On The Cost of Being Vegan

@TheQuirkyDiva You nailed it. I think eating vegan being more expensive is a common misconception. I'm also a vegan in NYC, but rarely eat anything processed. Of course, I love cooking so putting in the work isn't an inconvenience for me. The result is that I spend way less on food than my peers and I get my food from the farmers' market, my CSA, and Whole Foods. Whole Foods store brand is actually very affordable and they make a lot vegan items. Their store brand tahini is the least expensive I've come across, which is good for me because I eat something with tahini in it at least once a day.

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On Get Rich Slowly "If You Can"

I save about 16% (8% in 401k & max out my Roth IRA) not including my company's match, which is 5% + an end of the year additional 2% contribution. I'm just above his bare minimum and I still worry about this a lot more often than the average late 20 something.

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On How Can I Better Invest This Money My Boyfriend and I Plan to Use for Our Wedding?

@samburger right on. And a good chunk and can 40% of it.

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On Investment Advice from Warren Buffett (It's All About Low-cost Index Funds)

@moreadventurous If you sign up for digital delivery the $20 fee is waived. Make sure it's a tax-efficient fund and don't take any money out within a year or you'll have to pay a short term gain tax.

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On Investment Advice from Warren Buffett (It's All About Low-cost Index Funds)

@moreadventurous If you need it to be liquid in 2 years go with the savings account. You could also get a little more with a CD. Ally is definitely a good bank to use. Index funds are for longer term investing.

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On We All Should Have Easier Access to Our Credit Scores

I just got a new credit card (Barclay Arrival mastercard) and it gives me the score each statement. Really great to see it every month.

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On The Cost of a Trip to Iceland

@Caitlin with a C I didn't meet one person who did not speak English in Iceland during my trip. They all spoke it and were quite good at it. You'll have no problems.

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On The Cost of a Trip to Iceland

@Marissa You should look into a package flight/hotel package from icelandair. I did that a couple of years ago and it was a lot cheaper (& more comfortable) than the OPs experience. I had my flight from jfk, roundtrip airport transportation, my own room in a 4-star hotel w/ spa, admission to the blue lagoon w/ a massage, and a city pass for buses/museums for $800.

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On The Cost of a Trip to Iceland

@meatballsub I had no problems eating in Iceland and I am vegan. Vegetarian should be no problem unless your bf is super picky.

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On Buying Flights, Saving Money

@readyornot To me personally, it is not slim so I suppose we disagree there. I never check bags so priority boarding is actually a big plus for me so I can make sure my bag can fit.

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