If The Whiskey Bubble Pops, At Least It’ll Be Delicious

Today, in Unusual Places To Put Your Money: whiskey.

Whiskey isn’t just a good for consumption or a means toward intoxication: it’s a collector’s item, an investment portfolio, and an incredibly valuable commodity. “Whiskey as an investment is being driven by an escalating international demand, combined with an ever-decreasing supply of rare and aged single malt,” the Whisky Corporation’s Stephen Notman told CNN last year. This international demand and decreasing supply has driven serious returns: according to materials provided by the Platinum Whisky Investment Fund, the world’s first whisky fund, the top whiskeys have appreciated in value anywhere from 130% to, among the 100 best, a staggering 230% from 2011-2013. Interested? The buy-in for the Platinum Whisky Investment Fund’s only a cool quarter-million.

Likely your first question is, are we spelling whiskey with or without the “e”? Because it matters! 

Soon Asian Americans Will Be The Richest In All The Land

Asian Americans are doing great, financially. For the last two decades, their median incomes have been greater than those of whites, and soon enough their median wealth will catch up and exceed that of whites as well.

Kent Brockman would say, “I for one welcome our new Asian American overlords.” But Kent Brockman tends to be too quick to overlook the continued effects of discrimination, perhaps especially for people of South Asian descent. It is still hard to be a person of color in this country, even if you have money in the bank. Speaking of which, “Asian American” is such a hugely broad descriptor, covering so many disparate kinds of people, that it seems amazing to me that Research can draw useful conclusions. But drawing conclusions, useful or not, is what Research is all about.

What does Research have to say this time? According to Pew

Life Insurance Ugh Why

Life-insurance payouts do not count as gross income and do not need to be reported to the IRS. Maybe that’s why they’re so appealing to potential murderers?

How Money Complicates Sex

Even if we can’t make abortion a real alternative for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, we can attack the root of the problem: the cost of reliable contraceptives.

Should Everyone Work Retail At Least Once?

We should behave well to bus drivers and toll booth operators and flight attendants too, right, even if we’ve never worked in those fields. It shouldn’t take first-hand experience to make us better at being fellow human beings.

Pay to Play (In the Comments Section)

If you look in one direction, webmasters are erecting pay walls; if you look in the other, the same kind of folks are scrambling to tear them down.

Link Roundup: What Can Be Stolen & What Can’t; Women in Tech

“So far, no company has found a solution for retaining women.”

“Come On, Move In! It’ll Take You 5 Minutes!”

Choice quote: “This is a bathroom and a home office.” Very efficient.

Strikes, Walk Outs, & Other Old Answers To Today’s Higher Ed Problems

“‘In reality, many of us will never come close to paying off these debts.’”