On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

@serverburner In my server experience, the customers who become unreasonable and entitled ("what do you mean we can't have 15 separate checks after sitting here for four hours ordering drinks for each other?") are looking for reasons to not leave a decent tip. There is nothing worse than a large party of people who have clearly never in their lives had service industry jobs and assume they can just snap their fingers, literally, and get whatever they want. Do the math yourselves, people!

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On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

@Beans Yes! I try to remember to stop at an ATM on the way to dinner when I'm meeting people, and when I don't I nearly always regret it. Even though I have terrific reasonable friends who don't try to make the person who only had a salad pay for those glasses of wine... It's just so much easier to throw in cash.

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On Talking Dirty to Your Creditors

This is a terrible idea for all the reasons everyone else has already given, plus one more: if they can't get the debtor to talk to them, sometimes collections people start calling relatives! (Which does not seem like it ought to be at all legal.) My parents and I received many calls from a credit card company trying to collect from my ex-sister-in-law, well after she and my brother divorced and none of us had any contact with her. Presumably her creditors had given up on trying to reach her and started bugging everyone who shared her last name and former address (She must have opened the account while she and my brother were living with my parents, whose house was also my legal address for a year or two at one point during that marriage).

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@mintjulips In my last job, it meant "we know you are overqualified for this job and it is high time we promoted you, but it would damage our fragile senses of self too much to have you bear the exact same title as someone who has been here longer."

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On How 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Does Money

@Ester Bloom I think the main thing this really BAD book tapped into is the fantasy that a guy with limitless money and power will magically smooth over all the difficulties in one's life, in exchange for nothing more taxing than BDSM as imagined by a 7th grader who possibly saw the cover of STORY OF O in a video store once.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@goodtimesnoodlesalad People on television shows also seldom go to work unless it is a plot point. I've lived in or visited enough smaller cities, where the industry I work in barely exists, to know I would not be able to have the life there I have in New York -- where I am not a character on a sitcom.

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On The Cost of Owning a Pit Bull in the City, Pt. 1

@Runawaytwin There are at least three I know of living where I do (including my own pit mix), and without a doubt the most badly behaved dog in the building is a tiny maltese who tries to attack all the bigger dogs. Thankfully there are plenty of people who have finally realized there isn't any such thing as an "always dangerous" breed of dog.

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On Folks Sure Do Have Strong Opinions About Kennedy Weddings

How delightful that a number of people apparently believe that Cheryl Hines was actually married to Larry David. Tribute to her acting ability, and epic reading comprehension fail...

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On A Brief History of Being Unhappy at Work

@hershmire Having recently fled a dead-end job working for a simply terrible supervisor, I think it is easier to work with good people, no matter what. Even if I had loved what I was doing, there was no way I could continue coping with the environment.

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On Canada Reminds Man Of Better Times

@HelloTheFuture Assuming you were "allowed" to have the job, since a man would be hired before you, and any man working alongside you would probably be promoted before you. Sigh. Women do not really have any Good Old Days.

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