On Friday Estimate

@lizziefresh YAY life changes!

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On Friday Estimate

@halloliebchen weeee happy birthday!

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On Friday Estimate

I'm going to have a very expensive weekend due to tonight's haircut ($90 including tip...I KNOW, I know). I'm working the side gig tomorrow ($0). I also need to go grocery shopping ($50) and am probably seeing Foxcatcher at some point ($15). Also gonna add $10 for breakfast Sunday or Monday (I have a three day weekend!). Estimate: $165. I'm a little stressed at the moment because I feel I need to quit my part-time job. It's all been a little too much lately, AND on top of that I'm starting a class in two weeks. But the weird thing is, most of the front of house staff is also quitting right now (I don't know why - it's not a bad gig)?? So I feel bad. Anyway, words of encouragement would be highly appreciated.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@BillfoldMonkey "$1000 is my mandatory minimum savings" YOU ARE MY IDOL. Seriously, that's awesome.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated a low $50 and went over but not by much. I worked at my side job Friday night and Saturday day so that helped. I spent $13 on getting my eyebrows done (incl. tip), $24 on the LIRR to hang out in the 'burbs Saturday night (cost more than usual because I had to get my ticket on board one way...wah), $4 on snacks, and $24.69 on dinner at The Meatball Shop on Sunday night. Total: $65.69 for a pretty swell weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

Whoa, feels like forever since my last estimate! (more like, three weeks). I'm working tonight and tomorrow at my part-time job. I have nothing I really *need* to do other than laundry and maybe food shopping? I may be getting dinner with a friend on Sunday too. Going to say $50. Here's to a frugal January!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2014 Check-in

@calamity that's huge! congrats! I'm hoping to get to 5 digits by the end of 2015.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2014 Check-in

I've been keeping track on my own, but haven't actually checked in for awhile HERE because it doesn't ever feel like I make noteworthy progress. Which is silly! So here goes: STUDENT LOANS: November: $7,359.26 December: $7,182.78 SAVINGS: November: $5,106.87 December: $5,409.40 It doesn't feel like I make groundbreaking progress in any single month, BUT! But! When I first did this in July, the difference between my savings and debt was -$4,116.16. Now the difference is -$1,773.38. That feels pretty good. Although I currently have about a $700 balance on my credit card right now due to an expensive eye doctor appointment in December. But I'll be paying that when I get paid on Friday.

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On Home for the Holidays / Open Thread

@sherlock congrats!!

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On Friday Estimate

I have no real plans this weekend, other than work tonight and tomorrow. But AHHHHH I need to Christmas shop! I'm going to estimate $200.

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