On More Women Are Vegetarian But More Men Are Vegan

I'm a lady vegan. Not sure how much I save being vegan versus eating meat. I never paid for groceries myself when I last ate meat (age 11). Mostly here to say that male vegans are the WORST. Nine times out of ten, jerks.

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On Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

I've stayed at Airbnb's twice and had mixed experiences. A couple I stayed with in San Francisco also told me their rent, which made it easy for me to calculate what I paid per night times 30 (they said they had someone literally every night) and find that they were making more than their rent from Airbnb. I think it's pretty tacky to tell someone you are hosting what you pay in rent, but whatever. I had a good experience staying in an Airbnb in Copenhagen last month, though I think the guy that supposedly lives there does not in fact live there or maybe even in CPH. When looking for a broom, we found the many, many, many, many bags of laundry in a secret hallway and it will haunt me forever. If my place was cuter and I wasn't worried about my landlord finding out, I would probably consider listing it, but overall Airbnb kind of bums me out.

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On Monday Check-in

I bought a baby shower gift ($20) and a gift bag and tissue paper, plus some candy for me, at Target ($5). Sunday, I bought groceries ($20). That puts me at $45, under my estimate of $60 because I didn't end up going out for drinks at all this weekend. (I did briefly meet friends at a bar down the street from my place, but I just had a water and then left.) Sweet!

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Jessi

Oh man, this one is heartbreaking. (And good, of course.)

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On Friday Estimate

I don't really know my plans yet. I need to buy a baby shower gift for a shower on Saturday. ($20? Is that too little to spend? It's not a super close friend.) I think we're going for drinks tonight, so I'll say $10 for that. I might spend $10 at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning, and $10 for drinks watching the World Cup on Sunday. Let's throw in $10 more dollars for a random meal. That brings me to $60. I would be okay with that.

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

I'm not a man nor do I shop for man's pants, but you should be able to find a broader range of inseams shopping online without having to shop at Joseph A. Bank. Personally I wouldn't shop there. Maybe try J Crew's online outlet/factory store. Anyway, men have it good because your sizing is true. I know my measurements, but clothing STILL varies for women because of vanity sizing, variations, etc. Shopping for pants is my personal hell.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

My one things is to get a gift for a baby shower this weekend. (The first one I'll ever go to.. Yikes! Feeling old!) I may go off the registry or take Nicole's advice above and get a couple of the Cozy Classics. Those sound awesome!

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Claudia

Haha I am loving these How the BSC Members Do Money posts! This one is so spot on, in particular.

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On How Do You Decide Which Books To Buy?

I'm all about the library--I read a lot of newer books by checking them out from the library. I also buy a lot of books at used book stores and the Friends of the Library twice-yearly book sales. I've also had good luck finding good books at thrift stores. These type of new-book compilations stress me out, too. I want to read them all!!

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On "Offices For Introverts" Designed By Someone Who Doesn't Understand Introverts

I have a low-walled cube and it is so draining to me just to sit surrounded by others. And I definitely have coworkers who just come stand at my cube for no reason. I desperately need a job where I can telework or at least have an office with a door. Which would remain shut.

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