On Ice Creams of Summer, So Far

Grom is not "good gelato," it is the best gelato. In the world. That's just documented fact. Get the stracciatella and savor every last expensive bite, because it is completely worth it.

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On Once I Wanted to Be the Greatest at 1 Thing

Omg, I just went to do my one thing (activate my new credit card and cut up the old one, before it falls out of the pocket in my purse) and it looks like I lost my damn credit card. Ugh. So now my one thing is to sort that shit out, immediately.

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On Can Financial Change Be Spurred By Gchat Conversations? (A Study)

I find this very heartwarming. Solidarity, you guys.

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On Friday Estimate

I currently have no plans for this weekend and have no idea what we'll be doing. We were supposed to go cross country skiing, but there's not enough snow at the moment, so the weekend is a big question mark. Nonetheless, it's pretty safe to say $50 for groceries and $50 for gas plus maybe $50 if I want to go out. So $150. Or maybe we should seize this opportunity and have a no-spend weekend. (Videogames and hot chocolate, all weekend long.) Will report back, of course.

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On Monday Check-In

This was a solid weekend! Friday we just went home and watched Downton Abbey and it was magical. On Saturday we went to the gym, grocery store ($45), and cupcake bakery ($27). My parents took us to lunch, and my husband bought some peppers at the co-op ($3). Then a lazy afternoon, before going out with a bunch of friends for my birthday. Tons of pizza and booze were consumed at a cost to us of $42. Sunday we got a weirdly extravagant breakfast $50 and then I got my eyebrows waxed ($9.50). And gas, ugh, of course. $48. $224.50. I estimated $175 because I forgot about gas. Stupid gas.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend might be a bit of a birthday extravaganza gluttonfest. I have no real plans tonight, but we should probably hit the grocery store. $50. Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym, and then pick up cupcakes for my birthday. $30. Then lunch with my parents ($0). For the evening we're meeting up with some friends for dinner and then drinks/dancing. I'll say maybe $75 for the two of us? Sunday, nothing. If anything, probably a self-pamper date and breakfast, $20. $175.

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On Monday Check-In

Another weekend with changed plans! Didn't go out on Friday, just went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for Saturday's brunch and other groceries($50). Had to get gas on Saturday ($47). Cupcakes ($5), light dinner out ($36), and the craziest milkshakes I have ever seen ($12) all also happened. Sunday we did some cleaning, but I got super frustrated with some lack of organization and made us go to IKEA immediately to rectify the problems ($120). And then delicious tacos from the truck by IKEA ($12). Very little of that was planned, and without IKEA it would have been $162, better than my $200 predicted. But instead IKEA happened (NEVER AGAIN ON A SUNDAY) and that was a $282 weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

My plans this weekend are pretty nebulous. I have a friend coming tonight and she's running a half marathon tomorrow, and a lot of things are kind of up in the air. Tonight my husband and I may or may not go to a happy hour, for which I'll say $40 in food and drinks. We'll probably need gas ($50). Tomorrow we're tentatively scheduled to go to a friend's house for bunch/tea, and should probably bring some stuff ($40). And then we are also tentatively scheduled to eat a late post-half-marathon lunch with a different friend ($50). If the lunch doesn't pan out, we might meet him for late night drinking. Estimate is accurate either way. That all is a tad crazy, and hopefully I'll be able to take it easy on Sunday, but I may do some self pampering with eyebrow waxing and breakfast ($20). Boo $200. Maybe some of that will not happen/work out cheaper.

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On Monday Check-In

I figured we wouldn't leave the house and would spend little money (predicted only a $75 Sunday grocery run), but we weathered the blizzard differently than expected. Friday night we walked to a bar, which was a super fun adventure. ($44 for a few beers and tip for the heroic staff keeping the place open.) ($0 to watch a drunk neighbor be allowed to drive a cop car in order to get it unstuck.) Saturday we went out walking again, and ended up going to Shake Shack, because it was open and my husband wanted to reward them for being open (his charge, around $23.) Then on Sunday we did the EPIC SHOVELING, during which I accidentally broke our neighbor's plastic shovel, ($48.03 on Amazon to get a replacement and some shovels for us). The anticipated grocery shopping never happened, we had stocked up well enough on Thursday, and it would have been impossible anyways. Total damage at $115.03, which was more than expected, but a seriously great weekend for being in the epicenter of the snowfall accumulations. And no work today! Life is great!

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@This_Rich_Person that makes sense. Thanks for answering!

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