On How Much Do You Spend on Cable/Internet Each Month?

2 person household, $54.95 for internet, $7.99 for Netflix, and $9.99 for Hulu Plus. $72.93, all told.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

Two people (sharing a bedroom), 2ish bedroom apartment, average over the past 8 months is $46.45. It used to trend higher when I had a non-romance roommate who did more living in their own room.

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On Monday Check-In

My estimate was ~$135, and I ended up spending $145.68. Not great! Friday, I spent nothing. Saturday: $18 brunch, $37.72 banya, $10 to re-up my MetroCard because the ding dang snow and ice made it impossible to bike safely, $25.01 for wine for 2 potlucks that night (and one bottle for me! Thanks, Trader Joe's!). Sunday: $54.95 on too-fancy groceries because I was sad that the movie I was going to see had sold out.

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On Friday Estimate

After many weeks of being plans-free and spending a lot of money on just a few big things, I'm going back to my normal habits of probably spending too much on a lot of little things. Tonight, I'm thinking it's a no-dollars-spent night in. Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch (~$15), then a Russian bathhouse ($35), and probably buying beers or a bottle of wine for a birthday potluck ($15). Sunday, my only planned expenditure is a movie ticket ($15). At some point, there will probably be some grocery shopping for the week ahead (~$55). Total: ~$135. I'm not super jazzed about spending that much money, but I am very excited to go for a schvitz. Priorities!

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On Paying to Clean Clothes In the Dry Way

@MilesofMountains Me too! Handwashing forever, dry cleaning for never!

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

Brunch is #1! I normally make it at home, but it's also my favorite meal to go out for. My particular blend of food allergies and lifestyle choices make most out-dining experiences kind of rough, but I can pretty much always guarantee that I'll be able to find something to eat brunch-style.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Necessities, More Necessities, and More Necessities

@chic noir I rarely eat out, but I still spend way too much money on fancy groceries as a reward for not eating out.

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On How Often Do You Check Your Bank Account?

@Norrey Yes! I check Mint about twice a day, because it exists on my futurephone right next to my social media jams.

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