On Getting Married and Living on $11 Per Hour

I definitely think there is somthing to be said for marrying when you're both young and struggling, since you pooled your limited resources together right away, and made sacrifices for each other and for your relationship. My bf is established,career-wise, and I am not, which causes issues. So I hope you grow together and are stronger for your earlier struggles.

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On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congrats on your new fiscal burden! (No really, congrats, hope you and the new one and all are doing well.)

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On What's the Most You've Ever Won/Lost Gambling?

I found a $20 on the floor of the Bellagio, took it straight to a blackjack table and wagered it all. I got a 20, the dealer got 21. Easy come, easy go.

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On The Anxiety of Returning Things

I have phobias about a whole range of social activities, but if I pretend I'm doing it on behalf of someone (sibling, parent, close friend) it becomes so much easier. Going to an interview "for my sister" involves a certain amount of mental gymnastics, but it's worth it! I hope. Or I am going to be one heckuva crazy person down the line (or possibly now!).

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On Monday Check-in

@annpan Sorry for all stress you're uneder, but hopefully the mini getaway was helpful!

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On Pre-Nups: Maybe Necessary, Necessary, Offensive, or Harmless?

What, exactly, does a prenup cover? And what if your finances change dramatically?

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

@JtotheBtothe Yes! And even if we all could be engineers or whatever, we'd have an engineering bubble and the engineer market would collapse. It takes a lot of different careers to make the world go 'round.

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

@Dana Cruikshank@facebook Very much in agreement. When I took geometry in high school, doing proofs was the most laborious, hateful thing I could imagine (and having a teacher tell me if I accepted Jesus in my heart I would be a better student didn't help [luckily I didn't go to a religious school, and she was fired for that and other things]) but other things, like art projects based on the golden ratio and fibonacci and fractals were right up my alley.

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

@TrotskyHoldsMyiPod Also, one one two three five, eureka!

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On Why I Didn't Study STEM

Mathnet 4 life! ...That is pretty much as mathy as I get these days.

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