On Home for the Holidays / Open Thread

@sherlock congrats!!

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On Friday Estimate

I have no real plans this weekend, other than work tonight and tomorrow. But AHHHHH I need to Christmas shop! I'm going to estimate $200.

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On Monday Check-in

I immediately saw underboob and LOL'ed because it's coming from our wholesome Mike Dang!

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On Monday Check-in

I feel like I did a lot this weekend, so I'm shocked I came in under my modest estimate. I guess because the "a lot" was mostly working! Friday night, I worked the side gig. I got home around 11 and went straight to bed. Saturday morning was pretty lazy. I laid around for a little while before getting a ham & cheese croissant and coffee ($8.50). I also bought some fruits, veggies, and Aleve from the corner store ($13.51). Then I laid around some more, nursing a headache (I blame the weather). I had a late afternoon date with an online dating site match (!). It was my first time doing this and I think it went well? IDK. He paid for our beers and tacos, which was nice ($0). That night, I went out for a friend's birthday ($22). Sunday, I worked all day. I treated myself to Indian take-out for dinner that night ($14.05). TOTAL: $58.06

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On Friday Estimate

Whoa, I almost forgot it was Friday! I have work at the side gig tonight and all day Sunday, so this could potentially be a low spend weekend. UNLESS of course I do some Christmas shopping. I'm going to be ambitious and say $60. But if it ends up being over $200 and I cross some names off my list, that's okay too.

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On Above The 'Fold: The Very First Billfold Live Event!

I'M SO EXCITED! Can we all wear name tags with our username on them?

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic Ira Glass RT! Sounds like a wildly successful Thanksgiving to me.

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On Monday Check-in

Had a very pleasant Thanksgiving weekend, but now it's back to work! Wednesday, I took the LIRR back home to my parents' ($9). That night, I did the whole *Thanksgiving eVe* thing (my closest friends are still my high school friends, no it's basically a given) ($25). Thursday, I spent no monies. We had dinner at home, so I basically lazed around all day. I did go for a nice walk with my sister and dad. Friday, I hung out at home. I can't run right now because I have a stress fracture in my foot, so I went for a bike ride. I thought biking might be a safe activity? Well it's not, because my foot bothered me a lot the rest of the weekend. Anyway, the only money spending I did Friday was $55.93 for a dress from Zara (purchased online because I don't do malls on Black Friday). Saturday, I spent $5 on bagel breakfast. My dad gave me a ride back to the city. I bought a few grocery items ($17.05) and grabbed dinner with my best friend ($18). Oh, I also joined OKCupid (FREE except for the 2-3 hours I wasted browsing my "matches." Holy time suck). Sunday, I mostly worked all day at my side gig. I got Thai food for dinner afterwards ($15). TOTAL: $144.98. That's over my estimate of $125, but still, not too bad for a four day weekend!

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On Thanksgiving Estimate/Open Thread

I have $125 left in my November budget for fun money. So there, that's my estimate. Have a happy holiday, all!

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On Monday Check-In

Woops, I didn't do a Friday estimate for the second week in a row! I'll check in anyway. Friday, I bought a few winter things from H&M after work ($43.85). I also stopped by Duane Reade for hair ties ($2.17). Then I stayed in, made pasta, and finished re-reading Mockingjay. Saturday, I worked my part time gig. I bought a sandwich on my break ($4.63). Afterwards, my parents came into the city and we got dinner for my mom's birthday (dad paid). I bought her a fancy cake, but had paid for it earlier in the week. Sunday, I saw Mockingjay Part 1 (LOVED IT). I didn't pay for my ticket but did pay for movie candy ($4.25). I also went to Target ($15.74) and did a small grocery run for the short week ahead ($27.13). TOTAL: $97.77. Under 100, I'll take it.

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