On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

Ooh, this was lovely! Also Meaghan, you're pretty much living my dream life for this day and age (having a baby while still not too old! writing freelance for living! in New York!) and I often feel self-defeating for wondering about my chances of ever getting to do any of those things. But as you have wonderfully pointed out, it would never be easy no matter who's there to take care of the baby.

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On The Whelps of Wall Street: What It's Like to Work as a Junior Banker in the Post-Crisis Era

I found this super interesting too! I definitely want to read the book now. The whole Wall St phenomenon seems so far and so near at the same time on this side of the Euro-crisis. I kind of agree with @jquick though, they were probably lying (to themselves at least).

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On The Unemployed Extrovert

As a fellow extrovert, this really rang a bell! When I first moved out from my parents, I was lucky to get a studio apartment just for myself. I mean, who would want some smelly roommates anyway? Well, I'm not sure spending the following three years horribly depressed was a very good idea either. These days I'm feeling (much!) better, but I'm seriously considering "downgrading" to a shared apartment with roommates, just to have people to talk to on a regular basis. (I do have quite a lot of friends, but even they are not around every single day just to keep me entertained.)

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On The Evolution of Understanding How to Get a Job

This is SO TRUE. Though I would switch 6 with 9 (then it would describe my life/progression perfectly, as I'm struggling somewhere between 6 and 10).

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