On On Engagement Ultimatums

Not too long ago, I was waaiting for my car to get fixed. My phone was running out of life, so I texted my bf a sarcastic, "great, I'm going to have to read the wedding magazines now." Loooooooong wait, then he replied "Is this a hint?" Errrrrr, no.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

@Katni I spent a semester in Russia, and the Soviet era buildings all worked like that, and I chalked it up to good old Soviet inefficiency. I had no idea it was like that in the US. I was lucky, the apartment I stayed in was on the second floor. My host mother always asked why I didn't use the blankets at night, and didn't believe me when I said I got too hot. Russia!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Question: what happens if you get fired from work for failing a drug test? Is that the sort of thing that would haunt you forever, say if you were applying for government jobs?

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On It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Don’t Do 1 Thing

@garli Just reading that kind of makes me want to cry in the bathroom, and I'm at home. You've probably already completed your mission, but, uh, good luck from the future?

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On So You Want to Quit Your Job and Open a Bar

@Josh Michtom@facebook May curses be heaped on whosoever made liquor licenses be restrictivly spendy. That sounds awesome. And you might get sued, for bad advice or something, but mostly just awesome.

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On So You Want to Quit Your Job and Open a Bar

My boyfriend and I have a semi- serious, but mostly not serious dream of opening a pizzeria named after our dogs. We'd also brew a few beers. Mostly, we want to design a cute logo that would feature our dogs. Our dogs are adorable.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Does anyone have tips for writing KSAs? Not the generic stuff that is already on the internet, but some real life stories of triumph or such not?

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On She Wore a Raspberry 1 Thing

@garli Pizza first, then shopping!

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On She Wore a Raspberry 1 Thing

I did it! I got cash to pay my coworker, who runs a lawn business on the side. The yard was... not good. Question: do I tip him? He charged me more than he estimated, but he emphasized it was a rough estimate (having not seen the awfulness of the yard). And he did a good job, so I am not unhappy about paying him more than anticipated. And I work with him, and tips are apparently a thing that people are confused about, so on... is it customary? I've never paid someone to do my lawn before.

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On The Cost of Getting Hit By a Car

So sorry. I almost got hit in a crosswalk. I really thought the driver of the car had seen me (and in any case, I had the walk signal and they were making a turn) and as the driver screeched to a halt before almost hitting me, the dude flipped me off, and said a few choice obscenities. I was so surprised by the whole situation I couldn't react, which annoys me to this day. The main point, though, is for the bystanders... go over there and get the insurance for the stunned person! Yes, it might feel awkward to intervene, but the majority of time, the victim is going to be thankful because they just got hit by a freaking car...

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