This Weekend, Put The “Me” In Yosemite

We stayed in what was supposed to be a small hotel but ended up being a trailer on someone’s horse farm.

For Sale: Ghost Town in Connecticut; Haunted Gold Mine in Arizona

“The ghost town is back on the market for $2.4 million because the deal fell through because the buyer disappeared.” Uh. Disappeared?

How Much Is Your Love Of Hot Sauce Costing Taco Bell?

Fast food joints have made condiments harder to get ahold of. You can’t grab them off the table anymore; you have to ask the staff for the taste-enhancers that should be your right as a consumer.

Stories Of Being On The Dole

“Being on public assistance for the first time in my life only taught me that i really never want to be on public assistance again.”

Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

“In marriages without children, the largest bonuses occur when couples have income just under $100,000 and only one earner.”

The Cost Of Things: Looking Effortless

ELLE recommends a $226 caftan-inspired dress from Steven Alan. There are cheaper caftans, though, that don’t look like the clothing equivalent of porridge.

Open Thread! Free Cone Day

Enjoy the tax time treat!

The Working Poor Has A Master’s Degree

Male professors even out-earn female professors at some women’s colleges.

Beg, Borrow, Steal … Or Swap

Once I got a black, white, and yellow Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress at the swap.