On The Ivy League Churn

This just makes me want more data. For example, if you were to compare the Ivy League population that is on this path with the population that didn't receive financial aid, what would the results be?

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On Where Do You Put Your Children on Snow Days?

@franklina Having a safe place for students to go if parents have to go to work would be ideal, certainly, but in some cases not practical or safe. Having grown up in a small town in Wisconsin, I can safely say that there were some days where having schools open, even partially, would have been a public safety nightmare with negative effects that would have far outweighed the benefits of having schools open. The place where I grew up had nothing to speak of in the way of public transportation, so sending kids to school meant school buses or cars on extremely unsafe and icy roads. Many kids lived in the country where the roads wouldn't be plowed until the afternoon. This isn't safe and there's a reason that schools were closed on days with extreme snow and ice. The onus should be on employers and on governments to ensure that closing schools is feasible for the families affected. The onus should NOT be on the schools themselves, which is what you are suggesting, particularly when having the schools open can be dangerous. I've seen too many cars stranded in ditches and seen too many winter accidents to think that having schools open under those conditions is a good idea. This isn't to say that there aren't times when schools are closed unnecessarily. When I was in middle school we got a new superintendent who was originally from the South. So many unnecessary snow days that school year! And certainly there are days that are on the borderline where kids not coming to school shouldn't be penalized. But to do away with snow days entirely is a dangerous proposition.

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On Maybe Bob Costa's Excuse For Missing Work Can Be Our Excuse for Missing Work

@annecara Me three!

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On '90s Cool Kids Clothing Not Selling Well Today

When I was in high school I had a friend who would shoplift empty A&F/Hollister gift cards. Since there was no value on the cards until they were purchased at the register and value was put on them, the cards were totally useless. The pictures on the cards were (of course) of naked people, basically, and we would draw funny faces on them and then leave them in random places. IDEK. High school, man. I have never actually owned any of their clothes, mostly because in high school all of my clothes came from Goodwill or Target, basically, but also because I remember A&F/Hollister as being something my friends and I made fun of and thought was stupid.

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On Did You Hit Your Goal for February?

@Laurabean Instead of figuring out a budget -- which I found difficult when I first tried because I didn't have a good sense of what I had been spending in various categories, so I made categories that were too big or too small -- I try to keep track of what I spend per month with a spreadsheet. I've been doing this (with a 4 month lull last year when I had harddrive failure) for about three and a half years. It's given me a really great sense of where I can trim and what I tend to overspend on. It takes a few months to really get a good sense of your habits, but knowing those habits and the dollar value attached to them is really priceless. So I'd start there, before creating a budget, because it starts with you just keeping track of what you are already doing rather than trying to squeeze yourself into a budget that may or may not have any basis in your reality. Then, once you have a sense of where your money is going and when, you have the information necessary to really set a budget. That's how it's worked for me anyway.

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On Not 'Passionate,' But 'Moderately Enthusiastic'

Yeah, this reminds me of the film/entertainment industry. Except that the pay is a whole lot worse. Basically every job I've ever applied to in the entertainment industry wants someone with a passion for the work, up to an including a bunch of low/no pay jobs that I took when I was first starting out.

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On Did You Hit Your Goal for February?

I have started using my spending spreadsheet again, to track what I spend during the month/year, though I still haven't transferred it to google docs. I haven't quit my job and moved on to a new job or quit my job in a dissatisfied rage (though god, I am tempted more every day), but I do have more than 6 months expenses saved up in an emergency fund for if that does happen.

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On A Tale of Two Quittings

I love this.

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On Elementary School Kids Have Their Lunches Thrown Away Because They Were in Debt

I think that the little girl who decided to go home and make lunches for everyone who had their food thrown away should be put in charge. She acted more honorably than the school's current administration.

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison Yeah, like a beet bloody mary. It's an experiment!

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