On Monday Check-in

I decided to treat myself to a new haircut and coloring, which was fantastic! I never do nice things for myself but I'm really glad I splurged on a nice place because the hairstylist did a great job on my naturally curly hair (which can be hard to cut). The bad news: I found out this weekend that one of my prescription drugs is no longer being made. There is a bioequivalent, but I found out that my insurance doesn't cover it. So if I want to continue to take the same thing, I will have to pay out of pocket, about $112 per month. :( (And before anyone mentions it, there is no generic version. Trust me. I've been searching for 8 years)

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On Stephen King's Fam Is Just Like My Fam and Your Fam and Everyone's Fam

My dad died when I was young but I've always known what he did because of this: My mom and dad were visiting a street fair and there was a caricature artist who drew a cartoon of my dad. My dad told him he was an Engineer and the artist assumed "train engineer" so he drew the cartoon of my dad as the conductor of a train :)really, he was a civil engineer, but when I was little, I wanted SO BAD for him to drive trains.

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On Change Bowl

I got a battery-powered change sorting machine several years ago. So I just throw my change in the top and flip on the switch! Great investment. Last time I took my rolled change to the bank, I had $78!

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On I Declared Bankruptcy, And I'm Neither Proud Nor Ashamed

This was really informative, thank you Lily! I've been considering my options for a while. I have about $21,000 in credit card debt (SCARY) that I accumulated while in college and a few years after graduation. My annual income is approximately double my debt amount, which means I can make the minimum monthly payments and still pay rent, groceries, etc. But it still feels like I'm getting nowhere. I really wish that financial management was required for high schoolers. I can't say if it would have made an impression on me at the time, because, high schoolers! But the world should at least know not to let 18 year olds apply for three credit cards.

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On Nobody Wants Your Used TV

My mom has this issue, but for everything. I helped her with a yard sale a year and a half ago, and it was difficult because she wanted to price everything WAY to high. She had priced this outdoor table and chair set at $100. I ended up selling it for $20. She was so upset with me.

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On How to Rollover a 401(k) After You've Left Your Job

@Mike Dang I forget to reply directly to you... but I replied below :)

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On How to Rollover a 401(k) After You've Left Your Job

The new company does a match, so I would want to get something in there. In the advice you give in the column above, are you suggesting that the writer have both a company 401(K) and an IRA? Just want to make sure I'm clear. :)

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On How to Rollover a 401(k) After You've Left Your Job

Good to know! I'm leaving my current job and starting a new one in a few weeks. They have a 401(k) plan. Would I need to roll mine into an IRA anyway? Or just put it straight into the new company's plan?

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On Interview Questions, Answered Honestly

@maiasaura Ah, one of my questions was: how would you figure out how many golf balls would fit in a bus? (And I might have asked if it was a short bus.)

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On Interview Questions, Answered Honestly

I failed a job interview a few months ago because they asked WORD PROBLEMS. Yes, like those word problems you'd have on a high school math test. BTW, the job did not require math.

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