On Here is Your Open Thread

@theotherginger They are just doing the Powerball thing, but I'm being hit up for $2 a couple times a week to join the pool, and I don't really want to do it but also don't want to be the one person who DOESN'T do it (especially if they actually won). Argh.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

What are everyone's thoughts on office lottery pools? My department is doing them multiple times a week now and I'm feeling a bit resentful.

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On Good Enough Homes and Destinations: What You Get For $300,000

I can't believe the realtor for the last one took the photos with all that clutter. Yikes.

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On Friday Estimate

FRIDAY! My boyfriend and I are going to a fancy cocktail birthday party in Newport, RI tonight. My friend is throwing it as a surprise for her boyfriend's 30th. I'll probably spend about $10 on drinks (I'm driving) and I need gas ($40). I bought her boyfriend a 6-pack of nice beer and some chocolate last night. I had no idea what else to get him! Saturday: I need to go to the gym, and ride my horse. Don't have anything else planned though. Sunday: I might go trail riding with a new friend. I'll offer to throw her some gas money for hauling my horse. Total estimate: $75

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

I got a pair of Coach ballet flats for $3 at a yard sale last weekend. The dream is alive.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

I struggle so hard with whether to expense things! For example, my work often sends me to the post office. I drive a truck, and it's like 10 miles round trip. And it's totally expense-able, and I think that works out to be a $5 mileage reimbursement for each time, but I feel so petty making an expense report for $5, but also, $5 of gas means more to me than it does to my company!? Argggh. My boss is actually the one who approves expense reports, but I am being trained on taking that over. Apparently we do not reimburse for things like magazines, etc, at the airport, and we do have lots of guidelines on what constitutes "reasonable" expenses. I am not looking forward to having to email people and say, "Nope, sorry, not paying for all the booze you had at the trade show."

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks I was extremely lucky that all of this was *my size* too! I will probably try to re-sell the Coach purses on eBay, though. I love a good hustle more than a good vintage bag. :/

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: My boyfriend and I went to the mall. I wanted a couple of new fall clothing items. I spent $26. Saturday: I lifted weights in the morning, rode my horse, and stopped at a yard sale. I got a Coach wallet, a Coach clutch, Coach ballet flats, a new pair of Sperrys, a bagful of designer clothes with the tags still on, a Jack Wills satchel that my boyfriend has already claimed, and a gorgeous blazer, all for $30. After that, went to a polo match in Newport, RI and tailgated. It cost $12 to get in, but I didn't spend anything else while there. The USA lost to Singapore. Sunday: There was a huuuge yard sale the next town over, so after my good scores the day before, I decided to check it out. I did end up getting a candle holder for $1, but nothing else. I also got a fried dough ($2). From there, I helped my aunt deliver food to a homeless shelter with my truck. I had to fill up on gas ($39), but my aunt gave me $20, which I felt bad taking, but also I drove 150 miles round trip to help her in a not-very-fuel-efficient truck. :/ I also spent $4 on an iced coffee. Stopped at Whole Foods on the way home because there aren't any near where I live, and spent $13 there on cereals and chocolates. Total: $127. I estimated $60, I think, but I hadn't planned on all the amazing yard sale scores!

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On How to Work as an Extra and Regret Doing It

Ha, this was great. Tangentially related: I briefly dated a PA who was likely working on one or both of these sets, and since he was kind of a bleh human, I smugly enjoyed picturing him whenever you mentioned eye-rolling, extra-despising PAs.

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On Friday Estimate

Ugh, been in spreadsheet hell all morning so I haven't been able to log in. Today: I want to go to the gym and the mall after work, but don't plan on spending more than $20. Tomorrow: going to a polo match. It costs $12 to get in. Sunday: I have to help my aunt bring a food delivery to a local homeless shelter. Don't have much else planned. Estimate: between gas, coffee, and incidentals, I'd like to keep it under $60.

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