On Employee Discounts

I get this all the time as an AT&T employee. I've tried to make my job description clear by saying "I'm a project manager who works with hotels to upgrade their wi-fi networks." Everyone I meet just asks me if I can fix their cellphones though.

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On 'How many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords before somebody says, we're shutting you down?'

I wish the Banking Committee met every day just so I could see her grilling these guys more often. I love how her experience as a professor allows her to cut right through their bullshit when the won't answer a question.

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On Feel No Shame. Re-Wear Your Halloween Costume From Last Year

Oh, I'm the king of this. The last two years I wore a Long John Silver's pirate hat a coworker gave me that said, "I threw boring overboard." I doctored it up with white out and permanent marker to say, "I blew every boy at Long John Silver's" and was a butt pirate for a few years. I finally threw that out but got a last minute invitation to a coworkers party just this week. I'm going to just wear a kind of gay t-shirt that day, leave my pant leg rolled up and keep my bike purse on after I ride down there. I'll be a gay bike messenger.

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On Let’s All Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October Check-In

I paid off a bunch of debt with the 25 hrs of OT I worked! Visa September - $1265.50 Visa Today - $0.00 Buuut I'm gonna drop $950 in car repairs on it tomorrow morning. It did feel good to be debt free for a while though!

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On There Are Jobs, but Not Well-Paid Ones

@stuffisthings I guess they'd just tell you to start your own business and become a job creator if you don't like your current setup. Which is all well and good as a soundbite but I'd like to see the America made up of 300 million small businesses.

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On Things I'll Give Up for Free Internet Access in My Hotel Room

@jfruh I've thought about this for a while and I don't really get it. It must work otherwise they'd change the model. To talk completely out of my ass I would say that they know that people that can afford to spend more on a hotel are more willing to spend on internet. Another (completely unsupported) guess is that people that can/are willing to spend more on a hotel are older maybe? They may not demand or expect free internet the same way that younger people might. On a side note, finally a billfold post that I have business experience in!

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On Things I'll Give Up for Free Internet Access in My Hotel Room

@Megano! It's a nickel and diming thing. Like I mentioned below they only charge in their more expensive hotels. They assume (and rightly so) that people that can afford to stay at the full service brands will be willing to shell out for internet.

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On Things I'll Give Up for Free Internet Access in My Hotel Room

About Hilton, only the top tier full service brands (Doubletree, Hilton Hotels and Embassy Suites) charge for internet. Their other ones (Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood) all have free access (this is mandated by Hilton BT-Dubs). Sooo, you could totally get free internet in exchange for a few of those amenities. ALSO, I'm not sure on the specifics but most Hilton hotels have an agreement with AT&T at this point that allows AT&T customers to get free access, so ask about that if you have them for wireless service.

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On Free Things My Neighbors Give Away

@stuffisthings Also, check if your grocery stores sell spices in bulk. I used to hate having to buy new spices but when I discovered the bulk section at my HEB it was a godsend. I've never spent more than $0.50 to get about a 14 cup of whatever stray spice I need for a recipe. I think a lot of the price in the prepackaged spices are the cost of shipping the packaging around, and also highway robbery.

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On The Best Happy Hour in the World?

That does sound like a great happy hour. My personal best is a gay bar I found in Amsterdam that had a 2 for 1 happy hour that began at 1 AM. I think I went there every night I was in town.

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