On Places I've Lived: Detroit Edition

THIS is one of my favorite Billfold features. OMG Hamtramck Disneyland! Kate Moss! Everybody is happy! http://youtu.be/CV3Shz86AwY

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On Love and Debt in a Nearly-Dissolved Marriage

Very much thanking you for this. It addresses the enormous writhing monster known as money and self worth. Fortunately, you are both able to work through the issues without detonating an emotional nuclear device and blowing your relationship to smithereens, which is something I've been known to do. Money also plays a part in our perception of others and their worth, and is involved with powerful emotional gestures such as generosity, so it can be difficult working through the twists and turns. You've captured some great examples here.

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On The Money Affirmations Experiment

I hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but I tried this stuff and found that I put a lot of time and energy into 1) keeping a journal about making money 2) reciting affirmations about making money 3) constantly thinking positive thoughts about money 4) joining prayer groups about making money 5) other activities that sicken me when I think about the stupidity. Believe me, it was much easier to surround myself with all manner of "prosperity" endeavors rather than bite the bullet and actually find the right people and make some actual money. The only thing I write down that concerns making money now is an INVOICE. I even found that some of the people preaching this stuff were so caught up in the mode of changing other people's "relationship" with money that it was the only way they knew how to make money. Your mileage may vary, but be wary.

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On Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland Less About Rides, More About Celebrity Encounters

Oh, now I remember looking at this blog entry over the summer: http://icanbreakaway.blogspot.com/2014/08/playlist-song-origins-of-walt-disneys.html

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On Life After Beauty School: Interview With a Professional Wigmaker

I found this to be fascinating, especially the route of involvement through child and youth service, self esteem and changing image. It's as though a transformation took place and continues to develop.

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On The Cost of Traveling and Moving Across Canada

I think you did OK with overall cost. I assume these are Canadian dollars. It can cost the same amount for the purchase of tickets to FLY two people across the continent. You had a much better window seat anyway.

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

Eight years is about right. My parents did the same thing to me sophomore year. I supported myself at school cleaning offices at night and was fortunate enough to get some decent jobs after graduation. Good thing I was younger back then!

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

Ugh. This article made me feel like I was "back in that shitty startup." One of my experiences included a husband and wife CEO "team" that had violent fights. Never again.

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On How to Tell if You’re About to Get Laid Off

Oh.... what about "Your Boss Gets Fired?" And then you do all the boss's work in addition to yours, that's the pattern I've always seen. Upper management comes up with such clever cost cutting measures!

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On It's Not the Clocks That Are the Problem

Clock time when the plate is full, Maker time when it's not. The most productive results occur with a solid six hours of Maker time.

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