On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

I worked Black Friday (11pm-4am shift, on call from 4am-6am in case I was needed (HAHAHAHA)) at a JCrew outlet. I wanted to murder EVERYONE. Instead I folded the same cardigan on the front table over and over and over and over and cleaned spilled slurpee in one of the dressing rooms (slurpees in November? who are you people???) and avoided homicide even though several customers asked me if my shift was almost over. That last bit to me is hilarious. "Do you get to go home soon?" "No, because you're still here and you're terrible."

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

This is so inspiring. I have about 23K in undergrad loans (4 separate loans), and luckily none of them have bonkers interest rates. I am saving aggressively, but I can't wait to fill the pit in and actually have my savings accumulate instead of disappear down a deep hole. This article helped me feel less alone, and that I'm on the right track--the sacrifice will be worth it one day! Thank you for sharing, Marnie!

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