On I Saved All This Money for Retirement Already Without Even Trying (In Australia)

I have a tangentially related question: how realistic are the US salaries on sites like Glassdoor or Indeed? Like, if any of you compared your salaries against those, how would it look like? We're currently thinking about our options and it'd be nice to be able to se some sort of rough salary estimations. For me, the salaries I see on those sites seem to be super high especially in large cities and I'm torn between "do you really expect someone to believe that" and "that's it, we're moving".

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On How Much is Your Phone Bill Each Month?

Nothing, because my employer pays for my phone, but when I had my own it was around €25 / month including an HTC android smartphone, unlimited fast data, and all my calls and texts.

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On WWYD: My Mother Opened a Credit Card in My Name

@chevyvan Oh I definitely get that it would be difficult. I understand feeling irrational guilt over this kind of thing, panicking and thinking about the consequences and how everything would change, and it would be *my* fault (even though it wouldn't). It certainly wouldn't be black and white, and I didn't try to be insensitive, and apologize as I see how I probably sounded too harsh. Still, I'd do it. The only other option would be if the person offered a solid explanation for his/her actions, paid off the balance, promised to seek help, followed through, AND I'd get the credit card company to agree not to sue me and add a credit default in my credit report. We don't have a real positive credit register in here like most countries do. We only have a negative credit register which shows payment faults and in case of credit cards, when payment is 60 days past due you get a payment default. It would be extremely exceptional (as in, it doesn't happen) for a credit card company not to inform the credit information register about a payment default without a police report, and eventually they'd sue me for the balance. After that, my own credit card would be cancelled and I wouldn't be able to get any kind of credit anywhere, not even a normal mobile phone plan, for years and years. Not an option because someone else screwed up.

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On WWYD: My Mother Opened a Credit Card in My Name

I really have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn't file a police report in this situation, especially if the person didn't even offer any explanation or acted like it's no big deal. If someone in my family needed money that badly I'd expect for them to ask me first. I'm very comfortable filing a police report on anyone who is comfortable with stealing from me.

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On Finland's Baby Boxes

@jessjess You can buy them from the company that makes some of the contents and puts them together. It's more expensive than the €140 though.

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On Finland's Baby Boxes

@Lily Rowan I once traveled in a bus with my baby, and she was one of three babies sitting in a row with the same woolly hats (with elephants) that came in the box that year.

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On Finland's Baby Boxes

The box is really sturdy and handy. We loved ours. There are also companies that sell leg sets for the box so that it turns into an actual rocking crib, and special lacey sheet sets that make it even cuter.

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On Freakonomics on Banning Tipping

• Do people tip better when their server touches them (like, on the shoulder)? (Yes.) What? Really? Someone explain this to me, please?

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

Of the €1000 I transfer to my husband's account (my share of our living expenses) each month maybe €100 goes toward car expenses, even though I use the car pretty much never myself. I think our car loan is around €300, and gas is ridiculously expensive here, over $8 per gallon if I did my math right. In the summertime I bicycle or walk to work, which is free and only takes like 10 minutes, and spend around €5 on pay-per-ride bus fares. In the wintertime I just buy the 30-day ticket, which is €46. So, in total my personal share is anywhere between €100 to €150.

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On Golden Housemates

This is a thing here in Finland, too. There is already at least one apartment building being built explicitly for this purpose for a group of boomers who decided they wanted to live together. They designed the building to accommodate their social needs (with a large kitchen / dining room / living room -floor for communal living I think?) and if I remember correctly they are even themselves acting as contractors.

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