On Friday Estimate

@ATF Sweet Cheeks is so good!

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Yeah, you totally can't go wrong with fresh flowers and a bottle of wine for the host.

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On Friday Estimate

Hmm, does anyone else think that Mike Dang's instagram followers probably just increased tenfold? No? Just me? Today: I just spent a bunch of money at my workplace because they're giving us a special holiday discount, but I mostly stocked up on stuff I'd have bought anyway, so I'm not counting it. Don't care! My bf and I are seeing The Hunger Games later. $10-20 depending on who pays. Tomorrow: Coffee shop in the AM, $6. Riding my horse, free (hahaha-- the "free" is hilarious after reading that NYT article yesterday. I just calculated that my cost per ride is like $66). Then I have to bake something, and vacate my house by 3 PM because my realtor is doing a showing. And then I have a ladies night/sex toy party in the evening which I regret RSVP'ing to. A sex toy could mess up my estimate! Sunday: gloriously, nothing planned, though I do need some moisturizer. Omg, the air has been so dry. $15. I also need gas. $40 Total: $100. Leaving myself a cushion for the aforementioned ladies night...

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On Friday Estimate

@VelourFog hmm...what about a cool wine opener? I love this one: http://www.amazon.com/Antique-Reproduction-Mermaid-Bottle-Opener/dp/B002F5EG6C

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On "The Cost of 'Daddy I Want a Pony'" as Experienced by Josh

@LookUponMyWorks Yep, I pay $600 a month for full board which is mid-range for my area (south of Boston; there are places that charge $1200 a month too), but if I wanted to board her in a pasture or rough board situation, I could cut my costs in half-- but I choose to stay at the barn close to my house with an indoor arena. Also, I know tons of people who just take lessons, half-lease horses, keep their horses in their yards, etc at a fraction of the cost. My best friend works off her lease by mucking stalls on Saturday mornings.

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On "The Cost of 'Daddy I Want a Pony'" as Experienced by Josh

I have a pony! I could totally do a feature on the cost of horse ownership-- I've had the same horse for 14 years. Got her when I was 12 and I'm 26 now. Also I work at a company that sells horse supplies, so all of this is extra hilarious to me since it's basically my whole life. "Horse poor" is a thing, although the costs in the NYT article are really inflated. My horse costs about $800 a month for everything, and my current employer subsidizes a percentage.

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On Building a Better Pancake

I was always a Bisquick gal, but my boyfriend's sister made pancakes from scratch one time and it was the best thing I ever tasted. I had made my own cinnamon honey butter so we put that on top and oh man, delicious. I want pancakes now.

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On Friday Estimate

@miette I love, love, love Palm Springs!

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On ACA, IRA, 401(K): Got a Burning Question? Ask Us!

I'm changing jobs. What do I do with my old 401k?

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On Monday Check-in

@Tripleoxer oh darn, just remembered I spent $16 on groceries on the way there so I could make snacks for everyone (mmm cheesy crack bread). Real total: $77.75

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