On The Delicate Nature of Asking Your Parents for Financial Help

@fletchasketch I can see how the last paragraph comes off as me being an irresponsible and ultimately unprepared adult, but the fact of the matter is that, even though I have a savings account, I don't make that much money right now(or ever, really) I'm currently uninsured and yeah, I do have money in my savings, but if I were to, oh I don't know, break my ankle or be evicted, or whatever, I am pretty certain that what I do have saved isn't enough to cover it. I consider myself lucky to be able to accept help from my parents when offered, but really try to avoid doing so.

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On Workin' 9 to 5 (What a Way to Make a Living)

@Lily Hudson@facebook I work in advertising.

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On The Roommates I've Had at the Places I've Lived

@CaddyFdot we actually JUST had this experience at our house right now, and we sent a very nice and civil email, to kind of disastrous results, but...give it a shot?

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On The Cost of Skiing

@loren smith honestly, the first time i went skiing i didn't wear a helmet, but all the subsequent times i did!

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On I Deserve It

@echolikebells no, no, thank YOU! also, the shopping with the mom -- it's something else, i tell ya.

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On The Cost of Being Outdoorsy

@JuliaS get outta here who invited you! JK, I forgot about that time. it was a good one.

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