On Monday Check-in

@Stina We are actually looking for a home, but we knew this home was well out of our price range. It was still nice to tour a spectacular antique home, though, despite the lack of refreshments.

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On Monday Check-in

Had a great weekend! Friday: My boyfriend and I went to the gym, made pizzas, and watched a movie at home. Heaven! I spent $30 on groceries. Saturday: I rode my horse, then my boyfriend and I went to a birthday cookout for a friend in Somerville MA. Hit awful traffic on the way there so it took us 2 hours to get there. We had to leave after not-very-long because we had tickets to a play an hour and a half away. We hit awful traffic getting there so we had to get tacos for dinner instead of the fancy tapas we had planned, but oh well. We had a wonderful time at the play (The Sound of Music!) and my boyfriend picked up the tab for dinner, tickets, and our after-dinner espresso martinis. Lovely date! Sunday: went to the gym, went to an open house in hopes of free cookies (there were none), and went to a birthday party for my cousin's son. Filled up my gas tank, $50. I ended up finding an awesome bubble gun for the birthday boy, and gave my cousin a bottle of wine we already had as a housewarming gift, so I only spent $4, YES! Then spent another $6 on random grocery items. We strolled around quaint Plymouth, MA, after the party and checked out some antique shops. Fun weekend! Total: $90. Right on the money with the budget!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights oh, good call, and I bet I could get one at the dollar store for cheap! Thanks!

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On Friday Estimate

Another busy weekend in store for me! Tonight: unless something enticing comes up, the bf and I will be lifting weights at the gym, grocery shopping, and watching a movie at home. Aww yeah. Groceries should run about $20, I presume. Saturday: I have a friend's birthday cookout an hour away from me in Boston, then I have to drive 1.5 hours back past my house to the south coast of MA to see a production of The Sound of Music for which I had received tickets for my birthday. Gas + dinner before the show + untold stress from driving around the state this much: I dunno, $40? Sunday: I'll be going to a horse show in the morning to watch a friend's horse compete, then attending a cookout at my cousin's house for his son's 2nd birthday. I guess I should get my cousin a housewarming gift and something for the kid, too? Dang. $25 or so. What should I get for a 2 year old? Total: $85, plus I'll probably buy a few coffees, so let's make it $90.

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On How Long Did It Take You to Earn the Average Starting Salary of Graduates from Your College?

Boston University-- avg starting salary $48,000. Thanks to bonuses and OT, I passed that for the first time this year, after 4.5 years out of school. My base salary has a ways to go though. I have also turned down offers from other companies that were well over that for company culture/lifestyle reasons.

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On When You're Not Saving Enough to Retire at 65

@samburger I bought my home in cash and then it more than doubled in value 3 years later. Does this fall in the dumb luck category? Utilities, insurance, and taxes still run me about $1000 a month so sometimes I'm not sure if I'm really doing better than I would if I just rented a crappy place in my area, since things break and I have to mow my lawn.

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On Link Round-Up: Index Funds; Women-Oriented Companies Run By Men Because #Patriarchy

I work at a company geared towards a female-centric sport. On my floor, there are probably 150 people, and 143 of them are women! Because many of the women here are in the 25-35 range, there are always several pregnant women at any given time, and yet we don't have pregnancy parking a la Lean In. And because the company is growing so fast, you often have to park down the street. We also have no female executives even though the original founder was a woman and a feminist. I also feel like our hours are fairly inflexible and our maternity leaves are the standard 12 weeks (6 of them unpaid). Most of the women here, even women who have worked here for 5 or 10 years, don't return from maternity leave or come back and leave shortly after. I'm guessing this is due to our mandatory 9 hour workday? That's a long time to leave a 3 month old at daycare. I did just help start a women's leadership group here though, and we have about 50 members, so that's cool. We also have free tampons in the bathrooms.

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On Our Attempt at a $20-a-Day Budget

Hi Emily! It's Emily. I enjoyed your article. I was wondering, too, if you carry over anything not spent one day to the next day, or if you reset back to $20 each day and save whatever wasn't spent the previous day?

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On Family Plan Shame

I'm on a family plan with my mom and I'm 26. My stepdad passed a couple years ago and it's cheaper for both her and I to have one plan instead of paying separately for two. I send her my portion of the bill ($75) every month.

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On Monday Check-in

@ThatJenn sorry for your loss, and that you have to reschedule your trip.

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