On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

I have been through this. The solution for me was to make more money and live alone. I still despise having house guests because of my experiences with roommates, and their boyfriends, and their friends, and their relatives, and their pets, and their apathetic attitudes, etc. Maybe you should forward this article to him, along with a $156 invoice.

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On Walking the Dogs of the Rich

@samburger Fourthed!

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On On Not Buying a House

I bought (borrowed for) a house back when Dubya was all about "The dream of owning a home." It was a nightmare. Bad neighborhood, awful commute, and I could never enjoy it because I was working all the time to pay for it. I got rid of it at the height of the real estate bubble and made an amazing profit, but I will never take on that much debit again. A horrible experience.

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On Two Millennials Discuss Doing Their Taxes

Fill out that Schedule C with gusto! After freelancing for over 15 years of my career, I think deductions are the best thing ever. Compared with 20 years ago, working at home is very common and it's important to deduct everything you use to run your business.

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On Have You Been Suckered Into Aromatherapy Yet?

@Jake Reinhardt Absolutely. All curative claims of aromatherapy are woo and must be eliminated from our culture, the sooner the better. From rationalwiki: Like most woo, aromatherapy starts with observable, real effects of smells on humans, and extrapolates and exaggerates into a whole range of treatments from the effective, to the banal, to the outright ridiculous. The total of aromatherapy products sold through health-food stores was about $59 million in 1995 and $105 million in 1996.

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On TV Dinners No Longer Hip

When I was a kid my parents would get me a TV dinner when they went out to evening parties. It was so sweet because they were going out for a good time and they wanted me to have some fun too (yeah, it didn't take much). I got to pick out which TV dinner I wanted and I looked forward to it for weeks. Today I can't stand any of the frozen crap from the supermarket. It all tastes like freezer burn. I make a big tray of my own mac and cheese or lasagna and freeze portions in those Glad storage containers. It still feels like a treat when I nuke a quick meal of my own home made cuisine.

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On Do You Need to Give a Full Two Week Notice When Quitting a Job?

My advice in this type of situation is to make sure there is some way to ensure that you get paid before you leave. Unfortunately, there are many employers that can't be trusted and if you put together some type of signed contract or agreement you will have a much easier time in small claims court.

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On The Difficulty of Making a Living in the Gig Economy

@milena Forget the so-called gig economy. Hackers own the future.

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On Real Talk Résumé

@Kimberly Alison I agree. It is inappropriate to mention the cost of your undergraduate education. Otherwise, I think this resume is pretty good.

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On How Will You Talk About Your Career When You're Dead?

@Lily Rowan I love the idea of leaving hilarious instructions.

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