On This Weekend, Put The "Me" In Yosemite

Nice tip @Katni ! One of the truly great places to go in the winter.

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On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital

I took care of my parents during their final years. Along with the pressure of 24/7 infirm care was the requirement of always doing for cheap. God forbid they should spend money to be comfortable. The gravestone reading: Hope we didn’t bother anyone. That certainly hit a nerve.

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On Non-Refundable: The Price Tag Of Emotional Well-Being

This reminds me of The Secret. The Secret is to RUN LIKE HELL from these predatory opportunists. Thank you for your honest and objective reporting.

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On Who Wants to Try to Be a Millionaire?

Thank you for sharing this well written account. It reminds me of the Rick Rosner story with the anxiety and sleep deprivation prior to appearance. Indeed, I would be a mess if I ever had to do something like this.

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On After I Go

Fireproof lockable box of important papers with room for a hard drive containing this app.

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On Talking to a Former South Pole System Admin

I have a friend that got a degree as an ornithologist and took a job in Antarctica banding skua chicks. Banding is a way ornithologists track the lives and patterns of bird life. Skuas are super aggressive overgrown seagulls, so each day she would go to the nests, which were on cliffs, and the entire time she would be dive bombed by these horrible fearless creatures that thought they were there to eat their offspring. She had to wear a helmet and it was risky exposing any part of her body to these mofos. They would have to administer first aid on her hands every night. She did this for a month, came back to California, and decided to never again be a field ornithologist. She now creates and restores animal sculptures at visitor centers across the country, which is not as risky, usually.

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On It All Comes Out In The Wash: A Story Of Love And Laundry

I agree: the pinnacle of luxury is personal laundry appliances. There is nothing worse than other people's dryer phlegm.

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On A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts

Likewise. I'm very impressed that you obtained a court order to have your landlord's bank accounts frozen. Nice going.

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On The Subtle Economics of Facebook, Google, Firefox, and Chrome

The economic advantage of turning off sound and other notifications should not be underestimated.

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On Micro-Lodgings

I agree, the aesthetic takes a lot of getting used to. The walls are corrugated to withstand stacking so it does not fulfill any function here other than proclaiming: Junk Yard. Why not get a manufactured mobile home trailer? I actually think it would be cheaper in the long run.

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