On Stress-nesting During a Season of Turmoil

This is my life. When things are all too much, I make my bed, and vacuum, and line things up neatly. I also read bits of "Home Comforts"; right now, I've been working my way through the section on how to wash dishes, because my antidepressants and I are still getting used to each other.

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On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

I used to get my brows waxed ($20, not inc. tip), but ever since I taught myself how to do it, I don't trust anyone else! But I also can't quite justify spending $60+ on a wax heater and relevant supplies, so I just sort of let my eyebrows look a little unkempt. Occasionally, I will use my dark brown shadow as brow powder, so they look a little more put together. As for lashes, I absolutely LOVE false lashes, and would wear them every day if I thought I could get away with it (I can't, because I love the insanely thick, kinda tacky ones).

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On Friday Estimate

Happy Friday, everyone! It's my birthday this weekend, so my estimates will either be way lower (because people want to treat me) or way higher (because I feel the need to do ALL THE THINGS). Anyway, I'm buying lunch today for a book club meeting ($10), and then going out for drinks with my bestie ($10). Saturday means grocery shopping ($20, since I'm going out of town next week and don't need as many things), plus my weekly pad Thai ($10). Sunday should be pretty quiet, because I'm packing--but I'm also going to buy some audiobooks for the drive up to DC, so I'll budget another $25 or so for that. Overall estimate: $75!

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On 1 Thing Compares 2 U

My one thing is to book my bleeping work travel. I have events I'm required to attend, and high schools aren't in session yet so I can't schedule visits, but I should probably start buying my plane tickets and making hotel reservations, because I leave in a month.

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On How Much Should I Be Saving For Retirement?

@Stina This is why my dream is a tiny house. You know, those ones that are maybe 400 square feet? Because I'll be retired and living by myself (most likely), so I won't really need much space. It's kind of my fantasy: tiny house, garden, maybe a few chickens like my great-aunt Mozella used to keep...sigh.

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On The Billfold Book Club: We're Reading 'Getting Things Done' on Thursday, August 28

I just got the ebook of this for myself! I'd decided to read it because of that earlier post from someone on here who uses GTD that seemed really cool. Now, I just have to buckle down and read the damned thing.

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On The Year We Saved $10K: It Was Like Shopping For A New Life

@twofish I'm in! Can I have one of those really cute old houses with exposed radiators?

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On The Cost of a False Sense of Security: One $95 Earthquake Kit

Oh, emergency preparedness! As someone who grew up Mormon, this subject is near and dear to my heart (even though I do not currently have ANY of the stuff I should). It's my goal once I am set up in a city I want to settle in to get everything: my 72-hour kit, a week's supply of drinkable water, and 3-4 months' non-perishable food (which has the added advantage of being useful in the case of non-apocalypse situations, like losing a job or whatever). I will do my non-existent pioneer ancestors proud!

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On What's in a Name? Oh, Only Your Success in Life

I have an English name that's pretty white, I suppose, as well as a short, English last name. As a result, most people who haven't met me tend to assume I'm white. It's never been a huge thing, although there was a time when I wanted to change my last name to my stepfather's; we have a great relationship while my dad and I...don't, plus Stepfather has a super-cool Danish last name, which is far more interesting than the one I have. I ended up not changing it--I think changing my last name would have been a more definite statement than I needed to make--but man, that Danish last name would have been cool.

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On A Brief History of Being Unhappy at Work

@Michelle Pittman@facebook I really loved the decision to use a photo of Toby in this essay. He's kind of awful, but also one of my favorite people.

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