On Our Money Daydreams: Befriending Elderly Millionaires & Finding Bags of Gold

I just remembered--when I was a kid my grandma and I would go for walks when she visited and talk about finding treasure and traveling together. She was the one who started the talk of "finding treasure," which is a little bit funny to me now.

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On Saying Yes to the Dress, Pt 2: KLEINFELD'S

Oh man, what a bummer. (But cool to see the SYTTD crew, because I am a bad TV nerd.) I haven't wedding dress shopped for myself or with others yet, but I will surely go the somewhat alternative route, one way or another. Ester, I want to see your dress! I love non-white wedding dresses. A blogger I really like recently posted her $6 thrift store (purple!) dress. She got married a few weeks ago and already donated it back to the thrift store. Too cool.

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On Talking to Chris Guillebeau About His New Book, 'The Happiness of Pursuit'

I am not someone who could quit a job for a "quest," or what I'd prefer to call an "adventure," or, you know, "travel." I have looked at some of Guillebeau's work over the years, but mostly I find myself a little jaded by the whole concept of the WDS. It's a cool idea, but the summit itself seems pointless and a little ridiculous. (I live in Portland, where you find people running around taking Instagrams after completing little projects, and you wonder why they needed to pay hundreds of dollars for the experience.) Then again, I know really cool people--including you, Nicole, and Jodi of Legal Nomads, who are fans of his. I am trying to be less curmudgeonly and more open-minded. Anyway, thanks for sharing this interview.

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On Monday Check-in

On Friday, I spent $8 on lunch (does Friday lunch count?) and $10 on beer. Saturday and Sunday I had no spend days because my mom was in town! She treated me to a tank of gas, lunch, dinner, ice cream, and lunch again. I really, really needed to get groceries, but on Sunday (after my mom left) we had popcorn and ice cream for dinner and did not go to the grocery store. Oops! $18 happy dance!

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On Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

I have no patience for this kind of shameless attempt to gain attention for basically nothing. (On a related note, I read a Medium article today about a guy who said starting a startup "fucked up his life" but that he was working from a beach in Phuket. When I googled said startup there was literally ZERO information on what it actually does, but it somehow generates "a constant stream of cash" for traveling. Maybe this is all startups but it has me extremely irritated.) I can't stand this dumpster dude. First the obnoxious okcupid date, then the dumpster house. I didn't know it was behind the womens dorm. Takes it to a whole new level. My blood pressure is now through the roof. Thanks, Nicole! : )

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On Friday Estimate

I have my mom back in town this weekend (starting tomorrow), so it should be a pretty low-spend weekend with her picking up the bill for most stuff. (Thank you, Mom!) Tonight I'm meeting friends at a brewery to watch the WNBA finals (BG4ever), so that'll probably set me back about $15. Saturday I'll drive out to a town about 80 miles away to pick up my mom, who's been on a weeklong bike ride. We'll stop in a couple spots on our way back for lunch and to see the Bridge of the Gods. We'll either make or go out for dinner. Sunday I'm not sure what she'll want to do before her late flight out, but I was thinking farmers market and a walk and maybe a park or something. Possibly a quick day trip to the coast. I'll need to pick up groceries, which will be about $60. Total: $75

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On Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?


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On Early Bird Special

Sometimes I like an early dinner, and the Sunday big (earlyish) brunch to early dinner is a good combo. I usually either eat dinner early (5:30/6ish) if I come home from work already hungry, or later (7-8ish) if I have a bigger lunch and workout after work. I like both okay though I sometimes end up eating second dinner if I have an early dinner in the first place.

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On Express Your True Identity With a DIY Job Title

@Vicky Really? I am very familiar with GIS and don't work in that field. I wouldn't even think of the google image search acronym...

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On Monday Check-in

Saturday I bought myself a coffee for $3.50, though my mom was in town and she gave me a $20 (yesss!) for that type of random incidental. Had lunch and a drink with my mom and her friends, but that was free for me. Sunday we went to the farmers market, where I spent $9.50 on veggies and a bag of pita chips. We also went to Target, where I spent $10 on a few random but needed sundries. I was going to buy groceries, but our fridge is on the fritz, so we didn't buy anything. Our property manager should be repairing or replacing soon. My sweetie treated me to ice cream Sunday night in between episodes of Game of Thrones. (Season 3, no spoilers!) Total is $23. I don't remember my estimate, but I'm happy with that.

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