On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks everyone!

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On Friday Estimate

Big day for me! It's my last day at my job that I've been at for 5 years. I was a little sad at first, because the company is related to my passion, but now I can't wait to moonwalk out of here. They know I'm leaving because I have had the same title and have only received tiny cost of living raises over the past 5 years despite having taken on tons and tons of responsibilities. Then two days ago they promoted the file clerk we hired 3 weeks ago, and she now has a better title than me, even though she will be doing less than I do (did) and is far less qualified than I am. (billfold livejournal) (needed to rant) Anyway, tonight I plan on staying in. I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is really cramping my style. Saturday, depending on how my neck is feeling, I might ride my horse and/or go to the gym. I need gas, $45. Then we're supposed to go to Brass Union in Somerville (you know, if any of the other Somerville MA Billfold peeps want to meet up!). So I might spend $20 there since I'm a cheap date. Sunday, I have no plans aside from doing crafts, because Monday I start my new job at the global headquarters of a household name brand which happens to be mere minutes away from my home. yay! Total: $75 (gave myself a little wiggle room)

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@garli Are you in Savannah or something? I can't guess from your clues.

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On Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

@nell My company (also in New England) does this, too! They do the party in the middle of January after the holidays calm down (since the holidays are the busy time for this particular business, as well).

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On Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

My current company has a big party every year, usually at wedding-type venues with passed apps, free drinks (a limited number because liability), activities, big prizes, etc. This year the party is on a harbor cruise boat. I am leaving the company after Friday and will miss it, so I'm curious what my new company (a slightly bigger company) might do. In addition to that, my department has always had a department-only (10ish people) dinner at a decent restaurant. Even though I'm leaving, my old department is still letting me come, which is cool.

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On Simulating Wealth and Poverty in Junior High

I went to Nature's Classroom, and also did that Underground Railroad thing. I went as a 4th grader, though, and I don't think I was old enough to understand the racial ramifications of the exercise.

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On Holiday Shopping Check-In: Chatting about Progress and Perfect Gifts

@zeytin I can totally relate to this! My boyfriend's family (also all adults) are big on gift exchanging, but they pretty much just end up swapping $50 gift cards between them all. I pointed out how ridiculous this was and he didn't seem to see a problem with it. However, since we've been dating, I've procured his gifts for his family and he totally takes all the credit, even for his mom's birthday last year when I found a great rain jacket for her to wear on her motorcycle and he just paid me back for it...

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On Monday Check-in

I was hoping for a quiet weekend and didn't get one, but what would a December weekend be without running around from one thing to another constantly? Friday my boyfriend and I went to the gym, made pizza at home, and watched a movie. I spent $30 at the grocery store on baking supplies which will become homemade Christmas gifts. I also spent $45 on gas. On Saturday, we had lunch with my boyfriend's parents at their house and then I spent the rest of the afternoon baking because we were invited to an impromptu dinner party by a friend who was in town for the weekend. I actually came out ahead there because the Yankee swap gift I received was way better than the one I gave, ha! On Sunday, I had my book club/Christmas cookie swap (my cookies were Italian Anisette cookies). After book club, I went to the gym, went to CVS where I spent $10 on makeup and shampoo, and then Michael's where I spent another $10 on craft supplies for my aforementioned homemade Christmas gifts. Oh, and I spent $5 on a jar of pesto sauce to go with dinner and a bag of candy because I was hangry by that point. Total: $100

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On Holiday Shopping Check-In: Chatting about Progress and Perfect Gifts

@garli This is genius! I kept trying to get my dude to either set a super low limit of like $20, or just opt out altogether and travel somewhere for the holiday weekend, but I failed in convincing him. Maybe next year... For everyone else I try to do fancy but homemade stuff. It still costs me money in materials, but it's a lot cheaper, and more meaningful, and I usually make things that can they can enjoy, use up, and then be done with. I hate material clutter. That said, thanks to someone on this site pointing out the Kate Spade sale last weekend, I bought my mom a really nice Kate Spade purse. She is in her 50s and has never had a nice bag. It's time for to carry something that's not from Target.

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