On Beyond Entry-Level

I spent a year doing research and after that year I was applying for jobs that asked for 3-5 years experience, which I got, so around 23. It just happens that there are a scarce amount of analysts in this area who are mostly self-taught.

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

yay for Moo shoutout! current employee and we are having a sale :)

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On Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

RENTERS INSURANCE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! I recently got broken into and I have REPLACEMENT cash value so my old 3 year old laptop was replaced with a current model by the insurance company! I have Geico sponsored renters insurance and it is amazing and I couldn't be happier. They tried to overnight the check to me before I went on vacation but because of the holiday they couldn't get it to me on time. I am really, really grateful. It was super shitty to be broken into. They stole a lot of valuable stuff and used one of my nice bags as their loot bag :(.

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On Michael Keaton/Douglas, Hollywood, and the Empathy Gap

@Mike. A Oh you mean iPhone 5s models that now go for <$100, sometimes $50 or $0?

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On The Trouble With the Simple Solution to Homelessness

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I did not like the Marriage Plot at all.

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On 'Don't Eat My Oatmeal': Working With Colleagues Who Don't Like You

@ledamarritz They've shared my discontent with this person's supervisor and now I'm waiting to see any measurable change. I'm just now collecting data about the amount of times I handle her duties. It's something quite silly but really interrupts my day and could potentially be seen as petty. I am an analyst and they hired a receptionist to answer the door. I was expressly told that this was not my job to greet guests. If this person is never at their desk to do so, it falls on me because I can't ignore the person standing in the entryway after I've made eye contact with them. If i'm getting up 6x a day, it interrupts my productivity on tasks that require my long focus.

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On 'Don't Eat My Oatmeal': Working With Colleagues Who Don't Like You

What about disliking someone who isn't doing any work? How do you get over their incompetence when it directly affects you? Harumph.

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On Is There a Class Component to Catcalls

I am glad people are pointing out the POC aspect. You get more thrown at you when there's more ammunition. Ni hao Kai Lan? Made up Asian sounding words? I've heard 'em all.

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On How A Person With a Five-Figure Income Buys an Apartment in New York City

@fletchasketch Yeah but is your story being told? That's my point, they're not.

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On How A Person With a Five-Figure Income Buys an Apartment in New York City

@Mike Dang I feel like the ratio of Mike Dang-type stories are like 15% to 85% like the one above. ETA: The article title seems misleading. There's not much how.

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