On Susan Miller on Salary Negotiations

@RobocopNixon I agree. They knew I was considering two other offers and the offer I chose decided that losing a candidate over $5k was a silly thing to do.

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On The Other Side of the Desk

I really liked this piece. It never occurred to me what it was like for people I was interviewing. I've interviewed maybe two or three dozen people but have actually interviewed with maybe six or seven companies. I was almost incredulous when they just started letting me interview lots of candidates when I was in my second job post-college. Up until that time I had only interviewed suicidal people in the ED which is very different than job candidates. ETA: I'm only three years out of college and I've been fortunate to not experience unemployment at this juncture so I didn't have the empathy that this writer has.

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On Let's Go Shopping for Health Care Plans! Pt 1

I used to work on HealthFirst's medicaid/medicare plans!

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On Printing & Crying

How awkward to try to print out your new hire paperwork while in your last few weeks at your old (current) job... LET ME TELL YOU. I did it before anyone came in so no one could catch me. I had already given my notice so...

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On Job of the Day: Pharmacist

@@fo Yes! One of my friends is doing vet school but for more exotic animals. She wants to work at a zoo. Her undergrad degree is...human bio. LOL, mid-university career decision

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On Job of the Day: Pharmacist

@LookUponMyWorks You would be interested in this mail order pharmacy: http://www.ideo.com/work/disrupting-the-drugstore And insurances are steering people towards specialty pharmacies because it helps them with their medicare/medicaid adherence policies and gives greater care to the individual. I think there is a LOT of steerage going on.

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On Job of the Day: Pharmacist

I worked previously with a ton of pharmacists (they were in the call center and I drove their workflow through data) and I have been told that the floor and ceiling for retail pharmacists salaries are very close together. For me, it's not something I would consider. Other fields within pharmacy are much better but sometimes much low paying compared to retail (managed care in particular) and some people are not cut out to work at big pharma.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@bibimu It's interesting because within an immediate family you can have a natural born citizen, a permanent resident, and a citizen depending on who is getting their shit together to fill out and take the citizenship test. I think part of it for some of my family is that they are afraid they will fail the test so they spend some time beforehand going to citizenship classes through nonprofit centers geared towards their specific demographic but don't feel confident pulling the trigger.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

Most people don't have to think about this at all. My family luckily did this very early on when they were granted asylum in the US. I have family members who have permanent residency but no citizenship papers because citizenship costs are so high. I'm really, really grateful to the Billfold for exposing its readership to things like this.

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

LiveChat always is my go-to option.

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