On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

The only way this would work is if 1) I knew exactly what house I wanted but the person wasn't selling, and 2) I actually wanted to stay in the area for several years, and 3) it passed a homeowner's inspection and 4) actually, you know what, never mind, there's no way this wouldn't be a disaster.

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On Friday Estimate

Let's see...I'm done with being a responsible adult for the week, which means pad Thai and white wine ($15, because it will be some REALLY cheap wine). Then, tomorrow is Friendsgiving, so I'll need to shop for that, as well as regular grocery stuff ($40), and while that should be it, I'm also throwing in another $15 for the weekly Saturday AM Biscuitville and/or more wine. Overall, that's $70.

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On The Billfold Book Club: Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘North and South’ (Chapters 26-52)

Five years down the road...I think Mr. Thornton and Margaret are at odds over finances. She wants to be repaid for her loan, but cash flow makes that an issue, and Mr. Thornton is not particularly keen on giving her the deciding interest in the firm that her financial stake entitles her to. Additionally, at this point they've got one Li'l Thornton, whom Margaret (to her husband's consternation) keeps dragging down to visit Poor People, and he's worried the kid will catch various poverty-related illnesses, like cholera and socialism.

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On Building a Better Pancake

Fanny Farmer's griddle cakes recipe. Those are the pancakes of my childhood, although the rest of my family preferred them much darker than I did.

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On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

@Josh Michtom@facebook As Alton Brown said, the only unitasker in your kitchen should be the fire extinguisher. Also, I would just like to note that peeling cloves of garlic is not that difficult: you just smash the clove with the broad side of your chef's knife, and the skin slides right off.

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On Monday Check-in

Oof. So, I budgeted $70, but I spent...well, there was $12 for beer, plus another $13 for pizza on Friday night, then $50 on groceries (including $20 I spent at the farmers'market--yay, collard greens and fatback!) Oh, and $6 I spent at Biscuitville, because a trip to the farmers' market always means going to Biscuitville and listening to Car Talk (which was super-sad this week because it was the memorial show for Tom). Total spending: $81.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I am seriously lacking motivation right now. Earlier this week, I got a request for some info by a woman in another department, so I collected the info and sent it to her. Then, I got an e-mail this morning from her about how this was not what she was looking for and how she's used to more information (that she did not request in the original e-mail), and how someone else in my department does it better (even though that person still works here, and why didn't they just ask her?) And it just has me frustrated and not wanting to do anything for anyone.

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On On My Own: Doing a Personal Finance 180

It sounds like you're doing really well so far! One awesome thing I'd like to suggest: whole chickens. They are super-cheap, and it's really easy to just cut them up yourself into different pieces. PLUS, then you can use the spine (and wing bones, if you don't want to save them to make hot wings) to make your own broth, which is miraculously cheap. Also also: freezer bags are the best for this sort of thing. Keep up with the good work!

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On Friday Estimate

Let's see...apart from already spending $3.57 this morning on a Clif bar and fancy coffee creamer for the crappy office coffee, tonight is going to be fairly relaxed: going to the gym and reheating leftovers (I know, glamorous), and watching Netflix tonight. Saturday is laundry day, cleaning, and grocery shopping, which should be about $50. I might go to the library as well, since I need new things to read. Also, working on grad school applications which is free but DEPRESSING, so I might go to Starbucks and buy myself a fancy hot drink as motivation ($5). Not sure about Sunday, but I know it needs to involve finally buying my plane tickets home for Christmas ($600? I have no idea) So my "estimate" is $60 + whatever this plane ticket is going to cost.

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On The Argument Against the Penny

@Ester Bloom There's no such thing as too many West Wing references!

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