On Morning Coffee Orders From Around the World

@kerrypolka who wouldn't want to spend two pounds on a cup of hot water with a cheap teabag in it!

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On Part-Time Wizard

@TheDilettantista fairly sure it's a screencap from a comedy programme? he's appeared on stewart lee's comedy vehicle a few times (which is bbc-based and capable of doing spoof news stuff if they feel like it)

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On "HmNiImYkMfPtDie"

please make up more passwords! it isn't safe. i have an eight-symbol code that was a ssh account password when I was 18 or something, and it's so much "my password" that I tend to append it to new passwords to make them longer and more complicated, so i recognise password attachment. but a unique password for each website (chosen thematically so you can remember which is which) really is a lot safer than one password for all the important things, even if it is complicated and cryptographical.

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On I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Soooo Great, But Now I'm Like, "No Thanks"

@chic noir if you want complaints about the French system I can give you one good one! pharmaceutical companies in france have this absurd control over amounts of medication sold, such that when you are given a prescription the government has to pay for a larger amount of medication than you are actually using, the spare of which has to be destroyed because passing on medication once the seal on the packet has been broken is not actually legal. oh, monopoly practices.

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On I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Soooo Great, But Now I'm Like, "No Thanks"

@cee i don't know what happened to my painstaking comment! oh well, it was a bit patronising. essentially: 1. your college (if you are at the university of oxford; your institution, if you're at another) should be providing you with the information like "which gp's surgery you're meant to go to and how to register" - and in fact they should have organised a registration session in fresher's week.

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On I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Soooo Great, But Now I'm Like, "No Thanks"

@cee when i say "which GP you were registered at" i mean "which GP accepts student from your college". there is no single facility for oxford students. i mean, this reads as though you did not successfully make an appointment, but assumed you had, and just turned up? maybe you should have gone to your college nurse first so she or he could have taken you through the process.

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