On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell glad you had a good horse show!

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On Monday Check-in

Blew my estimate out of the water this weekend because rugs and curtains are expensive!!! I didn’t spend anything on Friday. Went to the gym, dinner at home, and worked on my bathroom renovation project from hell. On Saturday, my BF and I went yard sailing! We got a book case, a huge flower pot, and a coffee table for $25 ($10 was covered by the BF). We also stopped for a food truck lunch, $13. After that, rode my horse and worked on my bathroom (+ sweat equity $$ I guess!?). Yesterday I bought a rug, 4 curtain panels, and 3 curtain rods for $189. Spent $35 at Lowe’s on plumbing supplies since my toilet and sink are too high now with the new floor to reuse the same piping. Ugh. Then $20 on groceries– hosted a movie night and served nachos and mini pizzas amongst other things, yum. Estimated $100, spent $272.

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On Friday Estimate

@Mercy thanks! The tile is beautiful-- but everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, pretty much, between continuously not having the writing tools, having an allergic reaction to the thinset, and slicing my whole hand open. Then last night with one row left to lay, I realized the door wasnt high enough to clear the tile, so I couldn't finish the last part, and couldn't take the door off the hinges because you're not supposed to step on the tile sooner than 24 hours. UGH! But I'm hoping the project will be finished if only so I can stop complaining about it in weekend estimates, ha!

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On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital

I teared up at work. Hope your parents and Sophie the dog are okay.

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On Friday Estimate

@RiffRandell what are you getting at the tack store? The only thing I miss about working at Huge Internet Tack Company is, well, a discount on tack.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I will be going to the gym and working on a bathroom renovation project which has dragged on and on and on… Tomorrow I’m hoping to attend a Daffodil Fest in Wickford, RI. If we go, it’ll mean spending about $20 on donuts and coffee and lunch. On Sunday, I’m hosting a movie night, so I have to pick up some groceries to make mini pizzas, nachos, and popcorn. Approximately $20. Estimate: $100 in case I end up finding something to buy at the festival.

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On #FightFor15 Stands Up for a Living Wage

@Runawaytwin I was going to ask the same thing. I honestly don't know!

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

@callmeprufrock right. I've only hired two times for two positions, but it came down to a gut feeling in both cases. I wouldn't have interviewed anyone who didn't have the technical skills, but I only hired the two people I would want to work with.

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

@dotcommie oh I can totally see that.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I picked up some Thai for dinner, $26. Also got gas, $30. On Saturday, I went to some estate sales and yard sales. I spent $13 and got a corner shelf and two side tables! Also scored a free snowblower and firewood stands for next winter. Rode my horse after and worked on prepping my bathroom for tile until late. I can never get my boyfriend to help me with things until it's like 9 PM and we are both too tired to put in the effort the project deserves. Yesterday, went to the gym, spent $20 at the grocery store, $13 on a car wash, and $60 at Lowe's on more tiling supplies and tools. Did some yard work, and brought brush to my boyfriend's parents' house which turned into a ruse for staying there for dinner. Went home and worked on the bathroom renovations from 8 PM until 11:30 PM. >:[ Total: estimated $100, spent $162.

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