On Surviving the Financial Aftermath of Your Parents' Divorce

@Holden Cauliflower I am so sorry! Something similar happened to my best friend. I can't imagine how mentally, emotionally and financially draining that must be. Internet hugz, yo!

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On I'm Not a Working Mom, But I Know One

That WSJ post read like a compli-sult. It kind of tried to be complimentary but somewhat ended up being insulting. Me not like it.

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On Talking to Our Kids About Money

I never had the talk, but by age 13 I was managing my mom's salary so we wouldn't be eaten away by credit card debt and interests. So I know how to go from thousands to zero debt. I never got to practice saving, though, and that is still my most terrifying flaw

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On The Responsible Thief

This makes me regret I broke up with my therapist láser week. By text, I am ashamed to admit. But then I remember I wasn't getting this kind of insight anymore...

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On Q+A With a Man Who Used a Matchmaker

Why the hate? It's his money. He's 60. He knows what he wants. I spend way too much of my free time of my life on Etsy searching for a perfect gummy bear necklace like the one I didn't buy at that museum shop. And it's totally my right to do so. My time, my money, my wants.

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