On How About Just Don't Do What You Hate?

@totallyunoriginal I got my degree in graphic design and now 80% of what I do is troubleshoot and fix code for websites, so it turns out I do what I hate for a living. Perhaps it is inevitable.

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On Time to Panic About Hazelnuts

@calamity Are hazelnuts and filberts the same thing?

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On Players on the Playa: The Economics of Burning Man

Ugh. Playa dust. Cough, cough.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $490,000

In an effort to match the ballooning real estate of San Francisco, Guerneville now has half million dollar homes? Ouch! Converted vacation cabins in the redwoods: dark and cold. I mean, turn on lights to read the paper at noon and wood fires in July dark and cold.

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On The End of Neighborliness

I consider neighbors that don't introduce themselves creepy. Most of the stories I write are mysteries involving the unspeakable acts of these antisocial misfits. I use their real names.

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

Great lunch bag illustrations! The only thing I miss about Metro North is the sound of the conductor's hole punch. The rest of it I'm grateful not to be in the midst of.

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On The Difficult Task of Putting a Price on Our Pet’s Health

Oh, the picture of little Winston in that cast is priceless. Indeed, it is easy to shell out amazing amounts of money for pet care and I have done it. This changed my attitude about pets. Now I consider keeping a pet similar to imprisoning them and I no longer do so. Zoos are strictly avoided.

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On The Office Drone (A Poem)

Not sure if I agree with the idea of "stimulation" here, but it's a lovely poem.

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On How Much Do Plungers Cost? An Oral History

I just bought one. It cost $3.39 and was worth every penny.

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On Printing & Crying

@jfruh I agree, those inkjet printers are such junk. Laser forever!

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