On Here Is Your Open Thread

@TheDoctorsCompanion I am in the opposite situation, being a lady that has generally screwed up the last ten years, more or less since I graduated college, but now that I am with my boyfriend who is good with money and long term planning, it definitely makes me want to be better with money and has inspired me to think about the future. So it is possible that your being together has made the bf feel like he should get on this whole thinking about the future thing. However, if you do talk, be very very careful. Even though I can see that I need to do more to bring more to the relationship, and knowing that my bf is willing to help me, it is a touchy subject.

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On My 1 Thing Don't Want None

My 1 thing is to edit the demand letter I wrote, to try to convince dude whose dog attacked mine to pay us money before we go to small claims court. Really don't want to go to court, but it is like pulling teeth (sorry to all those dealing with the dentists in the comments above) dealing with this dude. And as he has stopped communicating all together... Enough is enough. It's been over a month since the incident happened, and I'm tired of wading through all this bull poopy.

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On The Economics of Reclining Seats During Flights

@BillfoldMonkey Yes! I too have long legs. There is nothing I can do to not have long legs except for leg shortening surgery, and why would that ever make sense? I try to get aisle seats so I can stick my legs out that way, but then I have to be aware of the movements of flight attendants and other passengers.

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On IMPORTANT: How to Reheat Leftover Pizza

Noooo! The pizza you had the day before is gone. Embrace the new, different, but equally tasty creation that is cold pizza. Mmmmmm.....

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On "When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well"

Also, does anybody else feel like it's blackmail when somebody says they'll contribute x amount if y amount of people contribute money? For whatever reason, I find that infuriating. Just donate the money.

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On "When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well"

I worked for my school's alumni office, doing filing of all their letters and intelligence gathering and plotting of how to get funds. It kind of sickened me. Not giving money to my school. Seen and filed too much.

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On Why We Live Where We Live

I grew up in New Mexico, moved to Oregon for college, moved back to NM because I love love love it, and now have moved to Florida, because I love my boyfriend as well. It remains to be seen if I will love Florida.... but I have reason to doubt.

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On Dreams I Had While Unemployed

I can't remember any of my unemployed dreams, but now that I am unhappily employed, most of my dreams involve me dreaming about work. There is no escape!

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On Here is Your Open Thread

I had a phone interview on Tuesday for a job I'm not entirely qualified for, but is with a company I worked for before. Interview went well, the recruiter contacted an old supervisor who very likely said nice things about me, and the next step is for the recruiter to give my resume to this manager, who will decide whether or not to go go further in the interview process with me. I hate waiting. Eeeeeeeergh.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@RiffRandell oh no! Care to elaborate? If not, of course, don't.

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