On Let's Help FT Make Work Poetry Happen

Also, a haiku, for your consideration: Percolator drip When will this coffee be done? Mondays, I curse you.

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On Let's Help FT Make Work Poetry Happen

I am so excited about this! It's going to be the best.

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On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

@muggles I'll confess: I sometimes write my interview notes in German, so that if I need to say something about the student that is critical, it doesn't matter if they see it. That said, if they could read German upside-down, I'd want to give them points for that, which they would then lose for reading my notes and making me aware that they'd done it. It's complicated.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

I am home for two days between work trips, and I'm so tired. Like, I woke up ten minutes before I had to meet with someone, because I was jet-lagged. I am basically going to spend tonight doing laundry and repacking my suitcase, and reminding myself that I am REALLY FREAKING LUCKY to have a job that lets me go to cool places. But I would basically cut somebody for the chance to take a nap right now.

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On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

I interviewed for Georgetown, since I applied to SFS. It was an alumni interview in Salt Lake City with a guy who had gone there for high school. I honestly don't remember what we talked about, beyond the fact that I read Newsweek. He was kind of a good old boy, but in a non-discriminatory way, if that makes sense? He was basically really chill, and at the end of the interview goes, "Yeah, I think you'll be fine, you seem like Georgetown material--just make sure that you go to Ben's Chili Bowl!" and we talked about food for a while. It feels so weird to know that while I interview prospective students for a living now, I have no strong recollections of the interview I did.

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On I Want to Illustrate Your Daydreams About Money

I daydream about charming the socks off of a sweet little old lady at the grocery store, and she decides to give me $30,000 because there's no point in waiting until you die to give people money (as she explains, gently pushing the check across the table), and says that I should use that money to make myself happy. And then I pay off my student loans and my car note, and I get a little mortgage to build myself a tiny house out in the countryside, and I grow my own vegetables and raise chickens and bees and sell fancy eggs and things at farmer's markets and read lots of books and it's generally all my Mormon literary dreams come true.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

@guenna77 Damned straight. And EXPENSE YOUR MEALS, Mike! You have to eat, and you would not have to eat out if you weren't working. You would have your weekend off if you weren't working. So expense your meals. I say this from my hotel in Ecuador, because I have been working on a Sunday. And did I expense my dinner at the hotel restaurant tonight? You bet I did.

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On The Vote That Could Cut Your Student Loan Bills

@therealjaygatsby God, V-Foxx is insipid. Worse, she's insipid AND the rep for my district. The only good thing is that hopefully we can vote her out this fall.

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

@PicNic I feel you. When I was in grad school abroad, I lived on-campus, and living in the student halls meant that a cleaner came in: daily, to empty the trash cans, and weekly to mop/change the sheets/clean the bathrooms. It was both awkward and lovely. Awkward, because I had absolutely no experience with paid housekeeping people; but also lovely, because she was super-sweet and asked about my health and she would say hello to my tiny nephew if I was Skyping when she came in to clean.

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On The Tax Man's Taken All My 1 Thing

My one thing is actually a million and one things, but for the sake of brevity, and my own sanity, my one thing is calling Delta and fixing the booking for my return flight from Ecuador so I can make the necessary two-day pit stop at my office before going to the UK, instead on going straight there. It is stupid, and I need to be able to do it, because I tried to yesterday and my work card had reached its limit so now I have to do it over again and UGH.

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