On Talking to Chris Guillebeau About His New Book, 'The Happiness of Pursuit'

@TheDoctorsCompanion Here is my Billfold post on this topic! http://thebillfold.com/2014/04/how-real-people-afford-to-travel-the-world-for-extended-periods-of-time/ (Not that I did it for as cheap, nor did I try/want to. But general principles...)

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On On Reading Insecurity, E+L=M, and a Billfold Book Club Update

Yep, yep, YEP! Not big on ebooks personally but definitely prefer today to my childhood.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

Optical and dental suck here in NZ, but I am grateful for what we DO have.

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

It boggles me that you guys still use cheques. Here in NZ rent is paid by auto payment. I doubt any property manager or LL would allow you to pay by cheque. I have never owned a chequebook! Teere is just nothing I need one for and even if I wanted to, I can't think of anything I could pay for with a cheque. I would LOVE to pay rent by credit card assuming no fees.

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On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

@Allison @andnowlights Hah, truth!

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On California Passes Bill Granting Workers the Right to Three Sick Days Per Year

Wow, that is ... shocking. I'm thankful for my 10 days.

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On The First Labor Day I Spent Working

I used to work in news so I worked almost every public holiday and worked a couple of Christmases, too.

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On 40-Hour Workweek My Aunt Fanny

I was at my first job - at a news org. It was mainly the longer serving staff who were union, and the overnight content loaders on the digital team. I felt like the 'cool' people on the digital team - the news editors who mostly worked reasonable day shifts with the odd rostered weekend - were all salaried. But as someone who worked weird shifts and almost every weekend, I benefited by being union - basically a 40% increase in pay due to the extra allowances for working the weird hours I did.

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On Around the World on $80 a Day

Woohoo! Yes the UK is bloody expensive (esp coming from NZ when 1 pound = $2). Munich and Amsterdam also = $$$. Greece was surprisingly affordable and of course SE Asia too. (We didn't find Cambodia as cheap as expected, but we moved around fast and also didn't really take to the local food well)

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On B is for Bonus

I dream of working somewhere where bonuses exist.

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