On Two Weddings, One Summer

Yeah, the no veg option on the menu is kind of wack! I've never been to a wedding that didn't have like, a cheese ravioli option at least. Going to wedding #3 of the year tomorrow; I have been my boyfriend's +1 to all of them. Aside from buying dresses, they have at least been low-cost for me.

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina It sounds nice and low-key! Enjoy!

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina hahaha! Thanks for the idea, my boyfriend will be amused by this. It's not a cattle drive type dude ranch-- you go on multiple shorter excursions for a couple hours at a time, which will be better for my non-rider boyfriend. They have so much other stuff to do too! You can ride as much as you want, and there's also hiking, swimming (a lake and also an indoor pool), a spa, paintball, several boats you can use (speed boats, kayaking, pontoon boats), wine tastings, rodeos to watch, a gym, a bar, tennis courts, etc. So we'll have plenty to do, though I plan on mostly riding!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

This is my second time checking in, and my first time having numbers to compare! Paying off a Citi Card: End of July 2014: $2688.25 End of August 2014: $ 2437.62 So that's a $250 decrease in balance. I had a few unexpected expenses come up this month, so it's less than I had hoped, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

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On Friday Estimate

We are actually going to a DUDE RANCH this weekend (!!!), but because of a wedding on Saturday (I hate when people have weddings on long weekends), we can't leave until Sunday, and will be returning on Wednesday night. Tonight I have to buy a dress for the wedding-- hopefully that'll be under $50. I tried on all the options in my closet last night hoping to make do with something I already have, but everything is outdated or doesn't fit well. UGH! It's my boyfriend's friend's wedding, so he'll handle the gift. I do however need to buy a birthday gift for my boyfriend's mom, $20 (a $10 bottle of wine and some chocolates and some framed photos of their family I took back in July). Saturday we have the wedding, hopefully I won't spend much. Sunday, we have to have brunch with my boyfriend's mom (urgh) before we can leave on our mini dude ranch vacation. Then, dude ranch!!! I owe $300 for my half (it's all inclusive) plus I'll probably spend $40 on gas, $10 on tolls, and maybe $20 at the cash bar while we're there. Total: $440. It's really only $140 in my mind though, because I've already saved up/budgeted for the cost of the dude ranch. Have a great long weekend, everyone!

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

@Megano Can you elaborate? Never having lived anywhere else, I'm curious to hear firsthand how it works in Canada.

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks I am kind of old school and tend to steer clear of them. I've heard saddle experts say that changeable gullet systems result in a saddle that basically doesn't fit any horse well.

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic I extreme coupon at CVS to the point where I haven't paid for shampoo, tampons, makeup, etc for over a year, but I don't have that kind of stockpile built up. I'll buy a few months' worth and then buy more when it's out. Also, I can never get out of Panera for less than $12-13, so good for you on only spending $7.50!

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks @nnlsbin Thanks!!!

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On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell So, what's the saddle status? I just went through this last spring with my mare and it was a nightmare (no pun intended). Ended up with a used Prestige saddle.

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