On How to Almost Sell a Dress on Ebay

@ladybug HOLY CRAP liketwice is awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

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On When Things Fall Apart: The Cost of Divorce

I'll also add that you can do a post-nuptual agreement, too. This means, after you get married you can enter into an agreement about who's assets belong to whom. Of course, consult a lawyer to do so as this will vary state by state.

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On Not All of Us Are Wasteful

@Madge I completely agree. No one is saying "never go to a restaurant" but rather, going to a restaurant and paying the associated inflated prices has a cost beyond just the price of the meal. The $30 could have gone elsewhere, including on saving for a future away from being a wage slave. Ditto with other choices, such as living by yourself (rather than with roommates to split the cost with) or commuting a long way or living in high-cost area. This is the message I get from Mr. MM.

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On Not All of Us Are Wasteful

@ellabella Yeah but if you can't afford it, then you probably shouldn't be spending money on it.

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On Gifts to President Obama

So, is there just a giant room somewhere in the National Archives filled with gifts, just mouldering away? The only thing that appears to have been personally retained is a book from Mongolia.

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On Zillions: The '90s Kids Magazine About Money

I remember this magazine! I don't recall that I had a subscription, but my parents must have gotten a few somewhere and gave them to me. LOVED IT. I was one of those kids who was always scheming ways to make money and dreaming up kid-businesses so this was right up my alley.

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On Be a Pest, Is My Advice (But Like, a Tiny Pest)

@JanieS Or it could be that they haven't decided yet?

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On Be a Pest, Is My Advice (But Like, a Tiny Pest)

@hungrybee Yes, you write a card to the company's address and put "Attn: Interviewer's Name" on the envelope. I have always done this after I've had an interview. Is this no longer the norm?

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On Sallie Mae: Helping You Pay Less, So You Owe Them More

This post is really sad on many levels.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VII)

@tussock Fellow econ grad here! And, based on your post, we had similar interests after college. I took the foreign service exam the state department might be a good fit with your interests. ETA: I just realized that, like, everyone just said the same thing. So, there you go.

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