On The Cost of an Internet Outage

you guys need John Roderick in office, this would never happen under supertrain

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On That One Gray Crewneck Sweatshirt

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On That One Gray Crewneck Sweatshirt

@gnargnarnia I think I feel you. I'm sure your look is way cute ... but I myself feel a little shaky in "classics" because I always feel that they don't hang great on curves...?

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On That One Gray Crewneck Sweatshirt

I have a Walmart one ... inherited from an ex. I kept it in the breakup because, as described: it's a classic. EVERY weekend day I go to put it on to do coffee/neighborhood stuff. And most times I take it right back off because the sleeves are crazy baggy. It's men's and I'm a lady, so maybe that's the reason... but I just wanted to make a plug for $19.99 Uniqlo rather than $6 Walmart :) (indeed I am WELL aware of the myriad ETHICAL problems involved with buying clothes/anything at Walmart, as well)

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On The Cost of Recycling

As I wash out my peanut butter jars (and olive oil! the worst) (it's a long process of jars soaking disgustingly for days - good thing I live alone), I am never not wondering if the amount of water I use, on its own, makes the recycling process paradoxically more wasteful.

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On Your Friendship Is Above My Pay Grade

I think you need to go to weddings when you’re invited. It’s a really really special thing to be included on the guest list. And weddings aren’t for you to have fun — attending them is something you do for the bride and her mom and the groom and his mom. (unmarried, single, 28)

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On The Business of Creative Careers: John Roderick, Musician

Commenting late, but I can't resist. This was awesome and I wanted to know so much more, namely what on Roderick on the Line is true and what isn't? Like is John Roderick really truly a dad? Maybe everyone else on the internet already knows all about this. Anyway, can you also please please get Merlin Mann pleeeeaaaase?

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On Car Talk

I bought mine in cash - $5000 for a Civic that was, at that time, 10 years old - I overpaid because it was my first car and I was a little nervous (not by much, but the car was really in fair shape, NOT good). Anyway, if there's any way you can buy in cash, do it. When my friends talk about car loans/payments I get such pride out of already owning mine outright... specifically because I haaate having to have a car, so it somehow felt better/less painful, just doing one transaction where I bought a thing I now own. I bought mine on Craigslist and it went fine (I testdrove... 5? 8? before finding mine). Oh and Kelly Blue Book has a mobile app if that helps. Also - what I heard was that the timing belt is one big piece of maintenance that you want the previous owners to have done.

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On Cara Ellison on Beyonce and the Economics of Dating

Lemon Law needs to be real

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