On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congrats on your new fiscal burden! (No really, congrats, hope you and the new one and all are doing well.)

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On What's the Most You've Ever Won/Lost Gambling?

I found a $20 on the floor of the Bellagio, took it straight to a blackjack table and wagered it all. I got a 20, the dealer got 21. Easy come, easy go.

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On The Anxiety of Returning Things

I have phobias about a whole range of social activities, but if I pretend I'm doing it on behalf of someone (sibling, parent, close friend) it becomes so much easier. Going to an interview "for my sister" involves a certain amount of mental gymnastics, but it's worth it! I hope. Or I am going to be one heckuva crazy person down the line (or possibly now!).

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On Monday Check-in

@annpan Sorry for all stress you're uneder, but hopefully the mini getaway was helpful!

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On Pre-Nups: Maybe Necessary, Necessary, Offensive, or Harmless?

What, exactly, does a prenup cover? And what if your finances change dramatically?

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

@JtotheBtothe Yes! And even if we all could be engineers or whatever, we'd have an engineering bubble and the engineer market would collapse. It takes a lot of different careers to make the world go 'round.

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

@Dana Cruikshank@facebook Very much in agreement. When I took geometry in high school, doing proofs was the most laborious, hateful thing I could imagine (and having a teacher tell me if I accepted Jesus in my heart I would be a better student didn't help [luckily I didn't go to a religious school, and she was fired for that and other things]) but other things, like art projects based on the golden ratio and fibonacci and fractals were right up my alley.

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

@TrotskyHoldsMyiPod Also, one one two three five, eureka!

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

Mathnet 4 life! ...That is pretty much as mathy as I get these days.

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On On Not Defining Ourselves By What We Are Paid to Do

Unemployed and looking at doing some crap job 'cause the bills got to get paid- I needed this reminder right now.

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