On Friday Estimate

Tonight: I don't really have firm plans, apart from the fact that it will involve reading files. As will this whole weekend, really. Ahem. Still--I'm buying myself pad Thai tonight as a consolation, which is $10. This weekend, I'll need to do some grocery shopping ($40) and pick up my prescription ($20). I'm also babysitting, which typically earns me $30-40--we'll say $30, to be conservative. Sunday, I'll need to get some gas in the car ($20--I don't need a full tank), and pay my credit card down ($100). So, nothing very fun, but it all needs doing and I still get Thai food. Total estimate: $190-$30, so $160? We'll go with that.

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

I have to make calls for work, which I HATE, because I hate talking on the phone, and I really hate asking for things, and it's just making me want to curl up in a ball and watch Spanish soaps on Netflix. However, I am making an agreement with myself: if I make the phone calls, I get to go to the yarn shop and buy some new circular needles to start making hats.

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On On Productivity Anxiety

Oh, I know this feeling. So hard. I remember it was a point of pride for me, when I was in school, that I had only ever gotten two extensions on papers: once, when my grandmother was dying and I drove across the state to be with her, and once when I got some wicked food poisoning from the chili-mac in the school cafeteria (which is NEVER a good choice, why did I think it would be?) My problem has always been that this overwhelming need to be "good enough" and "productive enough" according to some mystical objective standard is also mixed with an indolent streak a mile wide, where I would gladly just bake and knit and read forever if I could get away with it. It leaves me feeling terribly anxious and confused and in need of cake, but it's been somewhat easier since I've left academia behind and moved into the admin side of higher ed.

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On Learning from Patti Smith

@Erica I love barbers! Screw that guy. Some of my fondest memories when I was kid were of going to the barbershop with my mother (she wasn't a barber, but she had an Afro, and went to the barbershop to get her hair done)--they were the nicest men, friendly and cheerful. I used to dream that she would marry Sterling the Barber and he would be my stepdad and it would be perfect.

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On Job Of The Day: Antarctic Post Office, Shop, Museum Manager

@annev17 I want to read that book! It would be great--like a cross between "Murder on the Orient Express" and "And Then There Were None"--our intrepid heroine, a researcher at a polar station, helps to solve the murder of an Antarctic postmistress amongst a small, close-mouthed group of suspects. "In Antarctica, it's not just the landscape that might kill you..."

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On What's Student Loan Debt Preventing You From Doing? A Lot of Things

My students loans are impacting my retirement savings, because while I do contribute automatically to my 403(b), I would be able to contribute more/up what goes into my emergency fund if I didn't have that money going towards loan payments. Still, I figure I'm doing okay, even if it would be nice to have a larger cushion.

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On The Hunt for a Place of My Own

@Kate I would also like to know this. When I moved into my current place (a shared house in a really nice neighborhood near the university where I work), my dad's first words upon visiting me were "I thought about getting you a gun, but I wasn't sure how your landlady would react" (since she lives on the property as well). I was relieved he hadn't (I don't like the idea of having a gun with roommates, even if you have a gun safe), but I have always figured that when I get my own place, I would probably get a firearm--mostly because I just enjoy shooting recreationally.

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On What About the Millennials Who Aren't Homeowners?

The reasons I haven't bought a house yet: I am not quite sure where I want to settle down, if I end up in the career I want I would be moving every few years anyway, I don't really need that much space. That said, I want to be in a position to buy a small place by the time I'm 30, which means the next few years are going to be devoted to increasing my earnings, saving more, and generally figuring things out.

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On Cheap v. Frugal

@stealthkit See, the answer there is to decant the rank into a little bowl. It looks fancier AND no one had to know it's store brand (which is JUST AS GOOD, so hush). Everyone wins!

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On 7 Really Great Movies From 2014 Worth Streaming

Oh, my goodness, YES! I loved "Only Lovers Left Alive", because Tilda Swinton is LUMINOUS in that movie. But "We Are the Best!" is just pure unfiltered joy. It brings back so many feelings of being 12-13 and feeling like you're never going to fit in. I was the only person in the theatre watching it, and I'm pretty sure I snorted red wine out of my nose from laughing. Also, I had to listen to the film's cover of "Sex tva null" on repeat.

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