On The Burrower, Part II

@Crystal Joy@facebook Yeah I've finally learned to seek out hope instead of indulging the voice that tells me I can't. It adds up. I "reprogram" myself from the language of negativity and limitation of my childhood with my writing and my Pinterest dreams. & someday is getting closer. Just watched an episode of an Idiot Abroad and laugh-cried my way through it. Laughed at his ignorance, and cried because that's what I kind of desperately want to be doing. I know that show is problematic for many but all I could think about was... wild yearning. "That's where I should be". In all seriousness the comments on this post seems like a very good sign to me--shows that the piece has sparked readers curiosity. Your approach and experiences are strange in a very good way. I'll be looking out for your name. PS my alias for twitter/gmail/standard online screen name is very similar to your FB name. Love those weird coincidences. Good luck in all that you do xo

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On The Burrower, Part II

@Crystal Joy@facebook Yeah I’d LOVE to do a huge Canada road trip, too. I’ve only been to Montreal, which I love, but there’s so much more to see. Thank you for the encouragement :) :). If you wrote a memoir that was also tiny bit “how-to”(kind of like the tone of this post?) I bet it would be amazing. I'd buy the hell out of that book, at least.

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On The Burrower, Part II

@Crystal Joy@facebook DUDE I lived in a trailer too (for a hot second when I was really little ). One of those 60s silver bullet ones. No heat or working parts, real classy :p. Everywhere, with a need that's almost painful. Edinburgh and Amsterdam have been on my mind lately, Eastern Europe especially Poland, then Southeast Asia especially Vietnam and Cambodia. I think I'd also like to go to Nepal. Mostly though, I just want to start wandering, and see where it takes me. Nearer to home, would like to see more of Canada (Quebec city, Newfoundland, Vancouver) and in the US, Appalachia. I'm getting closer. I still have about 1.5-2 more years of saving ahead of me. Not lots of revenue coming in, so it's been brutal at times. I'm working hard and sticking to my budget(mostly) but still hoping I can find a few shortcuts that will help this happen sooner. Are you working on a book?

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On The Burrower, Part II

@Crystal Joy@facebook UGH while I'm terrified that anything from my life at twelve would set the bar for any aspect of my current life, that really does makes sense. Maybe that's part of why I love traveling so much to, now that I think of it. Not just the beauty and magic, but the bumps in the road, the needing to make due when things get rough. It brings out the fighter in me, and that can be exciting, to realize that you have this hidden ability to get things done when all the odds are against you. That could harken back to the Old Hungry Times :) I hope so... I'm still saving. Maybe someday I will write about it for Billfold and then everyone can freak out about all of the strange things I had to do to get there. If you haven't already I think you should try pitching your story to travel sites too. Anyway I hope there's a part III. Would like to hear more about your travels.

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On The Burrower, Part II

@Crystal Joy@facebook I loved your story and I’m looking forward to hearing more. I grew up very poor and as an adult I’m still kind of just scraping by. I’ve had to be absolutely ruthless with certain comforts that many would view as necessities in order to save for my big dream. Many of these sacrifices are easier for me than they might be for others though, because I didn’t have much growing up. I’m used to it and it’s made me tough. It takes a special kind of tunnel vision and stubbornness to say fuck you to a life that is telling you that there is no way you can afford or deserve the Big Thing that you want. Sometimes there is just no way that you will ever, ever get what you want if you're not willing to use some really weird shortcuts.

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On The Burrower, Part II

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On The Burrower, Part II

i agree. all the traveling i could do with that money!

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On The Best Thing I Bought for My Trip Around the World Was Travel Insurance

@Stowaway yes, please!

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On How Edith Zimmerman Does Money

So excited for this. The Hairpin travel posts were so good, especially the Alone in ___ posts. I reread them all the time and will probably base some major life decisions on things I've read there. Also, EDIIIIIIITH, I MISS YOU SO!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights It's good to have someone else who is with you on the concept of no-spend weekends

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