Putting Your Money Where Your Apology Is

Handler further apologized and has pledged to match donations to We Need Diverse Books for 24 hours up to $100,000.

Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $475,000

This house in Missouri will make your head spin on your neck like a carousel

Teach Your Children Well

Several successful politicians ran on platforms that included “universal Pre-K” this fall. So did lots of unsuccessful politicians, for that matter. Still, the issue — getting more kids into education earlier on to give them a better shot in life –seems to be one about which people generally agree. This is Pre-K, mind you, as distinct from “preschool,” and not “daycare” or “kindergarten” either. Confused? Sure, why wouldn’t you be. The Atlantic explains. 

Less than half of all 3- and 4-year-olds across the country are enrolled in any sort of early education, largely because of how pricey these programs can be. That’s a shame, advocates argue, considering the research showing the positive, long-term impact a quality early-education experience can have on a child’s life—all the more so if that child comes from a low-income family. In particular, these advocates want every child to have the opportunity to attend prekindergarten. …

In edu-speak, pre-k typically refers to a specific category of early learning that focuses on ensuring kids are prepared for kindergarten. The premise is that a child’s readiness for kindergarten can put that student significantly ahead of one who isn’t ready. This is what causes the achievement gap, and that gap only widens over time. …

Other sectors have joined the cause, too, including business leaders and big-box corporations that say pre-k is key to developing a skilled workforce and stimulating the country’s economy. Moreover, pre-k is seen as an economic investment because it’s believed to reduce the chances a kid will drop out of school, get arrested, and rely on social services, as well as significantly increase that person’s earning potential.

Will Spoon You For Money

A woman opens up the world’s first professional (and platonic) cuddling parlor. It’s in Portland, of course.

Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

Some stores like Wal-Mart are not content to wait until Black Friday to lure shoppers in with deals and stay open on Thanksgiving day itself. Others, though, are taking a stand.

“I Don’t Believe in Owing”: How James McBride Does Money

I knew I was rich when I said I wanted a pair of jeans and I went to the store and I said, give me two of them.

“The Cost of ‘Daddy I Want a Pony’” as Experienced by Josh

“So when children ask for a pony, what are parents to do?”

Job (and Feel Good Story) of the Day: Firefighter

The daughter of a firefighter who died in action on 9/11 has now graduated herself and is ready to join the ranks.

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

The point of the holiday isn’t to partake of cranberry sauce, which is possibly the best straight-out-of-the-can food there is, but to partake of cranberry sauce across the table from someone you might not ordinarily see or even like all that much. Somebody you know — not some line cook paid $5.50 an hour — has to scrape that cranberry sauce out of the can into a bowl. Otherwise, so help me, it doesn’t count.

What Marriage (And Remarriage) Has To Do With Money

re-marriage for women is correlated with a number of positives, whereas uggghhhhh staying divorced for a woman can spell d i s a s t e r

How Money Moves Between Generations (Not The Way You Expect)

At 80, since she has run through her own cash, the mom thinks it’s fair to spend her daughter’s. Meanwhile the daughter keeps cycling through the five stages of grief: denial, resentment, anger, guilt, giving in.