On A List of Costs Associated With Buying Our Home

@lisaf to be fair, you have to make less than $42,000 a year to qualify-- I would have qualified a year ago but not anymore.

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On A List of Costs Associated With Buying Our Home

@BillfoldMonkey I sold my house last Tuesday, and the buyer had gotten a USDA loan. He didn't have to put any money down, he had a 1% interest rate, and even after his legal fees and closing costs, he walked away from the closing with a house and $2000 cash in his pocket because I agreed to a closing credit. Makes me feel like I have done life all wrong. The only thing he had to pay for out of pocket was the home inspection-- he even borrowed the earnest deposit from a relative and rolled that cost into his mortgage to pay the relative back.

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On Friday Estimate

My boyfriend's niece's birthday is today, so he wants us to drive an hour each way to see her both tonight and Sunday for the actual birthday party (she's 2). I have spent the last 4 or 5 weekends moving in a Northeastern winter hellscape, though, and this week has been crazy at work, so I'd really like to just stay home with or without him. Plus, I won't spend anything if I stay home. On Saturday, I need to ride my horse, get an oil change, go to Lowe's to price out hardwood flooring, and do my taxes. Probably $70 for oil change and lunch. Sunday we have the aforementioned 2nd birthday party. Blah. Hopefully we can squeeze in the gym beforehand. Total: hopefully $100 or less (not counting rent and horse board due on Sunday)

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On Parks and Rec and Money

I love a lot of the clothes they wear on Parks, and I scrounged ebay and bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs hoodie that April wears in the opening credits. I paid $20 for it (used, with a small tear), but it was like $250 new. I can't believe that a character who eats off a frisbee would have a $250 hoodie, unless we are supposed to imagine that she scored it at Good Will?

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On Life Hacks

It's simple, but I got containers from The Container Store to hold my flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc and it's so much neater than having bags of flour spilling all over the cupboard, and when I need those things it's also easier to access them and measure out what I need.

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On Monday Check-in

I finally finished my move from hell! I mean, I still have to stop by tonight and take down curtains and rods but otherwise, all done moving and partially unpacked, even. On Friday evening my boyfriend and I went to grab food out because everything was packed. We ran into two of his friends, and they gave us $30 in Starbucks cards they had won and didn't want or something? Score! My BF paid for dinner but I absolved him of a $10 debt he owed me. I also got gas, $33. On Saturday, we went out for breakfast, $18, then moved crap all day. I spent $10 on lunch. Also, I came down with a cold. Bah. We canceled our plans to go out. Sunday we made breakfast and went to Target and spent $15 each on a new shower curtain and some groceries since we tossed everything before the move. Then we went to the gym and I realized I had forgotten butter, so we stopped for that. $2. Had dinner at my dad's house and watched The Fault in Our Stars which was so badly done and yet I still cried. Total: $88

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On Friday Estimate

TGIF. So cold! Unfortunately for me, the closing on my house got pushed back from today to next Tuesday, so I'm stuck in this crappy limbo of having most of my stuff at my new place but feeling like I need to monitor the old place because of the awful weather conditions. Tonight I'm going straight home to move the last of my stuff to the new place. Also need to do some shoveling. Might grab food out? I also need gas, $30. Saturday I want to ride my horse. Saturday night we are supposed to drive to visit friends an hour away, but they are predicting a few inches of snow. If we do go, I'll probably spend $30 or so. No plans Sunday. Probably need some groceries. $25 Total: $105

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

FYI Nicole, you may be more capable of owning than you think-- I am selling my house right now and the buyers are broke as a joke. They didn’t even have $500 for an earnest deposit and had to borrow it from a friend and are borrowing extra from their mortgage to pay the friend back. They are doing a no-money down USDA loan. It’s worth looking into for people who’d like to own but don’t have the down payment. If these people can do it (they have a household income of like $40k for 2 adults and a kid in Mass), anyone can! I’m sure their mortgage will be less $$ than they currently pay in rent. How they are going to fill the oil tanks, I do not know.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

@Molly totally! And you'll have more equity when the time comes to get something else. Also, it is actually REALLY hard to agree on a house with a significant other.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

@BillfoldMonkey it's all good! I bought a house as a single lady and now my partner lives with me and I'm buying a bigger house. I'm buying the bigger house by myself because the relationship isn't there yet, but he could always buy in later if he chooses. Or I could rent the house out and buy another place with him. Or sell it and buy yet another house. There's no reason to despair, and nothing wrong with having solo equity!

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