On The Whelps of Wall Street: What It's Like to Work as a Junior Banker in the Post-Crisis Era

I found this super interesting too! I definitely want to read the book now. The whole Wall St phenomenon seems so far and so near at the same time on this side of the Euro-crisis. I kind of agree with @jquick though, they were probably lying (to themselves at least).

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On The Unemployed Extrovert

As a fellow extrovert, this really rang a bell! When I first moved out from my parents, I was lucky to get a studio apartment just for myself. I mean, who would want some smelly roommates anyway? Well, I'm not sure spending the following three years horribly depressed was a very good idea either. These days I'm feeling (much!) better, but I'm seriously considering "downgrading" to a shared apartment with roommates, just to have people to talk to on a regular basis. (I do have quite a lot of friends, but even they are not around every single day just to keep me entertained.)

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On The Evolution of Understanding How to Get a Job

This is SO TRUE. Though I would switch 6 with 9 (then it would describe my life/progression perfectly, as I'm struggling somewhere between 6 and 10).

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