On Job Of The Day: Antarctic Post Office, Shop, Museum Manager

Interesting. The previous four individuals did not decide to stay on for another year.

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On Nostalgia for a Beater Car

I owned an Echo for seven years and I loved it! It was what I considered a toy car and I didn't care how bashed up it got. The first trip I took was to Burning Man 2004 where it acquired a coating of protective dust. I went on annual trips to the Sierras and traveled areas I shouldn't have been in, straddling washouts and huge ruts in the road that were like small canyons. I couldn't break that car and managed not to kill myself. You neglected to mention the fantastic gas milage that usually surpassed 40mpg. Along with the minimal service record it was the most financially efficient car I've ever owned. Even the replacement parts were cheap because they were about half the size of normal car parts. I bought it for $10K and sold it for $4K. It looked like an outer space re-entry vehicle by that time but the person buying it REALLY wanted it. I don't blame him. I now have a beige midsize luxury sedan with leather upholstery which is better for when I pick up clients at the hotel or airport. I don't like driving it as much as that Echo, which is a reminder of a time when I was a free and careless young adult.

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On Tales of Eccentric Landlords

Beautifully dense writing here, and one of my favorite Billfold feature categories. Just curious, what does a thick Bristolian accent sound like?

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

...not complaining here.

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

Wow, you people at Billfold sure do slice a lot of onions...

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On The Cost of DIYing Your Floors

But note the ever important eye protection!

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On The Cost of DIYing Your Floors

My parent's house had a sun room with a concrete floor and trashed carpet. I knew it would need to be replaced to sell the place so I mentioned to a friend, "I think I'm going to hire someone to tile this." He said, "The heck with THAT, we can do it ourselves!" Thus began the epic flooring project of 2011. We used peel and stick tiles, which are a lot better than they used to be twenty years ago and the most cost effective. Like you, preparation was exhausting. An entire day to remove the carpet, only to discover that there were NAILS sticking up 1/4 inch around the room. We had to use a grinder on an electric drill to level out the nails http://i.imgur.com/tcRxd0y.png which took a day. Then, like you, we used 100 razor blades and several putty knives to get all the weird glue that was applied under the carpet. After the incredibly toxic concrete sealers and a few coats of semi-stick adhesive the floor was like an enormous post-it note surface. Applying the tiles only took 4 hours but by then it felt like we were totally crippled. The good part is that it came out great http://i.imgur.com/VnPE2sp.jpg and pretty much sold the place. Cost was $35.00 for grinding attachment + $450.21 self stick tiles + $11.63 sealant adhesive = $496.84 total. Add onto that the beer we bought to toast one another at the end of each day and it was another $30.00. We were treating ourselves to the good stuff. I must admit, I thought of staining the concrete, but the GARAGE floor was already done that way. Florida was a very strange place.

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On TV on the Internet

But... The Leftovers. Olive Ketteridge. Maybe they are on the menu this month.

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

I grew up in an alcoholic household. Every night sucked. I was rarely able to do my homework. Some nights there was no dinner. Usually there was some dramatic fight about who knows what. To me, any type of abstaining is a great idea. It's worth a lot more than monetary savings.

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On Save Money With Hugs! And Generics

I agree. It's Mormon Tea for me!

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