On Take the Vacation

@BornSecular I totally agree! This is the sentence that caught my eye, too. Megan, you gotta treat yo'self! A vacation isn't just one thing either, it's a series of experiences, and they don't need to all be pricey. And studies say that even the process of planning a vacation brings you even more joy. Check it: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/18/how-vacations-affect-your-happiness/?smid=tu-share&_r=0

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On Community College For Some, Miniature American Flags For Others!

And good for the economy, probably, in the long run!

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On How a Person Who Recently Transitioned Careers Does Money

@j a y thanks, yeah, I've been leaning towards the savings account. Although I don't have a mortgage (yet) or any other debt, so perhaps when I am done with student loans I'll be putting the extra money towards other kinds of loans.

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On How a Person Who Recently Transitioned Careers Does Money

I admire this: "I don’t think I can unlearn being frugal." I switched careers and earned a higher salary, coupled with the grad school debt I took on in order to make the switch. So far the lifestyle creep hasn't been drastic, or harmful, but I do wonder what will happen when I'm done with student loans.

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On Was It Worth It? The Craigslist Coffee Table

This is awesome! I also have a huge wood coffee table that I got for $50 (at a random consignment shop) and will never let go of. Finding a piece of furniture like this was so satisfying and it helps my place feel grown-up and lived-in, and isn't that what we all want?

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On A Whole Foods Grows In Detroit

@elizabeth.j that's fair, I wasn't thinking in terms of a direct tradeoff between paying for this month's prescription vs. organic kale. And programs like SNAP getting doubled at farmers markets is more valuable for someone in this situation than buying at Whole Foods. But it's still worth trying to get people to think about investing in themselves by getting them to think about healthy alternatives. It's in Whole Foods' self-interest, yes, but it's not to say it wouldn't do the general public any good eventually, either.

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On On Overly Personal Finance

Another thanks for Meaghan, I've truly enjoyed your writing on here.

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On A Whole Foods Grows In Detroit

I had the same reaction! Only $2.99 for cage-free eggs?! I don't necessarily agree w/the first comment, though. "It costs more, but isn't it worth more" is about making an emotional argument for any purchase. I'm saving the longread for later, but I hope Whole Foods is able to clearly relate the 'it's worth more' argument to these citizens' health and wellness. It's hard to take care of yourself and justify additional expenses when you're bogged down with economic hardships, but if these expenses had a chance of keeping you energized day to day and lowering costs for say, cholesterol medication, wouldn't it be worth a try?

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On Bouncing Back from Bankruptcy: Brittany Powell and the Debt Project

@samburger same for me! As a recent grad school alumn I know so many people with large amounts of student loans. We all make a good living, and certainly have enough to go to trendy bars and restaurants together, but those student loans are looming in the background. It's like we've all got our fingers crossed that our jobs stay around long enough for us to pay them off. Thank you for sharing this, Ester!

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On Airbnb: Bad For New York, Great For Me

I loved this. It captures how I feel about Airbnb (conflicted), and many other sharing/service startups. Also I think you just explained the problem of (negative) externalities in a better way than my old econ books had.

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