On Friday Estimate

I'm STILL in the process of packing/moving so I plan to work on that this weekend. Not much planned, plus we are due to get a bunch of snow in New England this weekend, so I'm going to estimate $30. I have to pay my horse's board, mortgage, and quarterly property taxes on Monday which will be...a lot of $$$ at once. Ugh. And I also have to pay rent at the apartment we are moving to but my closing for my house isn't until Feb 20th, so I will be paying for both. Double ugh.

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On City vs. Suburb

Cities are such a hassle! Used to live in Boston, now live/own a house in the rural suburbs of southeastern MA. I now enjoy gardening, hiking, riding horses, and playing with my dog. I do not miss crowds, public transportation, traffic, or inflated grocery prices. I make less money than someone doing the same job in Boston, sure, but my cost of living is so much disproportionately lower that I make out better financially. And I can drive 40 minutes to Boston to go out to dinner or see shows easily, or even take a train from my town for $20 round trip.

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On Monday Check-in

Guys, for the first time ever since I started checking in, I spent $0 this weekend. Ate food we had at home and spent the whole weekend packing and schlepping stuff a storage container in preparation for a move in two weeks. Gotta stock up on gas and groceries tonight in preparation for the huge storm, though...

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison that's sort of how I feel about it :(

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On Friday Estimate

@fletchasketch totally fine and reasonable! I doubt people will even notice. Beer is beer.

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On Friday Estimate

I really need to spend the weekend packing and moving stuff to storage. I sold my house and closing is Feb 20th, and I can't take any time off of work to move. AAAHH! And we are moving to a small temporary apartment until I buy a new house, so we can't bring everything. And my boyfriend isn't really helping since the house is/was mine and most of the furniture is mine!? Apparently his sister and her baby are coming over for a sleepover tonight while I pack, and then Saturday we have a party to go to. I also need to ride and go to the gym, but those are free. I'll give myself a budget of $40 for whatever comes up, but really, I shouldn't be doing anything other than eating food from my pantry and packing and schlepping stuff to storage. :(

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On Monday Check-in

I was off yesterday and spent way too much this weekend! Friday-- cooked at home and stayed in! Saturday-- rode my horse and met up with an old colleague for drinks and apps. $35 Sunday-- spent $10 on a prescription because my new FSA card hasn't arrived yet, grr. And another $10 at CVS on new toothbrushes and deodorant. And then $35 on gas (for 16 gallons-- holy cheap). We had thai with the in-laws on Sunday night and they paid. Monday-- ran errands. Spent $12 at Michael's for painting supplies, $15 on lunch, and then $12 or so on a coffee date with a friend. And $14 on a shirt which I'm going to return this week. Total: $129

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On Friday Estimate

I've been on a bad online shopping spree lately. Nothing crazy-- a clearance winter coat from Cabela's and some cardigans-- but I'm feeling guilty and want to spend as little as possible to compensate. I will probably need gas, $35 ($2.15 a gallon here!). My BF wants to get sushi with his family tonight, ($20). Saturday and Sunday I have no real plans. I want to do some painting. Maybe start packing up my house since I'm selling it. Closing is at the end of Feb but I have massive anxiety about it. Maybe another $20 to be safe? Total: $75 but hopefully less!

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On Monday Check-in

Estimated $50, went a little over. I spent $40 on a haircut on Saturday which came out awesome. Then I went to Ocean State Job Lot which is a wonderful regional discount store in New England. I returned $10 worth of leggings, but then spent $36 on four new towels and spices and a shirt and a sports bra. I’m returning a couple of those things tomorrow though so I’ll be down to $16. Then I picked up milk and coffee and some veggies at the grocery store so that was another $20. Sunday I went to my book club but didn’t spend any money. And watched my girl Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes. Total: $86 with $20 worth of stuff being returned tomorrow. So, $26 over my estimate.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I'm hitting the gym and maybe a house party (which I'm not excited about). Tomorrow, looking at a house in the AM, maybe starting to pack, riding my horse, and getting a haircut in the afternoon ($40). Sunday, I'm looking at another house, then I have book club which is an hour away. Hopefully I'll have time to get to the gym afterwards. Total: $50

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