On Can't Take It With You, #1: Sarah Wambold, Funeral Director (Plus, Hello!)

@Becca Cloyd Fair point about that word choice! I maybe should've fleshed that out a little more. Here's an attempt... Very generally what I meant by "kind of bullshit" is that the traditional funeral home thing isn't so "traditional" at all—many elements that seem kind of de rigueur, and which are often pushed by funeral homes, are fairly modern developments that have more to do with the industrialization of death and dying than any practical or spiritual concerns. What we think of now (in mainstream American society) as "how funerals are done" is a fairly recent thing, including idea of "funeral homes" themselves (even just a few generations back, most funerals—and most deaths, actually—happened in private homes). So there's a lot that's sold (and bought) under the guise of "traditional" that just... isn't. (This isn't to make anyone feel bad about choices they've made or may make in the future, of course—this stuff is, ultimately, really personal—just speaking generally.) There are tons of alternatives to the "traditional" funeral and hopefully future columns will get all up in there! For now, the green burial cemetery Wambold works at, Eloise Woods, has a really informative general FAQ page, if you want to check it out: http://eloisewoods.com/faq.html

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