On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

@PeggyDear "Adults don't get paid for existing." Isn't that kinda what a salary is? I don't get paid more if I pick up extra chores around the office, and I don't get paid less if I don't do anything this week.

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On Life Hacks

@Rouser YES, this. Totally a justification for ridiculous spending (for many people).

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

I WIN CHEAPEST NON-SCROOGE OF THE BILLFOLD MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEEEE 1. I spent about $100 total. 2. Most expensive gift was $29. 3. My least expensive gift was $5. 4. I did have a budget, yes. 5. No to credit cards. 6. I'm comfortable with the amount I spent, yes. My family and I agreed not to do gifts, which has morphed into meaning that we ARE doing gifts, but we're holding ourselves to tiny little budgets.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

@menspraetrepidans hi, welcome!!!

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On A Cautionary Tale About Generation Gig

@annev17 @andnowlights Yep, me three. I have freelanced, and it pays almost 2x what I make now, but I work way more than 2x as hard, and the lack of structure just kills me.

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On The Cost of Long-distance Friendships

My best friend lives on the other side of the country and we fly to see each other once or twice a year. It's expensive, and it got even more expensive when we both partnered up and insisted that our SOs join our friendship so we can go on joint family vacations togethers. (Surprisingly, this strategy is working so far.) Most of our free interaction is via gchat and texting. We spend hours and hours on gchat (email open during work, school, whatever), so we have ample repeated and unplanned interaction there.

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On Why Put Your Family Photos on Facebook When You can Put Them on the Moon?

@Allison You mean a UNESCO Moon Heritage Site?

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On Alumni Giving Season

My alma mater doesn't bother me anymore. After requesting to be removed from their dialers several times, I resorted to pretending I'd never heard of them: "University of what? Why are you calling me? I don't even have a degree. TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST." It worked, so. My alma mater has boggling attrition rates, and its average grad leaves with more than $60k in debt. The board of directors, 6 white dudes, is paid more than 10 million dollars. You do you, creepy exploitative university, but don't ask me for money.

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On Friday Estimate

I could have done without this whole week. Friday - I have to do a little Christmas shopping ($15), and then we're going to a show ($7 for a drink, free admission because I won tickets at work) Saturday - We're going to a Christmas market ($25?) and then sitting on the couch and binge watching Christmas movies ($0). Sunday - It's supposed to be unseasonably warm so we'll take the dog on a walk ($0) and then we're making gingerbread houses ($20 for supplies?). Total: $67

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