On House Hunters International, Billfold Edition: The Final Chapter


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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: April 2015 Check-in

Get those writing fingers ready, Mike Dang (at a time convenient to you, of course), because I PAID OFF MY STUDENT LOAN!!!! So very excited!

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On Phone Calls From Parents

This makes me want to cry a little.

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On "The Grand 401(k) Experiment Has Been A Failure"

@CMD+click I kind of feel like there is no point to saving for retirement. But on the other hand, I don't want to be that weirdo with the doomsday bunker that they never use. (Who am I kidding, I totally want to be the weirdo with the doomsday bunker.)

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On Know Your Value, Get $10,000

@BornSecular I'm guessing the idea is that in preparing for the video, you would look at all your accomplishments and say, "Oh, look, I really do deserve a raise" and then take that to your boss. Or you would think to yourself, "If I'm willing to do this for a short term benefit of ten thousand, why wouldn't I do it for a long term benefit?" But I agree. If you'd be willing to go onstage for this event, you are already working with some degree of self confidence. That sounds like my idea of hell, personally.

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On Future Marketers May Try to Capitalize on Our Initials

The Sesame Street bit that that image comes from is somewhat disturbing. That U is straight up molesting the singer. Not cool, U, not cool.

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On Chores, Then and Now

Totally hogwash. My brother was somehow exempt from so many chores when we were growing up (and still helps out less when there are family get-togethers) and he is by far the most succesful of my siblings. Ah, the power of having male genetalia!

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On The Cost of Acquiring a Last-Minute Tuxedo for a Black Tie Wedding

I'm pretty sure you should both just live in your tuxes forever more. Please?

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On The Little Lights

@fletchasketch Yes! My bf lived in SF, but came from out of state, and calls them farolitos, which is weird to me. Luminarias is such a better word.

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On The Little Lights

My family sets up luminarias every year at my aunt's place. one year, my brother, sister and I were lighting them when one caught on fire. It happens, no biggie, we put it out. A guy across the street is watching, and he asks what we are doing. We explain. He gets a look on his face and says, "Well, I'm from Chicago and when WE set things on fire, it's not to celebrate Christmas." That began the tradition of calling the ones that catch on fire "Chicago style."

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