On Your Friendship Is Above My Pay Grade

I think you need to go to weddings when you’re invited. It’s a really really special thing to be included on the guest list. And weddings aren’t for you to have fun — attending them is something you do for the bride and her mom and the groom and his mom. (unmarried, single, 28)

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On The Business of Creative Careers: John Roderick, Musician

Commenting late, but I can't resist. This was awesome and I wanted to know so much more, namely what on Roderick on the Line is true and what isn't? Like is John Roderick really truly a dad? Maybe everyone else on the internet already knows all about this. Anyway, can you also please please get Merlin Mann pleeeeaaaase?

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On Car Talk

I bought mine in cash - $5000 for a Civic that was, at that time, 10 years old - I overpaid because it was my first car and I was a little nervous (not by much, but the car was really in fair shape, NOT good). Anyway, if there's any way you can buy in cash, do it. When my friends talk about car loans/payments I get such pride out of already owning mine outright... specifically because I haaate having to have a car, so it somehow felt better/less painful, just doing one transaction where I bought a thing I now own. I bought mine on Craigslist and it went fine (I testdrove... 5? 8? before finding mine). Oh and Kelly Blue Book has a mobile app if that helps. Also - what I heard was that the timing belt is one big piece of maintenance that you want the previous owners to have done.

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On Cara Ellison on Beyonce and the Economics of Dating

Lemon Law needs to be real

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On Renting in a Megacity Is a New Lifestyle Phase

@VelourFog call me aggressive too, but I don't think comments that are critical are necessarily bad. I felt oddly alienated once when making a pointed comment on here (got a personal response from the post author which I *thought* was too defensive)... but I made that comment because I love this site, it's lately my #1 place to hang out online, and I feel like as a community member I have a right to help keep things shipshape... if every comment is "great post!" or "[personal story confirming the point made in the post]" it may not be the most productive adult conversation

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

So, I'm not one who ever needs to go to Vegas. I live driving distance, and I say no whenever I get invited, but I have had to think about what my problem is! People love Vegas! Why don't I just go?! ...I think it could be that those of us who are not interested in Vegas have learned different things, throughout our lives, about what a vacation is? I grew up going to beaches or lakes, or exploring new cities, or going out in the woods, for vacations and getaways, and that's the kind of thing I've continued to do in adulthood. The result is that I'm not interested in places that have been built to be awe-inspiring. But I get nervous to talk about it (really) because it makes me seem like a ridiculous yuppie. I think there may be some class issues underlying the whole Vegas conversation.....

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On How to Work as an Extra and Regret Doing It

I loved being an extra, BUT my situation is different. I live in a big film/tv state -- a much smaller state than Mass -- a smaller market which I think makes the experience of being an extra more pleasant (dunno?). I am also someone for whom $100 for a day's work is a LOT of money/very worthwhile. I ate so much catered food (free food all that day and wasn't as hungry the next day!), worked on homework, read my book, pretended to be a medical patient for a few minutes ... and -- yes -- felt the thrill of being involved in making something. I saw a corner of my hair and my hand on a TV show months later. Excellent fun!!

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On The Year We Saved $10K: I Try to Live Below the Salt

@LFR I save (when I can) because *nothing* I want now is as important as whatever I might need in the future. I have no specific goal, but I think of my future offspring, or my retirement. I want things, so many things, right now as a late-20s person, but I don't need them.

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On How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

@burdock I had a very similar dental school experience. #neveragain is right. So dehumanizing. I would never, ever recommend it to anyone. And I AM someone who gets my hair cut at the hairdresser school because it's $6 even though it takes 3 hours.

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