On In Defense of CT (Again) & Rejecting Traditional Geographic Measures of Success

Is this the sort of problem that only plagues people who feel like they're too good for where they live? As an Alabamian, this seems so foreign to me. Of course there are good things from Connecticut and everywhere else. There are good things in Alabama, which is perpetually the butt of any and all jokes (except the ones about Mississippi) so of course there are good things from everywhere else. How bizarre.

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On Do 1 Thing

I just did my 1 thing! I had an end-of-term report out for my co-op. I also did the 1 thing I've SAID I would do the past few weeks (but never posted a comment to say I was actually doing it, and thus never did it) which was hunting down some units in storage for a review I have. Only have two things left, and one of them I've found and just need to uninstall. (I never have home-life 1 things. It's always work crap.)

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On My Time on the Assembly Line Working Alongside the Robots That Would Replace Us

@Carmen Aiken@facebook For us, the ability to say "Manufactured in the USA" is a huge plus for sales. In our industry, even some Asian companies are opening factories in the US, in order to have that label on the box. Or whatever.(Our products would also be very expensive to ship, so that would be cost prohibitive.)

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On My Time on the Assembly Line Working Alongside the Robots That Would Replace Us

I have a lot of thoughts about assembly work but I'm at work so I feel like I shouldn't post them. Mostly, though, I don't think robots will come to the factory I work at right now. At least, not for a long time. Also, in a town that has such a low rate of HS graduation, it's nice that the largest employer requires a GED or HS diploma. I mean, it's something. I still don't know how I feel about unions, though. Someone tell me more about that.

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On It's Time to Do 1 Thing

@Heather Funk@facebook What kind of head is on your screw? Maybe you're lucky and a hex bit will work? (so, something fits over your screw instead of going into it.) Hex bits are standard for drills, so you should be able to come up with one. Otherwise, try putting a bit of rubberband in the screw head and seeing if that will help your screwdriver bite. It's supposed to work with stripped screws; I have no idea the condition of your rusted screw.

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On Our Snacks, Ourselves

My work computer tells me that snacksquarterly.com is a malicious website. In more ways than one.

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

I have to write a paper on my semester at this co-op. It's not due for a few weeks but I *know* I'll forget about it and it's not like I have a lot of work today anyways (holiday tomorrow, so no one is here). So- Term Report paper is my 1 thing!

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On Sailing Around the World And Getting By Without Cash

I have so many questions but your blog is blocked at my work. I cannot WAIT to race home and pull it up and read it. This is amazing. The flickr account is also amazing.

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On Going to the Bathroom at Work

The best part about being a lady engineer is that usually the bathroom is empty. The worst part is that when it's not, you know exactly who's in there. (Actually just got back from the downstairs bathroom, which I decided to try out because I don't think there are any women who work downstairs.)

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On Lost Luggage

I had a bag delayed for a day coming back to the US for Christmas. My sister had her bag missing for a week on a trip to Greece (lots of washing of socks in the sink). Vindication for her always packing underwear and socks in her carry-on, I guess. My ex-boyfriend got super drunk in the airport (he often did this) and lost his bag with all of his tour pass things from his ENTIRE music career. And his house keys, which meant I had to break in to his house through the window. But really this comment is about the Lost Luggage Store, which is AMAZING. So. Much. Freaking. Stuff.

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