On Susan Miller on Salary Negotiations

I think I accidentally negotiated a higher salary for myself- they asked what I was looking for, and when I gave them a range, they gave me slightly below that range. My coworker uses her pay stubs as scratch paper in the office (not a great idea, but I kind of hate her so I haven't said anything, am I evil?) and I noticed that I have a higher salary than her, and she's been with the company longer. I have mixed feelings about this.

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On In Praise of Non-coworkers

A coworker and I would take a walk on our lunch break, and we soon started to notice the one other walker in the vicinity. (It was a warehouse area, not known for pedestrian traffic.) We soon dubbed him "Friend" and speculated on where he worked, his backstory and so on, but somehown never tried to find a name for him. We neveer exchaanged more than hellos or nice day!, but we were always so happy to see Friend. As you might guess, we workked in a really shitty work environment.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

Okay, I dropped out of these for awhile, at first I was in the middle of moving, then looking for a job, and now I'm just embarrased because everything is going in the wrong direction, except for my student loan. But here goes, even though I don't have the exact figures at hand. Student loan: $1,175. Getting there, I can almost taste success. Credit card: $1,975. Perilously close to the limit. Ugh, erg. But will have some cash next paycheck to get a little breathing room. Moving expenses, owed to bf: $4,000. Oh that makes me want to cry. But it's a zero interest loan, yay! Sort of. Car loan: $14,000? I'm allso embarrassed to admit I don't entirely know at this point. The loan is at 1% through aa family friend, who graciously let me not pay during this time of upheaval. This weekend I have to sit down with my finances, figure out exactly where I am with the loan, and what sort of monthly payment I can afford going further. And also send a a nice card to him, because I am so lucky not to have the loan through a "real" lender. Oof. That was rough, but I feel somewhat purged and cleansed. And depressed, but mostly good to have the numbers down, and know that I can start tackling this.

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On The Fraud Alert Specialist Who Calmed My Nerves

I spent a semester abroad in Russia, and went to Mongolia on my spring break. (Whoo, spring break Mongolia!) Despite the fact that I had notified my bank of my plans to travel, and despite the fact that they were cool with me using it in Russia, Mongolia proved to dubious and they didn't let me use my card there. Luckily, I had enough for traveling expenses, but no cheap (relatively) Mongolian cashmere clothing was to be had. Still bitter.

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On Getting Married and Living on $11 Per Hour

I definitely think there is somthing to be said for marrying when you're both young and struggling, since you pooled your limited resources together right away, and made sacrifices for each other and for your relationship. My bf is established,career-wise, and I am not, which causes issues. So I hope you grow together and are stronger for your earlier struggles.

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On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congrats on your new fiscal burden! (No really, congrats, hope you and the new one and all are doing well.)

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On What's the Most You've Ever Won/Lost Gambling?

I found a $20 on the floor of the Bellagio, took it straight to a blackjack table and wagered it all. I got a 20, the dealer got 21. Easy come, easy go.

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On The Anxiety of Returning Things

I have phobias about a whole range of social activities, but if I pretend I'm doing it on behalf of someone (sibling, parent, close friend) it becomes so much easier. Going to an interview "for my sister" involves a certain amount of mental gymnastics, but it's worth it! I hope. Or I am going to be one heckuva crazy person down the line (or possibly now!).

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On Monday Check-in

@annpan Sorry for all stress you're uneder, but hopefully the mini getaway was helpful!

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On Pre-Nups: Maybe Necessary, Necessary, Offensive, or Harmless?

What, exactly, does a prenup cover? And what if your finances change dramatically?

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