On Brown Bagging It

@deb of last year This is one of the best savings tips I've read recently. I use PNC's Virtual Wallet for my checking/savings, and they have a "punch the pig" feature that allows you to set a certain amount (like $10) and then transfer it into your savings just by "punching" the little piggy bank icon on your account calendar. Would be perfect for this!

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On OMG Bathing Suit Shopping is the WORST

Land's End is the best for swimsuit shopping! Huge selection, guaranteed satisfaction or your money back--order whatever you're interested in, try it on in your own bedroom, even give it a few wears, and only keep what you really like. You are definitely paying for quality construction/materials, but the suits last forever, the guarantee is amazing, and they have good sales during the "off" seasons, especially on separates.

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On I Will Always 1 Thing You

My 1 Thing is also low on the ambition scale; I've been carrying my passport in my purse because I needed it as part of the hiring paperwork for my side hustle, and my goal is to take it out of my purse and put it back in the filing cabinet we have specifically so I won't lose important paperwork like my passport, which I've already had to replace. Twice.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions

@OllyOlly The Good Wife is one of the best shows on television, seriously. The Billfold needs more Good Wife.

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

I have two 1 Things, both connected to my new side-hustle (SAT tutoring). First I have some online training to finish, and then I need to investigate the cellphone service discounts they offer--I'm working with Kaplan, now owned by the Washington Post company, and the training mentioned discounts. If I can earn money and save money all in one, then this will be the side-hustle of my dreams.

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On The Torture of Giving Critical Feedback at Work

At my school (I'm a teacher), we use the term "observable phenomena" a lot to model how we give feedback to students, but also each other. So instead of "Suzy doesn't seem to care much about this class," we might say, "Suzy's work is often late, and she has seemed visibly sleepy several times"--this gives us more possibilities to try and help the student (why is she sleepy? does she need a new planner?) and avoids labels like "lazy." This is a helpful way to give feedback to anyone, really!

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

My one thing was to call my doctor to try and take care of a prescription refill, which I ended up being able to handle over email--thank goodness for doctors' offices who use email communication!

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On Fronting

Add me to the list of those who saw themselves with an additional degree that now seems out-of-reach. I earned a Master's degree in a fully funded program, but always expected I would earn either a MFA or PhD degree instead. Instead, my husband went to law school and I got a job teaching English at a private school, which I love dearly. We own a house and have two pre-teen children. I still fantasize, but I'll never feel comfortable about taking on student loan debt or taking a break from my career, so those dreams will probably never become reality.

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On 1 Thing Is Gonna Melt All This Stuff

ALSO: going to knock off another One Thing today when I call to set up a phone interview for Side Hustle #2: a summer job I'm hoping to get (I'm a teacher). Side hustles and one things: loving the Billfold today!

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On 1 Thing Is Gonna Melt All This Stuff

I did my one thing on Friday but was so excited to have accomplished it I needed to come post! I just picked up a SAT tutoring gig as a side hustle and have been slowly moving through the torturous process of submitting all the online hiring paperwork. The final step involved getting a notary public to review my passport and fill out the relevant part of the form, then scanning the document and uploading it to the website, in addition to scanning in my passport and uploading that as well. I just accomplished it and I feel fantastic--paperwork like this is usually my nemesis, but I had a spare hour today and was determined to finally check this off my list. Triumphant One Thing!

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