On We Were Poor, And College Was The Answer to All My Problems (Right?)

DO look into the 10-year federal loan forgiveness program for people who work in the public sector. This applies to ANY non-profit, which your arts center probably is...

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On How Are You Watching the Results Tonight?

@megsy awww i hope you have someone to watch with at home at least! even if that someone is…a bottle of wine. Democracy Now is the besttttt! and the most Real. almost too real...

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On How Are You Watching the Results Tonight?

Live election coverage from Democracy Now! from 7 pm to 1 am ET http://www.democracynow.org/live/live_election_night_2012_coverage The best. Especially for those of us without TV.

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On The Marathon Must Go On? Mayor Says Yes, Everyone Else, Noooo

They cancelled it, yay!

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On Really Important Decisions About Books

@TARDIStime are you sure sure sure because amazon was not allowing libraries to lend kindle books until veeerrry recently and most libraries automatically got access if they use overdrive fo ebooks, which most of them do?

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On Really Important Decisions About Books

I still can't believe people buy books. LIBRARIES, PEOPLE! (Says a librarian.)

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On The Progressive Office: Williamsburg and Greenpoint


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On I Am a Bike Person Now

Biking in the winter is like a secret life hack because no one realizes how easy it is except people who do it. Way better than the oppressive heat of summer! It's so much more peaceful, and cars are more careful. You just have to wear the right clothes--and the problem is usually wearing too many layers, not the other way around. I always end up toasty no matter what, and have to wait awhile before going inside of wherever I'm going. The funniest is that everyone is really amazed at how bad-ass you seem. I'm amazed that anyone would stand shivering at a freezing bus stop when they could jump on a bike and be sweating in minutes.

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On Where Have All the Ice Cream Trucks Gone?

@breakfast Woahh, there's a "hello-0" truck in my neighborhood in Chicago, too! Also there is one that plays Christmas songs.

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On 13 Friday the 13th Money Superstitions

I love it.

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