On The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Your closer is a gutpunch. It reminds me of something in Dispirited which stuck with me: "Look at the books on how to be happy, and there may be some mention of social issues; but what is absent is the insistence that acting in a just and ethical matter [sic] is a moral prerequisite for deserving to be happy at all. As Kant might argue, we should not strive to be happy, but seek to deserve happiness."

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On An Upgrade or a Check?

There's no uniform answer to this question! I don't endorse drinking the "upgrade or die!" Kool-Aid. Be yourself. If you're mostly a word processor and/or plan to keep the computer until it completely runs out of gas, then keep what you have and take the $100. It's like an ex post facto discount! That's a wonderful thing! If you're a power user and will be using Creative Suite, etc., or you're the kind of person who trades up in a couple of years, then take the newer one now. I am the first kind of user and have had the same MacBook for four and a half years. It's finally starting to slow down but is still fine for regular browsing and word processing.

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On Young, Privileged, and Applying for Food Stamps

@rozone "Inflammatory" is not a matter of punctuation.

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On Young, Privileged, and Applying for Food Stamps

@rozone You are being inflammatory to the extreme in your comments. E's point is that the (minority of!) people who exploit a system exist in EVERY system and don't define it as morally good or bad to lawfully participate in that system.

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On Young, Privileged, and Applying for Food Stamps

@j Mike Dang writes regularly about how to be frugal and why it's so important, and sends money to support his own parents. Logan has so much debt that she IS now a "real poor person" because of it, and you know what? Plenty of "real poor people" (I hate that you even used that term) have a ton of debt too.

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On Memorabilia

Lincolniana is one of my things also. Topically, today Letters of Note has a great Lincoln letter on the value of a day's work which is very Mike Dang-esque!

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On Going to the Movies, a Cost Breakdown

$13.50 for a movie ticket and $6 for a pack of cigarettes -- choosing the more economical pastime is obvious.

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