On In Which I Answer a Question About Marriage and Finances That 'Call Your Girlfriend' Asked Us in October

@jfruh "We haven't always been economically equal ... but I feel like it's all evened out." I'm struggling a bit with this right now as early on, he earned a lot more than I did and it seemed that was likely to be the way things were forever. As it turns out, the opposite is now true - I've earned more for years and it's likely to stay that way. He's also had a couple of bouts of unemployment where I have been the sole earner. We've always had joint finances (to varying degrees) but right now I'm really trying to come to terms with this mentally - knowing that I, the saver am likely to be outearning him, the spender, and how that might affect how we manage our finances long term.

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On Dessert Economics

Margins or not, I just can't stomach paying $10-20 for dessert, so I never get it. Only on the odd special occasion.

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On Worth Waiting For: A Love Story

<3<3<3<3 Our honeymoon was an extended RTW trip. We only had one phone betweeen the two of us. Twice we separated (by choice) and both times I was the one waiting, while he was out and about and getting lost in Paris and Reykjavik. I honestly though he was not going to come back (and in Paris I started making moves to go back to our Airbnb, convinced I would never see him again). So scary.

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On Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

YESSSSSS! Seriously, the peace of mind is worth it. I kept putting it off, and then we got broken into, and I was kicking myself. We've been burgled multiple times since and I have been so thankful for insurance.

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On How to Survive a Networking Event as an Introvert

I can't lie, I hide out in the bathroom when it gets too much.

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On Making Money in Real Estate: Crazy / Not Crazy / If Trump Can Do It ...

"I don’t really know anyone who does this, who puts money in real estate rather than mutual funds, who buys property beyond the property they need to live in." Tons of people in New Zealand do this. It's kinda messed up, getting rich by selling property to one another. "Besides, as a friend of mine argued recently, is it unethical to set out to profit from housing, which by some standards should be a universal human right?" I kinda personally think so, but I don't see this changing.

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

I managed to get mine done for a little over $1000. I am so grateful that it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I feared. Got it done on a Sunday, worked at home for 2 days, and recovered really fast. I was hoping I could get away with never getting them out, but ultimately the pain got too bad.

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On How Writing This Column Helped Make Me Rethink My Grocery Spending

We eat a lot, food is expensive where we live, and we like to eat decent quality. It hurts sometimes but it's worth it for us. $232 for one is totally reasonable! Seriously though, I see the lunches some of my coworkers and don't understand how they function. Those puny salads would wear off for me in about an hour.

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On Whatever Happened to Overtime

At my first job at Big Media Corp I was hourly (the more senior staff were generally salaried) and overtime was awesome. Made pulling long shifts on breaking news days palatable. Been salaried at other jobs since.

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On What Do You Do All Day?

"Picking a subject that interests us is only one way to pick a career. I think it is equally, if not more important, to think about what we actually like to do all day." Yes, yes and yes. I am trying to get my partner to think about work/career in these terms (since he doesn't have a burning passion). Eg, he doesn't like to be alone, sit still, etc. Me, I am the total opposite (leave me in a back room by myself please!)

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