On What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work-Identity Balance

Gray, I think you're a fabulous writer and have since I knew you were with this particular startup that laid you off. Just wanted to say that I'm a fan! I never worked for the site myself, but was always proud of the work that was being done to promote local city businesses & goings-on.

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On College Work-Life Balance

@Sarah Rain@facebook that stuck out to me, too :( I know not everyone has the same experience, but now that I'm several years into the working world I really miss college classes that made me think about basically everything *but* my career.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@szarlotka I do the exact same thing!! Great system to scratch the itch of window shopping.

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On The Cost of Things: Staying Sane By Riding Horses In NYC

@Tripleoxer oh yeah, totally co-signed on the helmet thing. I've had enough falls while wearing brand-new helmets that it's not even a second thought for me, or anyone I happen to be riding with, regardless of whether or not I'm at a show. I just know a lot of "old-timers" (lol) who have either been exceptionally lucky throughout their riding lives or are just plain belligerent about being told what to do (same could be said for any sport, though this is a little more flagrantly stupid IMO). I've never ridden or jumped with a vest but I can see the utility in it, especially for those riders who prefer natural jumps or riding outside the confines of a ring.

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On The Cost of Things: Staying Sane By Riding Horses In NYC

@swearsies I see what you mean now -- I was speaking to my experience in hunter/jumper and didn't realize you were referencing eventing/cross-country riders. The vest comment definitely makes more sense to me now!

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On The Cost of Things: Staying Sane By Riding Horses In NYC

So I love that this was posted, as I am the daughter of two highly competitive hunter/jumper trainers who ran their own show barn and training facility. I was on a horse before I could walk, and know firsthand what my parents went through to keep the lights on (literally and figuratively). Now I work in an office in a city a state away from my hometown and riding community, and haven't figured out a way to get back to riding regularly the way I want to. The struggle of an amateur, I guess! So the only o_O face I made was to this -- "People only stopped dying on horseback very recently, when serious jumpers started wearing airbag vests." I've ridden with as well as personally known fairly high-level (like Olympic) riders, and not a single one of them does this? For most of the older folks I know, they roll their eyes pretty hard about even having to wear a helmet while schooling o/f on showgrounds. I know I'm parsing here but it seemed like a fairly absolute statement that is a little misleading from several angles. I agree with you about the helmet replacements, though! On another note, if you don't think it's too far, Westbrook Hunt Club in Westbrook CT is off a train line and has a wonderful training program.

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On Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

I flew to and from France twice in a 12-month period and never experienced free booze, hot towels? Maybe because I flew United? I definitely didn't pay for an upgrade so I was in the back in one of those long middle rows every time. We received the pretty standard airplane dinner & a selection of free movies, though. Interesting how an economy class ticket can get you so many different amenities on different airlines.

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On Look, There's Nothing Wrong With Being an Ernie, Okay?

@bgprincipessa When I was small, I LOVED raisins and was convinced the VCR (!) did too. When my parents weren't looking I would literally shove them into the VCR because to me, it looked hungry. Needless to say, my parents stopped letting me have raisins after the 2nd VCR malfunctioned due to its shriveled grape feast.

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On WWYD -- Applying to a New Job From a Job You Still Kinda Like

As usual, The Billfold is right on time with advice. Just last night I was more seriously looking into an opportunity I'd been contacted about on LinkedIn. I've been with my current employer for nearly 2 years (performance review in August) and I while I love what I do/whom I work with and for, I'm getting a little restless. Doesn't help that job-hopping is pretty common in my line of work (advertising). Trying to get all of my ducks in a row before I take the leap and apply to this new place, though.

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On The Cost of a Trip to Iceland

ever since Edith wrote about her solo Iceland trip on The Hairpin I have been dreaming of my own trip. I have a folder in my bookmarks just for that purpose! I guess I just haven't been able to figure out how long is really feasible for me to go, or how long a trip like that should be. I can't wait to go and loved reading your account.

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