On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@nell I was looking forward to the same! I hope they have an article like that soon because I think it would really interesting.

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On The Work of Sex Work

Yay! I am so excited that there will be an interview here! It is not clear to me how much of this book/her research focuses on taxes and claiming income, but I think this would be an interesting topic to discuss with her. I am a sex worker and I am finding it difficult (as I imagine many "independent contractors" do) to do things such as sign up for healthcare when I have such an inconsistent income. I am curious about how people, especially those who work on the streets and do not receive a paycheck or direct deposit, file their taxes and apply for things such as loans, bank accounts, healthcare, and government aid. I feel as though she might have some insight into the impact that these issues have on the workers and I am interested in hearing her thoughts.

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On The Work of Sex Work

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On What Did You Bring For Lunch as a Kid, And How Are We Still Alive?

Great question, I have no idea how I stayed healthy. My sandwiches varied, but I always had one of those little bags of either Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier and a Fudge Round. Barbecue chips if I was having a turkey sandwich that day, because obviously they are a sandwich topping. I really want to say though, not cooking from scratch in no way implies that you do not give a shit. Getting a bunch of sides together while also preparing a main dish every single day for an entire family is hard work, even if the sides come from a box.

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On Last Hundred Bucks: Graduate School Finals Edition

Your alcohol is so inexpensive! Crazy. Mediocre Chinese is the best/worst finals food. Pretty much what my last hundred has gone toward this week.

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