On Living by the Microwave

My parents definitely have the cookbook from the picture! I think it came with their microwave?

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Lunch, Lunch, and Below-Market Wifi

Who's your internet provider? I had an infuriating call with mine (Verizon) yesterday over a similar $5 increase in which the "agent" told me I had been notified, then with much prodding (after telling me it was on page 4 of a mysterious bill, when I have paperless billing and my bills don't exceed 1 page), admitted that the notification wasn't visible to me anywhere online, but notifications are just a courtesy. So even though he lied, it doesn't matter, because I was never owed anything in the first place, except some inexplicable $5 increase. Utilities! Can't live with em...

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On WWYD: A Delivery Meant for Someone Else

I would never go through the trouble of contacting a department store or other big box to trace a package. Presumably when someone didn't receive their package they called the store themselves and had it resent, or if it was a gift, the sender would have realized eventually the gift was never received and THEY would have called the store to complain. Those stores have big customer service departments designed to placate people in just such a situation. I received a package to the wrong address last summer, and tracked down the workplace of the person it was addressed to, and left a message asking her to call me back to get her package. After the weekend when I still hadn't heard from her, I looked at the box again and realized it was from a flower company and her package was probably already dead. I opened it to water it for her in case she came to claim it and it turned out to be a neatly groomed rosemary "tree", but yeah, it was pretty much already dead. And she never called me back.

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On WWYD: A Christmas Caroler

I was recently outside a bar with a few friends and was approached by a woman who asked for $12 to get her and her daughter to a homeless shelter. I know that people will probably say I should have offered to hail a cab for her and paid the cab to take them, or escorted them or somehow ensured that this is actually what she wanted the money for, but it didn't occur to me until later. I knew that I had not very much cash in my wallet and because I was with friends, I felt comfortable taking out my wallet in the middle of the street and giving her the $4 I had. She said it wasn't enough and sat down on the street and started crying. I felt hurt that she could see it was all that was in my wallet and still was telling me my contribution wasn't sufficient, but I felt more hurt when, as we walked away, my friend told me she was obviously scamming us. I knew full well that that might be the case, but a)it was not that much money and b)the risk is worth it to me. I don't really need someone to tell me I'm foolish after I've made an informed decision. On another note, when I was growing up, my mom always carried coins around in her pocket so that when homeless people asked for change she wouldn't have to take out her wallet, and would still be able to contribute. I think she also kept the change on her to set a good example about giving, and I appreciate it.

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On Embarrassing Things I’ve Done When Looking for Work 

This is really funny. That's all I have to say. I've only read a little bit; I'll go back to read the rest now. Thanks for making Monday hilarious and fantastic.

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On The Benefits of List-Making

Can we talk about what y'all use to make your lists? My biggest problems with lists is not being able to keep track of them. I jot immediate things down on post-it notes now to stick on my computer, but anything beyond what I have to do that day at work is a lost cause for me because I can't figure out which format I'm most likely to refer back to. If I write it down, I'll inevitably leave the list at work and go stare at a wall all night instead of doing the stuff I meant to do. If I make the list in a document on my computer, I'll never look at it. I find gchat tasks to be really unsatisfying. Any tips for an amateur listist?

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On The Apple of My Eye Is an Actual Apple

Somebody tell me how to choose only crunchy apples PLEASE! Normally Honeycrisps are reliable, but as they go up in popularity and get grown on more orchards I believe the crunchiness becomes less reliable (not based on actual knowledge, just speculation after first pink ladies stopped being reliably crunchy and now honeycrisps). I bought Red Romes at a farmers market recently and thought they were super crunchy; the next week I bought more and they were smush-o-rama. I need a reliable crunch check!

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On A Chance Meeting on a Train Helped Launch My Career

Trains are expensive. You're not going to meet any CEOs on the Bolt Bus. Just sayin.

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On The American Express Customer Service Representative Who Loved Me

AmEx IS great for rewards (I use mine for miles), but doesn't seem to follow any rhyme or reason when sending offers. I remember reading on a forum recently about couples where one person has bad or no credit and gets a great amex offer, and the other has great credit and doesn't get a targeted offer. Usually these offers come with the annual fee waived for the first year, and I've heard from many people like @selanana that if you call and threaten to cancel the card after the first year they'll waive the fee for the second year as well.

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