On Ask A Human Who Actually Practices GTD ('Getting Things Done')

This sounds really great! I've been working on implementing GTD ever since I saw the TED talk about it, but I have been struggling with: 1) the frequency with which you go through the list and organize it into stuff (it seems like I need to do it every day, because of the varying deadlines and stuff), and 2) I sometimes don't have a place for certain things, and it seems like having a million and one different spots for things, or a Miscellaneous folder, would defeat the purpose, because it would be like having a junk drawer. Thoughts?

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Kristy

@ceereelyo I think Stacey will be able to get away with spending a lot on her clothes, because she was the math whiz: she's probably turned that into a cushy gig at PwC or something.

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On Can I Give You $1,000 and NOT Be a Bridesmaid?

I was the MOH for my sister's wedding four years ago. I was still in college, she was in grad school, and her fiance had just gotten his first "real" job, so we did things in the way our Mormon heritage demanded--we bartered the shit out of everything. As the MOH, I organized her (only) shower, where we went out for Mexican food and then went back to a friend's apartment for homemade cake and present-opening. Luckily, my mom paid for the dresses; Sis only had two other attendants (her future sisters-in-law), and the dresses were made by a friend from church who made them at a discount (because Sis's MIL did some free babysitting for the dressmaker's kid). I think that technically, it cost me about $50 overall, but I also recognize that my experience wasn't typical.

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On I Went to Germany to Be an Au Pair and Get a Master's Degree for 1,000 Euros

So tempting! I used to live in Austria, so my German is technically at uni level proficiency (although as my college prof used to say, speaking Austrian =/= speaking German). Also, I'm looking at grad programs in the States, and holy eyebrows it is expensive (especially for the poli sci/IR programs I want). So, I guess if I can adapt myself to Germany's shameful lack of Almdudler, it might be a good fit.

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On A Pick-Your-Brain Fee?

I have been in the position of giving career advice sometimes--I have some friends at the Women's Center of my alma mater, and I'll participate in their "Young Alumna" panel discussions to talk to current students about my career path (which still seems surreal, but whatever). I also feel a certain level of responsibility as a woman of color to help young marginalized people (whether it's on the basis of race, gender, social class, etc.) develop the sort of informal social networks that more privileged people have traditionally used to get ahead. From a social justice perspective, I feel like that's important.

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On The Kinds of Work We (Should Not) Do for Free

@potatopotato I think that's a totally legit reason to work for "free"--I use the quotes because that seems a bit more like bartering, which has traditionally been a great way for people who were marginalized in traditional market structures to gain access to goods and services. For me, I'll babysit your kids for an evening if you change the oil in my car, or bring a home-cooked meal in exchange for help with my laptop.

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On Friday Estimate

Today, I am taking the FSOT (Foreign Service Officer Test), so I'll need to buy lunch in Charlotte ($10), and possibly dinner, too, because I will NOT want to cook after a three-and-a-half-hour exam and three hours in the car round-trip, so let's say another $15 there. Saturday means a modest amount of grocery shopping ($15?), because I have things I didn't use. I still need to watch OITNB (I know!) which is thankfully free. I'll add in $25 for tickets to a Rays game (I have to go to Tampa for work, and my boss suggested it as a way to keep my head from exploding). On the bright side, I do have an $11 check to cash, which will be nice. Total estimate: $65.

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On When The Internets Save You Money

AV Club comments section is amazing, especially for shows like Orphan Black and Game of Thrones.

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On Guess Who's Paying For Dinner?

My parents pay. All the time. I've tried to treat them for stuff, but they always say that spending time with me is the treat, and it feels churlish to press the question.

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On Being the Bert

@HelloTheFuture I'm taking your recommendation, and watching his TED talk right now. It's awesome!

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