On Monday Check-In

I'm leaving town bright and early tomorrow for a business trip ($0) and my wife is tagging along (~$500) so we tried to take it easy this weekend. Friday we picked up some cheap wine ($3) and did a little grocery shop ($32). Saturday we did absolutely nothing in anticipation of a busy week. Sunday I realized I haven't upgraded my sweater situation since I started making money, so I went crazy and bought two whole sweaters ($55). Total: $90.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Patagonia! I work for a results-only organization, meaning we're assessed by our work product, not by our seat time. I can work anywhere for any amount of time as long as I get my work done and my clients are happy. It's BLISS.

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On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

@Caleb --and again and again, and you'd give me that doe-eyed "why are you doing this?" look you always give, because you're such a Nice Guy, and I'd trip you again, merciless, cackling.

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On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

@Caleb If I ran into you in person I would trip you, and then when you got up, I'd trip you again, and we'd repeat that for a while until you started to cry out of frustration, and then I'd laugh and flip my hair and walk away. FYI.

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On How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Curb My Spending

I'm exact opposite. Cash is fun money, electronic money is real money. I think my (visceral) logic is that cash is self-limiting: if I spend this $10 on bubble tea, it's gone and I can't have anymore bubble tea. If I spend $10 using my debit card, I could theoretically have FIVE HUNDRED MORE before my money is gone, so I shouldn't tempt fate.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

@beastlyburden holy bucket is that embarrassing or is that embarrassing?

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@grobel judgey mcjudge pants

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On 'Can We Talk Finances?' 'Not Tonight Dear I Have a Headache'

As a highly anxious person, I immediately and irrevocably latched onto my simple three-fund portfolio (all vanguard index funds) and I will never rethink it or doubt myself THE END

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

@Katni I'm in a Midwestern city and my building has the same set up, complete with open windows during -30 degree weather. It's not a regional thing so much as it is an old-building thing, I think.

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 1: Costumes

@ronswansonluva omg someone pitch this PLEASE

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