On 10 Eggplants Who Wouldn't Order Sushi Tonight, And Think You Shouldn't Either, Really

Fuck those judgmental salamanders! I'm an adult! I do what I want!

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On Bet On Your Baby

50k is certainly not enough to pay for college. Not that I would turn it down!

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On On Easter Egg Hunts and Allowances

@redheaded&crazy Same in my family. Oh how my sister would cry. WELL GET BETTER AT FINDING EGGS YOU DUMMY! The thanksgiving pumpkin pie is also a competition between us.

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On Up And At 'Em

@aetataureate Yep, my dad does this to me all the time. He's one of those people who sleeps five hours a night and feels great, and just can't accept that this is unusual and is not like, proof of his goodness of character and my moral bankruptcy. My difficulties falling asleep and waking up have been with me since childhood. I don't really see it changing, so I'd appreciate not being made to feel bad about it. The structures of life are punishing enough without being judged for something I can't control.

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On Up And At 'Em

I find that people can be very moralistic about waking up early. It doesn't make you a better person if you arise naturally at 6am. My body's natural rhythms run later, and at times when I can sleep and wake up naturally I feel much, much better if I'm more on a sleep 4am-11am cycle. Less foggy and grouchy. Obviously society isn't really structured to accommodate that even though most people have jobs that could be done at any time of day, really. It sucks being treated like a shiftless layabout when really, I'm not sleeping any more than anyone else. (And even if I were, so the fuck what? Do I police what anyone else does with their time? No I do not.)

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On Do You Look Forward to Going to Work?

My response was a bitter laugh and a mental "Are you high right now?" My life is awesome.

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On The Question Is, What Is A Dollar Worth To You

@WayDownSouth You don't think there's a strong message on the site that Mike's way is usually the right way? Logan's side is to meet most of us where we're at. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do, but there are emotional reasons why it doesn't work out that way in action.

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On The One With Five Steaks And An Eggplant

I actually think of this scene routinely when I am explaining that I'd prefer not to split the bill. That and Monica getting a hickey from a Blowfish (same episode I think). I feel like this is the only time the Friends address their substantial income gap.

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On The One With Five Steaks And An Eggplant

@dudeascending Firefox too.

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On Financial Archaeology

@highjump Agreed! This was so great! It's amazing how much your brain can block out about how you were in the past.

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