On Friday Estimate

My work gives us half days every Friday all summer and today is the first! So exciting! I plan on riding my horse and then I need boring stuff like mulch and potted perennials from Lowes. $50. Also need to grab some groceries as we will be having a house guest. Will spend Saturday gardening and stuff, and then my friend is visiting from California for a night. I'll probably cook us all dinner and then we are going into Cambridge for dancing. $20 for cover and a drink. No plans yet for Sunday or Monday. We are trying to decide between a day trip to Wickford, RI, Provincetown, MA, or Nantucket for Sunday. Estimate: $150

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On The Cost of Dealbreakers While Making Travel Plans

I went to Italy in summer and remember it being comfortable. I think your friend is being ridiculous, frankly. I would be all indignant and pissy if I were in your shoes, but it’s common Billfold knowledge that Mike Dang is practically a saint, and also, this is why I personally just don't travel with friends. :) My biggest priorities when traveling are safety and keeping costs under control, and obviously a hotel’s proximity to where I want to be is important. Any other amenities are just a bonus!

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic Lawn on D is pretty cool, if only for the light up tire swing-type swings they have to spin around on :) they have lawn games and food trucks too!

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic omg, all my friends left the Lawn on D to go to Whiskey Priest this weekend too! And actually we walked by it around 6 PM on a roundabout way back to South Station. A Billfold near encounter!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I got gas for my car ($35) and went to the gym. Grabbed groceries ($14) and made pizzas at home. On Saturday, I had to be up super early to drop my truck off at the dealership because of some recalls. My boyfriend picked me up and treated me to some donuts and coffee from an amazing shop straight out of the 60s that was near the dealership. We also grabbed some groceries while we were out, $8 for my share. I did some yard sailing after that, and bought a silk blouse for $1 and a cool mosaic glass tray for $3. Later on, my BF and I took the commuter rail into Boston ($20) and walked to Chinatown. We had dumplings and duck buns ($20), and walked to South Boston for an outdoor music thingie before taking the train back. Spent another $25 at South Station on a turkey sandwich and a beer because we were hungry again by that point. Such a ripoff. Kind of disappointed at how much I spent during this little outing that didn't turn out to be that fun. I didn't spend anything on Sunday. We went out for Del's lemonade, I rode my horse, and we worked in the yard. Total: $126

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On How a Librarian With a Daily Spending Limit Does Money

I'm just excited that I recognized the photo of Montreal before I confirmed that it was actually Montreal! I like the last part too. I struggle with that.

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On Friday Estimate

Hmm, let's see. I've been putting off getting gas, so I'll need to do that tonight. $40. Need to buy some naan from the grocery store to make pizzas tonight, $10. Tomorrow my car is getting some recalls fixed on the dealership's dime-- but there is definitely a cost to having to waste a beautiful spring morning sitting at the dealership! Grr. Might go out to breakfast while I wait, $10. In the afternoon, we will take the train into Boston ($20) for a free outdoor music festival (at the Lawn on D, for other Bostonians who may be interested) and will surely end up eating dumplings in Chinatown, $20. I don't have plans yet for Sunday, but I'm hoping for a low key day. Total: $100

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On A New Way to Work From Home: Telecommute Into a Robot Body

This was totally an underrated Bruce Willis movie called The Surrogate back in like 2007.

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On Monday Check-in

@ATF oddly enough, we live outside the city on a commuter rail line, so when we do come into the city, we ALWAYS eat in Chinatown. I guess because we can't get non-American food out in the 'burbs. We usually go to either Dumpling Cafe or Dumpling House, I can't remember which! Can you recommend somewhere different for next time?

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On Monday Check-in

@RiffRandell didn't you buy your other trailer fairly recently? Are you upgrading?

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