On How Wizards Do Money: Susan Bones

I cried! A good cry, though. Mostly because I have been the person with dirty pyjamas and a sticky hand when a friend of mine came over and did all my dishes as I was awfully depressed at the time. But this was lovely! Those Hufflepuffs! [heart]

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On Rent An Off-Season Beach House & Other Holiday Party Advice

My favourite Christmas was when we ran away too! A cabin in the woods in the north, close-ish to a holiday resort sort of a place where we could have our pick of a few restaurants (no Christmas cooking! no stress!) and the rest of the time we spent reading books in the firelight and watching the northern lights. It was BLISS. (Though I think what made it so special was that it was so special - I would miss our regular Christmas craziness pretty soon!)

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On Chatting About A New Era

I was afraid of this! I've been really missing all the crazy/wonderful Meaghan stories, and now you're telling me this is the end of them? Though I know you'll have an amazing life in Portland, Meaghan!

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On The Glitch in the Game

Yes, this! All of it. And I really love the holidays! But.

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On Things I've Learned, and What I Got Paid For Them

I think I am that person (who tries to fix things after the first meeting and then wonders why it didn't work out)! D: How to fix this, heeelp?

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On 1 Thing Will Make You Jump (Jump)

I also dropped my phone yesterday and need to get the screen fixed! Not today, today my One Thing is to make the dinner I bought the ingredients days ago. (But yay, leftovers!)

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On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

"voicing their very real fear that their privilege might be taken away from them — their social capital and, with it, their actual capital" - Do you think this might make me motivated to lose some (more) weight? No, for realz, I think this is horrible. :(

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On On Safety Nets vs. Spending Now

Uuuugh, I have so many stories about saving money only to end up spending it on something that was not what I wanted to save up for, like groceries, or rent, or a new laptop when the last pretty much exploded. I'm very much looking forward to reading that story, Nicole, if only to have someone to commiserate with!

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On Good Morning! How'd Y'all Sleep?

@inthepost I wrote most of my senior thesis during 8pm - 3am, then slept until midday, did some random stuff (seeing some friends, laundry, other homework etc.) until late in the evening, wrote some more. Too bad my work schedule these days requires me to be up and about at 8am at latest, otherwise I'd probably still be on this kind of a rythm. I got so much done!

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

Ooh, this was lovely! Also Meaghan, you're pretty much living my dream life for this day and age (having a baby while still not too old! writing freelance for living! in New York!) and I often feel self-defeating for wondering about my chances of ever getting to do any of those things. But as you have wonderfully pointed out, it would never be easy no matter who's there to take care of the baby.

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