On The Week We Began Weighing the Beans

I don't weigh the beans or "rinse the paper taste" out of the filter, and the coffee I make in my Chemex is still WAY better than any drip or press or any other thing I have ever used. That thing is just magic.

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On 'Dad's Resume'

@JNC Musings Factory Those comments were terrific (so used to seeing trollish stuff on newspaper's websites). Bernie struck me as a bit clueless, and I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one wondering about this stuff.

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On Your Bosses Think They Work Longer Than You Do

@bgprincipessa The horrible time management thing is the worst. Reminds me of a supervisor I have had who consistently comes in late and spends half the day not doing anything recognizable as work, and then throws out this martyred "I work nights, I work weekends" as justification for asking something ridiculous of the staff. We're all working 35-40 hours...but most of us are doing it during the time the office is actually open for business.

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On Navigating The Time-Honored Gray Area of "Date Or Business Meeting?"

There is nothing less sexy than Business English, the language of out of touch, unimaginative, middle managers.

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On Things I Wish I'd Known Before Plunging Blindly Into My Role as a Manager

I've worked for allegedly "experienced" managers who haven't a clue about any of this. 2, 5 and 6, in particular...

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On Revolting Interns

Is there any way unpaid internships at for-profit companies can be anything but disgraceful? Unless the intern is constantly yoked to a paid employee/mentor (whose job performance might possibly suffer as a result of this workplace teaching gig), it is nearly always just a way to get someone to do all the dull crap no one else wants to do for free.

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On Questionable Mailer Sent By Bank

@Slutface Exactly. Revolting predatory lenders aside for the moment, I'm so tired of this "if you rent you might as well flush your money down the toilet" argument. People who rent are paying for a roof over their heads and the services that come with it (my building super is probably a rarity, but he shows up when he says he will and is a genuine handyman). And when they want to move, all they have to do is pack and give notice. Ownership is not for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that.

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On A Contractor Gets Fired for Voicing an Opinion

@garysixpack He wasn't just a "consultant" he was working as their grant writer, representing the organization to funders. A policy that is antithetical to the organization's stated mission directly effects his ability to fundraise, so speaking up about it wasn't exactly out of line with his role. Not to mention, calling out a racist jerk is NEVER wrong -- taking a stand against someone awful is more important than a paycheck.

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On Unpaid Interns Speak Out for Having to Carry Books to Bookstore

@Leigh There is a huge difference between an unpaid internship in which a student is supervised and working as part of a team with experienced people providing mentorship, and an unpaid internship in which a student is given tasks to perform that would normally be undertaken by a paid employee that often have no "educational" value (i.e., doing data entry alone in an empty office all day). People who are providing the former will never have a problem. People doing the latter, especially in a for-profit industry, are being flat-out exploitative.

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On Unpaid Interns Speak Out for Having to Carry Books to Bookstore

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