On My Last Hundred Bucks: Welcome, Freshmen

Oh holy balls, you're right, and it is perfectly timed for UofC O-week!

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On Loose Change

No one has said yet that this is beautiful! This is beautiful.

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On The Rise and Fall of an Independent Video Store

Hello, Hyde Parker!

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On What Does It Cost to Live in the Overlooked Parts of a City?

@EH HP is lovely, and cheap. But when I graduated the University of Chicago, I moved out. Four years was enough.

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On Do You Have a Minute for the Children?

@Lily Rowan I was accosted by Save the Children in an AIRPORT, and I snarled "I hate children!" So, uh...yeah.

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On My Career Mentor, My Mother

@polka dots vs stripes I can't even fathom getting good advice from people who, in my case, last encountered the job market in the 80s and haven't looked at it since. "the recession 80s!" my mother says pleadingly. But my dad works in big oil, and I'm a museums student, and so my mom's objective advice is to "get another undergrad degree, that'll make you look good for grad schools!" ...

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On Why Don't I Give Money to Poor People?

As far as people who wonder where this "conventional wisdom of not giving people money" is coming from, I grew up believing, and still reasonably believe, that this is true across the board. I live in Chicago now, and am always a little surprised when panhandlers on the CTA actually get cash out of people.

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On Internships I've Had: A Boss's Book, A Paid Gig, And One Awful Experience

oh yikes, yikes yikes yikes.

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On Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and 99¢ Only: Comparison Shopping, Who Will Win?

@Komura Hey now, 365 brand soymilk is tasty and only a block away from me, wheres Silk soymilk is 10 blocks away and slightly less tasty. The price points are comparable, too, so it's not like I'm being wildly hedonistic. But yeah, it is a silly place...

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On Chatting With My Parents About How (And Why) They Paid For My College Education

@AitchBee A WHOLE CLASS ON SEX! *clutches pearls* Oh, Moms.

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