On How a Librarian With a Daily Spending Limit Does Money

@redheaded&crazy ps I make about the same amount as the interviewee and pay about the same in rent.

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On How a Librarian With a Daily Spending Limit Does Money

My method of tracking my day-to-day spending constantly changes ... previously I would do something similar which was $20/day for food&drink, and then saving the rest for special occasions, shopping, etc. But I found this method stressful and sometimes I don't need $20/day so I was actually overspending. Right now my system is: I take out money to pay bills and put it in a savings account until the end of the month. I take out a couple hundred and put that into a higher interest and less easily accessible account for actual savings. Whatever is left over gets basically divided in two: half stays in my chequing account for day-to-day spending, and half goes into a savings account which I treat as a holding account for my VISA. In my little budget spreadsheet I have the amount in my holding account and the amount on my VISA, and I try to keep it in the black. So that ends up being my entertainment and whatever else. Having that money in a savings account makes me less likely to use my VISA. (in theory). So far it's working well! It's a new system. We'll see.

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On What Is It Worth To Us To Live Alone

yeah does living alone have a stigma? my parents keep asking me if I want to live with roommates forever ... of course, when I lived with them for five years that question never came up. Hm.

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On Budgeting for Vacations, Other People's Weddings, and Other Summer Stuff (Yay Summer!)

mike dang in a tuxedo?! PIX PLZ :D

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On The Art of Asking for a Discount

@amyfrances I live in a small town right now where "good guy discount" is verbatim used as locals discount phrasing. and internally I roll my eyes every time I hear it. It just seems so pretentious and obnoxious and cheap to me. But, whatever, on the retail side when somebody uses it I feel kinda obligated to honour it. Maybe that's part of why it annoys me.

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@bowtiesarecool I am super grateful to my amazing dentists too. My last dentist was the sweetest man who very very very very VERY luckily for me gave me really good deals on all of the many cavities he filled after I ignored my dental health all through university. Why did I ignore my dental health? Well I was a stupid teenager who would occasionally go to bed after a night of drinking awful drinks without brushing my teeth. And not flossing. YEAH I SUCK. Oh yeah, and also my dentists in childhood were mean judgmental jerks who made each appointment anxiety-provoking and tear-filled. That plus sitting their with your mouth open hoping you don't have another cavity because the drilling is so, so awful, is not exactly a fun experience to begin with. I could go on but thinking about all the reasons I don't enjoy going to the dentist is not something I generally do for fun. Anyway, dentist in toronto: does really good work. he basically worked on each quadrant of my teeth over the course of 4 appointments. plus my 2 root canals and the fillings for those. plus he was just extremely gentle and he would do things like count downs and letting me know when the drilling or the needles are done. And because of his kindness and excellent work I do honestly feel a lot more empowered to say my issues up front, and I'm so much better about doing things like scheduling cleanings and booking appointments right when the problem happens rather than waiting for months or years. I would really love to be preventative about my dental health and I'm doing a lot better now. I kind of feel like it's too late for my poor teeth, but, well, a man does what he can. I've definitely had a cleaning in each of the last 2 years (I'm supposed to be on a 9 month schedule but I floss & I don't have dental insurance so I feel like I'm doing my best)! Woo! Go me! My new dentist is extremely good looking. Goodness. I put down on my info form that I have severe dental anxiety and he tries to be super nice and they tell you all their fees in advance and he's still not as good as my last dentist who really did quite incredibly good work on my teeth and never once criticized me for doing things like letting my temporary root canal fillings go weeks or months without getting fixed permanently. Sigh. In conclusion, I don't regret having nothing but mean things to say about mean dentists, and while it's true that I wouldn't call a judgmental dentist a fucker to his face, I would absolutely tell him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour was unprofessional and he was losing me as a client as a result.

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On My SAD Lamp Has Made Me Marginally Less Sad: An Update

This is such a great post! I have always said that what bothers me about winter is not the cold or the snow but the DARK. God. Montreal felt really dark to me. My last couple winters in toronto, super dark. I used to leave for work in the dark, work in a windowless office, and then go home in the dark. And winters just seem to drag on. This winter is so much different! I feel energized and I don't feel like god it's January. I feel good about winter! But it's been super bright and sunny here and change of living situation and I work in a bright windowful office all day and it's wonderful. I feel so much happier. I'm also still ... temperamental. Or whatever. Whatever my problem is. So it hasn't fixed everything, but I do love sunlight. So much! The days are getting longer!!! Spring is coming! Daylight savings time!!

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@redheaded&crazy Seriously maybe you charming folks should google dental phobia and dental anxiety which have absolutely nothing to do with laziness or disregard for dental health. I mean, you work in the profession, surely you should inform yourselves that anxiety, and specifically, dental anxiety, are also real and serious issues that can affect the rest of one's health as well. I assure you, if this is the tone you're taking towards your patients, you're making the problem worse, not better.

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@TaraB Okay these comments are really pissing me off. Guess what: I brush my teeth two times a day, and floss my teeth, AND I still find going to the dentist to be a nerve-wracking anxiety creating experience. Thank GOD my dentists and their staff in my last two cities have been way nicer than you and ShellB up above because I definitely would not go back. Not to mention, Dickhead Dental Hygenists from MY CHILDHOOD who would mock me and make me feel like shit for not taking better care of my teeth, are the major reason why I have such severe dental anxiety now. I put off going to the dentist not because I am LAZY but because I have ANXIETY about BEING JUDGED by FUCKERS. LIKE. YOU. Honest to god if I got this kind of tone from the people that I was paying to provide a service, I would never go back. And I have paid a lot of money in my life for dental care and thankfully it went to people who deserved it because they treated me with kindness and dignity. Fucking. Jesus. Christ.

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@ShellB Yeah sorry this comment is bullshit. You can be ethically and legally responsible without being a dick.

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