Retirement Preparedness Questionnaire

You may think retirement is out of reach, and you’re probably right!

To better assess your retirement needs and preparedness, please answer the following simple questions:


1.) I would like to retire at the age of:

a.) 55, as I am already a multi-millionaire who works solely to alleviate the ennui.

b.) A spryish 87.

c.) It all depends on whether or not I’ve saved enough vacation days by 2067 to attend my death.


2.) I’m in my:

a.) 30s, but I have no children, hobbies, student loans, rent, or dietary needs, so I’m ready to start modestly planning ahead.

b.) 50s, with no history of conveniently-timed dead-on-the-spot strokes in my family.

c.) Grave, which we still need to figure out how to pay for.