On Brokers I Have Known

Gosh, this sounds horrifying! Are brokers the norm for renting in large cities? So far, I've only ever lived in house shares with people I already knew, and it was all very informal.

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On Today's Tweens Want Jobs in STEM and Healthcare

When I was 12, I wanted to be a spy. It sounded exceptionally glamorous (mostly because my entire knowledge of spying came from watching Alias).

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On Today's Tweens Want Jobs in STEM and Healthcare

@MissMushkila Were you by any chance a teacher of Arabic? Because your name is wonderful!

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On Examining My Grocery Spending

For me, it depends on the time of year. From late fall to about early spring, I do a weekly shop on Thursdays at the nearest grocery store to my house. I make a list, and typically spend about $30/week, not including wine or beer. Now, however, it's farmers market season. Now, I'm spending $40-50 a week (again, not including wine), but I don't care because it's the market! I take out cash and go to all my favorite vendors and see what's for sale. I got a really good pork shank a couple of weeks ago, and soon the shepherd will be back with his lamb sausage, and now we have mushroom farming hippies from Virginia who make their own fermentations (their curry sauerkraut is the BOMB).I spend more, both because the food is more expensive and because I'm shopping without a list, but it's worth every penny to me, because I am getting really good food and supporting my community. Plus, $2 is the market musician's price for songs he likes to play, and that's just awesome.

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On Examining My Grocery Spending

@clo Wunderlist is the BEST! I have it on my phone, and it's just so useful to have all of my lists in one place.

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On Should You Treat Job Interviews Like Hostage Negotiations?

This is a really interesting article. I'm currently in the process of applying for jobs, and when one interviewer asked me what my range was, I was honestly stunned. I mean, I had done my research about what was typical for the company and the position, but it was a terrifying moment to spit out that number. Luckily for me, my interviewer smiled and said "I think we can do better than that", which is just--what?! Of course, I don't have the job yet, and I don't know that even if I get it that it's the right next step for me, but it was my first experience talking about salary in this way and I'm just relieved that I didn't get eaten alive or laughed out of the interview.

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On Blood Sacrifice

What an incredible story. I'm so glad you are doing well. Now, important question: how was the duck?

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On How a Freelance Illustrator Who Makes $16,000 a Year Does Money

@meatballsub Mine was a stuffed pig with a wonky eye named Kosher.

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On How a Freelance Illustrator Who Makes $16,000 a Year Does Money

Oh my gosh, you sound like my sort of person. First off, anyone who describes a hat as "thrillingly vast" clearly understands the value of hats. Also, baking and Agatha Christie and Wolf Hall! Side question: I'm interested in learning to sew my own clothes, but my sewing experience is limited to making a stuffed pig in seventh grade Home Ec. How did you learn to sew? How was the upfront cost of materials (machine, notions, fabric) compared to what you save making your own clothing?

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On Friday Estimate

Let's see...today I have book club, and since I completely spaced on bringing my lunch, I'll need to pick something up ($7). This evening I'm having some friends over for dinner, and I bought most of the supplies but completely spaced on picking up lasagna noodles ($5). Tomorrow, I'll go to the farmer's market ($20), and might go see a movie ($20, including snacks). Sunday will be pretty quiet, I think, but I do need to buy my present for Mothers' Day and my sister's birthday ($45). Overall estimate: $97.

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