On How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

Never loved a place. Not really a luxury in my city - you take what you can get :X (and afford)

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On Pretty Sure I Deserve A "Wife Bonus"

Ha pretty sure I do too, after the nightmare of 2014 (supporting an out of work partner). I've been trying to come to terms with the fact I'm likely to be the main earner forever (proving a bigger emotional hurdle than I thought... http://nzmuse.com/2015/04/surprising-even-post-marriage) but reading this post definitely made me feel a lot better. I'd rather be in control than a wife on an allowance!

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On How Apartment Hunting Is Different From Shoes Shopping

It is a MILLION times different than shoe shopping. Here looking for a rental means competing with dozens of other people for the same thing (of which there is only 1!) Filling out incredibly intrusive applications. Scrambling to get off work because viewings are only ever held during work hours (unlike houses for sale) for 10 mins each. Also, properties here are cold and damp and crappy, and overpriced. Sometimes shoes are overpriced but they are unlikely to make you sick in winter.

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On A Life Lesson from My Mother, a Freelance Financial Writer

This was fantastic. When I was about 8 my mother found me a nice pair of black leather boots in a thrift shop and I told her I didn't want them. I still feel bad about that. In hindsight they were awesome and I would SO take them today.

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On The Cost of Dealbreakers While Making Travel Plans

What month are you going in? AC in Italy in summer is a must IMO. (But I am from NZ and find 25 degrees C hot.)

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On The Cost of Giving Up Grocery Shopping

I've yet to be converted to online grocery shopping. Delivery costs too much esp considering the supermarket is only a minute away from home! And for produce I like picking out individual items myself (we had a phase of getting produce boxes delivered over the summer but have stopped that now. Might pick it back up again in the future, but it's not the cheapest.)

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On In Which I Answer a Question About Marriage and Finances That 'Call Your Girlfriend' Asked Us in October

@jfruh "We haven't always been economically equal ... but I feel like it's all evened out." I'm struggling a bit with this right now as early on, he earned a lot more than I did and it seemed that was likely to be the way things were forever. As it turns out, the opposite is now true - I've earned more for years and it's likely to stay that way. He's also had a couple of bouts of unemployment where I have been the sole earner. We've always had joint finances (to varying degrees) but right now I'm really trying to come to terms with this mentally - knowing that I, the saver am likely to be outearning him, the spender, and how that might affect how we manage our finances long term.

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On Dessert Economics

Margins or not, I just can't stomach paying $10-20 for dessert, so I never get it. Only on the odd special occasion.

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On Worth Waiting For: A Love Story

<3<3<3<3 Our honeymoon was an extended RTW trip. We only had one phone betweeen the two of us. Twice we separated (by choice) and both times I was the one waiting, while he was out and about and getting lost in Paris and Reykjavik. I honestly though he was not going to come back (and in Paris I started making moves to go back to our Airbnb, convinced I would never see him again). So scary.

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On Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

YESSSSSS! Seriously, the peace of mind is worth it. I kept putting it off, and then we got broken into, and I was kicking myself. We've been burgled multiple times since and I have been so thankful for insurance.

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