific plans, maybe dinner/drinks $20 Saturday-- Cooking a delicious dinner to celebrate my move and a new business deal with the bf-- fried chicken, my awesome mac n cheese and roasted brussel sprouts; normally this would be pretty inexpensive but I need to replenish some spices and would like to splurge on fancy cheese so ~$50; I also need some champagne glasses for the fancy bottle I have ~$10 at World Market Sunday-- Maybe lunch ~$10; I would like to get a new flat iron and blow dryer but I might hold off another week so we'll stick to lunch I'm going to round up to $100 for the weekend.

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On ONE! Thing We Do on Thursdays, Every Little Step We Take

My one thing is to finish unpacking my clothes. I relocated for a new job 2 weeks ago and have been procrastinating badly. I might take a nap instead though.

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