On Now What? How Answering This Question Lead Us to Changing Everything (Part V)

If this feels scattershot, it's because moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to "make it" is a scattershot pursuit. We are giving an honest look into how complicated show business is. How complicated it is to pull up stakes, move somewhere new, and also move in with someone whose career you're suddenly hitching yourself to. @honey cowl—I'm not sure if we're hitting our goals because I'm not sure we ever firmly stated, "Let's do [X] when we move to Hollywood!" We just knew we wanted to keep growing professionally and personally. Unfortunately, we can't present to the world a neat and tidy summary of how we are getting from here to there, but we can give you as coherent a summary of how we're getting there as we know possible.

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On A Partial Inventory of Costs Related to an Ill-timed And Semi-failed Career Change

@Carmen Aiken @facebook AV local does not exist anymore. Guessing is more fun.

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On A Partial Inventory of Costs Related to an Ill-timed And Semi-failed Career Change

@ThatJenn Who says you can't? Andrew worked for me—for a time—at one of these places. He was my intern. What's always struck me about Andrew is how honest he is not just with himself, but with others in his writing and efforts. He's a very talented person and someone I'm proud to call a friend—all these years later. There's no reason you can't find something "more" interesting now—or perhaps seek out ways to look at it in another angle. One last thing: You are not your job. Don't forget that.

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On Now What? How Answering This Question Lead Us to Changing Everything (Part III)

@Stina Glad you appreciate it. It's strange to be so transparent during a seismic transition, but it's also fun and sort of therapeutic. If there's anything anyone is wondering about specifically about LA or what we're doing, please give a shout and we'll try to respond in the comments or integrate it into our next post. Wait, are we a machine? Did I just become self-aware?

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On Now What? How Answering This Question Lead Us to Changing Everything (Part III)

@Sutton Hey grammarian bros. Someone last month pointed this out and let me explain. Why is it "lead" and not "led?" Because we have not yet figured out our shit out here. You may have sensed that sentiment in this month's entry. As such, our changing everything is not yet over. We are changing stuff all the time and always asking each other, "Okay, now what?" Have a great weekend.

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On Now What? How Answering This Question Lead Us to Changing Everything (Part II)

@pengu1n Right right. And I think when you get down to it there are two things I can't change. 1) That I'm white and male. 2) That LA isn't a meritocracy. Heck, few industries are. I had heard about these diversity programs before we moved out here and I always assumed we wouldn't qualify because, by most conventional standards, I am not "diverse." It is strange to be eyeballed out here as being "smart" for choosing to team up with Ceda, but the facts are it didn't happen that way. We met randomly, became friends even more randomly, and came here together on day 1. As far as I can tell, neither of us have reaped any sort of magical rewards based on either of our skin colors. We're still living in the same apartment together and going to the same meetings together and still figuring out stuff together. This is an interesting wrinkle and I'm surprised/glad to see people reacting to this part of our check-in above. It felt icky when I first heard about diversity hires because that is not why we are teaming up. But knowing it's an asset we can use to try to get in, it would be moronic to shy away from it and see how hard we can possibly make things for ourselves. To "make it" as a writer, you don't need just to be talented. You need to be personable, have incredibly drive, and also know people. Most people I know are only one of these things. That is true of people I know back in Chicago and people I know out here in LA. I am not saying Ceda and I are all of these, but we are a team, meaning we can supplement each other's skills and support one another. It also means we have twice as many possibilities for making contacts and making inroads in this leg of our careers where we are a writing team. Where all this will head or how it will play out, who's to say. It isn't about cards to play or reducing ourselves to a checkbox on some quota. At least, to me and Ceda, I know it isn't. It's about us doing what we want to do and working together in the process. The final nail in this intelligent discussion on racial politics is in this cat video we made today: https://vine.co/v/M7zQglzxjYX

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On Now What? How Answering This Question Lead Us to Changing Everything (Part II)

@um Hi @um. My name is David and I am a real person. The notion that all white people and our experiences are interchangeable is, at worst, racist. At best, it's misguided. I'll assume the latter and give you the benefit of the doubt. Whereas you may not know me and I may not know you, rest assured I am not "hitching my star" to Ceda's lineage. I am not "using" the diversity hire for anything. It is a strategy we are exploring as we are figuring out LA and making our way to "making it," as it means specifically for us. For Ceda and me, that means writing on a TV show and being in a writer's room. Together. For what it's worth, Ceda and I came together out of a mutual dislike of the stuff you're talking about. We're tired of the same-old same-old on TV and the stuff we write is a reaction to it. We write about different types of characters and situations - no six dudes hanging out at the coffee shop after their improv classes. I guess that's why I'm writing here, responding to that... you're lumping me in with all the white people. I'm just a dude. Not an entire ethnicity.

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