On On Feminism And Fashion


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On Everybody Loves Uber!*


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On Two Weddings, One Summer

We all have so many questions about these two weddings haha. No food?? No vegetarian option?? I agree with everyone that these are pretty standard things at most weddings nowadays.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

My Express store credit card (OH YOUTH!): February: $559.38 March: $521.17 April: $481.18 May: $391.66 June: $299.44 July: $205.45 August: $109.45 Will pay it off in September wooo

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

What. Those are cheapest wedding costs I've ever seen. Last wedding I went to: 1. 2 hours away ($40 in gas) 1. Overnight hotel ($200) 3. Cash gift: $125 + card Total: $365 I did not buy a dress because my closet is full of dresses

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On How It Feels to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

@Mindful Riot I have about $90k in debt and I make somewhat less than that per year so I feel like I should somehow be doing what you are doing but continue being unable to do so!

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On How It Feels to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

I am always amazed by these student loan payoff stories since I have a huge amount of debt. I am curious, does your husband have any loans? What is your combined salaries? I guess since I am only three years out of college and paying my loans steadily for two years but have not come close to throwing that much money at my loans each month, I am curious as to what factors helped? I get that you were frugal and lived like a monk for three years but are there things that weren't mentioned? I hope I didn't come off as accusatory. I'm just trying to do the same.

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On Link Roundup: Happy Marriage?; Telecommuting; How to Shop IRL

@HelloTheFuture I'm sorry! You seem so levelheaded about it. Was this who you were supporting through school?

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

I work in an office with no dress code (someone took the liberty of wearing shorts that show a copious amount of man thigh) and everyone dresses in flip flops. I just wear what I wear outside of work. I'm into fashion so it's lot of dresses, skirts, cute, fun things. I come from a business casual environment and was still overdressed. I'm just now WICKED overdressed and I don't mind it. If someone can "be themselves" by dressing casually, I should be able to be myself by dressing fashionably, which seems to overlap a lot with business casual. I don't get why you would think someone doesn't fit the culture based on the fact that they dress well.

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On Susan Miller on Salary Negotiations

@RobocopNixon I agree. They knew I was considering two other offers and the offer I chose decided that losing a candidate over $5k was a silly thing to do.

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