On Costco Wants Its Employees to be Happy

@LookUponMyWorks Right? I make way less than that and I pay more for my insurance. Can I work at Costco?

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On Where Should We Stay for the Wedding?

Wait, why couldn't YOU stay on their couch?! Really though, weddings? Are the worst.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I drive. It sucks. My commute is at least an hour each way. It makes me want to stab everything. I live a few minutes outside of Philadelphia. $200 car payment $80 insurance (it sounds like I am getting hosed on insurance - how are you guys paying $50?? - but it was more than this when I actually lived in the city limits!) Somewhere between $75-1 in gas, depending on non-work driving So I pay about $350-400 per month, plus sporadic oil changes and tires, etc, for the privilege of getting to and from a job I hate. LIVING THE DREAM.

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On Zach and the Homeless Woman

That is such an incredibly nice thing to do. Yay Zach.

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On Monday Check-In

I spent both more and less than I estimated! I estimated $150, $50 for groceries and a day trip, $100 that I was planning to drop off at my dentist's office. I ended up spending about $80 - $50 on groceries, $20 toward gas, and $10 on a miscellaneous purchase of storage containers. I forgot that my dentist closes early on Saturdays so I didn't actually get in to give them money. Fail. I'll be doing that on Wednesday instead. So... better/worse? Mostly worse. I always overspend on groceries.

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On Friday Estimate

I will probably spend about $150 this weekend. $50 on groceries and a day trip we're taking, and $100 toward my balance at the dentist for a recent root canal. Yay? My dentist is awesome and is letting me pay it off in whatever increments I want, so it's tempting to just let it go a while longer, but I only have $250 left on the balance and it'd be nice to get it done with so I can stop thinking about it. SO yes, $150 is my estimate.

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On In Support of Credit Card Points, With Caveats

I wish I could use credit cards this way. Unfortunately I do live paycheck-to-paychek, though, so even though I only ever had a card with a $500 limit, I paid interest on the damn thing every single month until I finally paid it off, cancelled the card, and cut it up. Until I have more income it's just too tempting to over-spend.

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On I Hired an Esteemed Cat Photographer to Take Photos of My Cat

THOSE PICTURES! Oh my god, I seriously laughed so hard I almost cried. And I'm at work! When I first started reading I thought the top cat was Mr. Biscuit, but no, Mr. Biscuit is so, so much better than that. The second picture needs to be blown up on canvas and framed in something gold and ornate.

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On Expensive Celebrity Diet Works

@werewolfbarmitzvah Me too! I'm reading the Greta Garbo one right now and the part about the celery loaf made me laugh so hard my boyfriend asked me if I was okay TWICE.

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On We Will All Retire to Trailer Parks and It's Going to Be Great

I grew up in a trailer park. For a long time I was ashamed to tell people that - it took me over a year to tell my boyfriend, even - because of all the stigma attached to the idea of "trailer parks." But you know what? It was totally normal and nice. We had a yard and a park down the street and lots of other kids to play tag with and it was no different than any other neighborhood. I'd totally retire to one.

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